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pitillogood morning00:58
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pitillocan someone verify openssh md5sum? seems that today differs. Can someone verify which are the diffs and why seems to be there them without changing openssh version? (or if it's my fault)01:59
teK_% cat /usr/ports/core/openssh/.md5sum02:01
teK_88a4a83b0e0e60cd545430d4e4bd7e0c  openssh-5.8p2.tar.gz02:01
teK_ce4ef44c7d80f6451170e6fe5c07d3f4  sshd02:01
teK_% md5sum /usr/ports/distfiles/openssh-5.8p2.tar.gz             :(02:01
teK_88a4a83b0e0e60cd545430d4e4bd7e0c  /usr/ports/distfiles/openssh-5.8p2.tar.gz02:01
pitilloteK_: have you downloaded it again today?02:02
teK_nope, wait02:03
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teK_MISSING   88a4a83b0e0e60cd545430d4e4bd7e0c  openssh-5.8p2.tar.gz02:03
teK_NEW       0541579adf9d55abb15ef927048d372e  openssh-5.8p2.tar.gz02:03
pitilloif it differs, can you make a diff to see what changed? (I haven't here the old source)02:03
teK_I just deleted the old source m(02:03
pitilloteK_: yes, I got that too02:03
pitilloohhhh :(02:03
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pitilloummm let's see if here at work I have the old sources and I can check them02:04
pitilloI can check it here...02:06
pitillothank you for the confirmation teK_02:06
teK_no problem02:06
teK_'d be glad to see the diff, too02:06
pitilloummm it's the sed line...02:07
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pitillothank you too :)02:12
juepitillo: thanks for the report, fix is on the way02:25
pitillojue: thank you for your work :)02:29
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: openssh: new source tarball (fixed version number)02:34
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Romsterthey should of released a p3 than to do that.04:09
prologicanyone with experience with Xen here ?04:37
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enteexim has a security issue06:36
frinnsthow is that a security issue?06:40
entejust put a bunch of %s%s%s in your DKIM and see what happens :)06:42
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enteit's enough for phil to quickly release 4.76 now, apparently06:46
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frinnst <- give me!07:57
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deus_ex-nick pedja11:28
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frinnsta beer or a glass of water?11:45
frinnsttough coice11:46
Evil_Bobreal men dont drink water11:46
laenBrb, getting glass of water.11:46
teK_at least not water that's not surrounded by beer :o11:47
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ross49hey, does anyone know if they is a package for the following broadcom wireless driver
frinnstpackage? look in the kernel source20:49
ross49frinnst: ah thanks.20:51
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intokthis is the PPC room right?21:43
ThePubthe only power in here is me21:47
* ThePub roars21:47
ThePubok, not really21:47
Romstermorning all well afternoon it's near 1pm21:49
ThePub8PM here21:49
ThePubMiddle of the Pacific?21:50
Romsterand crap  i was gonna go deposit monies into one of my accounts... too late now too.21:50
ThePubso question21:51
ThePub"make DESTDIR=$PKG/Packages/$name/$version install"21:51
Romsteri should know not to think "i'll do it saturday morning" when i sleep in...21:51
Romsterwhy do that?21:51
Romsterlook in other Pkgfiles.21:52
ThePubeach program then would run "views" of the filesystem using unionfs21:52
Romsteryou'd need some ugly paths to do that?21:52
ThePubwell not with union, it would all appear as /21:53
ThePubyou'd mount up all the required dependencies under a single / for that instance of the app21:53
Romsterthere is a linux distro that does each package in it's own directory. but i forgot it's name.21:53
ThePubthere's several21:53
ThePubI have GoboLinux on my desktop, for example.  There's NixOS, and a couple others.21:54
Romsteri can only recall one but the name escapes me.21:54
Romsterthat setup is probably more suited for software that's not been maintained and needs gcc 2.95 or such to work.21:54
Romsteralong with the maintained programs.21:55
ThePubyeah, binary software, etc.  would be an interesting layer to have on the package system though.21:55
ThePubthink I just found myself something fun to do ;)21:57
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Romsterwell i have already added a few older gcc versions on my system for some things that don't like the newer gcc.22:14
Romsterthat's as far as i've gone.22:14
ThePuboh man!22:18
ThePubtook what I thought was the last swig of coffee in the mug and it quickly overwhelmed my mouth as I was breathing in22:18
ThePubmust have been amazing from the outside perspective.  me blowing back into a half-full cup of coffee with full lung capacity choking.22:20
ThePubcoffee spurint every-which-way22:20
Romsterlol dang22:39
Romsteri also hate it when i go to take a mouthful and realize mug is empty.22:42
ThePubdon't rip out whole portions of init.. I've learned my lesson.23:17
ThePubugh, when I tarred up the filesystem I forgot to get the file permissions23:22
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