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* Romster shooshes nogagplz and dinx :D00:28
* nogagplz puts Romster on ignore00:29
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: jack: 1.9.4 -> 1.9.701:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: p5-date-manip: 5.54 -> 6.2301:57
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Romster this makes no sense why is the output omitting $name and $curl when i add $maintainer ?07:06
happydawnI'm trying to compile chromuim. The compilation fails, saying that prtypes.h (referenced by seccom.h) is missing. But it's not. It's in /usr/include/nspr/prtypes.h. Is there anything I can do about that ?07:07
Romstertry with -j107:11
Romstercheck with revdep for any broken links.07:12
Romstercheck the versions are new enough07:12
happydawnin which package is revdep ?07:15
Romsterprt-get fsearch revdep07:16
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happydawnthanks I hadn't seen the fsearch option in the manual07:18
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Romsterman prt-get07:19
Romsterit's in there.07:19
Romsteryou can search man pages with /fsearch07:20
happydawnyeah, sure07:20
happydawnI just meant I had missed the option while reading the man page07:20
Romsterand there is prt-get --help07:20
happydawnok, revdep returns without printing anything07:25
happydawn(and I ran prt-get sysup today)07:26
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Romsterall ok then07:30
Romsteralso don't forget rejmerge07:30
happydawnok I updated everything but config files with the help of rejmerge07:35
happydawnnow I'm trying to build again with make -j1 to see how it goes07:35
happydawnyeah, no, same result:
Romsterprtypes.h file exists? from what package prt-get fsearch prtypes.h07:49
Romstersome times more than one file with the same name exists in different locations.07:49
Romsterand then there is file permissions too.07:49
happydawn( -rw-r--r-- 1 root root )07:51
Romsterand nspr is installed?07:51
Romsterwhere can i find chromuim ?07:52
Romsteror pastebin the Pkgfile if you made it yourself.07:52
Romsteri'll try it here.07:52
happydawnit's a user port by cruxpl I found via the port search on the crux webise07:55
happydawnweb site*07:55
happydawnbut I've modified the Pkgfile:
happydawn(to disable gconf and update the version)07:56
Romsteri don't see it07:57
happydawnuh sorry07:58
happydawn(you had a typo)07:59
Romsterthat was your text i copied07:59
happydawnanyway: httpup sync chromium08:00
happydawnwith the Pkgile I provided above08:00
Romsterok fetchng some files..08:05
Romsterhappydawn, also have you seen midori?08:08
happydawnI've tried it once, yes08:09
happydawndo you use it daily ?08:09
happydawnI've tried my fair share of alternative browsers (uzbl, jumanji, luakit) but they all hang on certain types of pages08:11
happydawnand chromium handles everything fine08:11
happydawnand it's almost a perfect replacement for those when coupled with the vimium addon08:12
Evil_Bobhappydawn: might be a webkit problem since all those use webkit08:13
happydawnEvil_Bob, I suspect that, too08:14
happydawnbut chromium somehow handles it08:14
Evil_Bobi just repackage the binary google-chrome, packaging chromium is too painful for me08:14
happydawnactually, I repackaged google-chrome, but then I still needed gconf and all of it's dependencies and one of them wouldn't build08:15
happydawnso I thought, screw that pile of deps08:15
happydawns/all of it's/all of its/08:16
Evil_Bobhappydawn: i use gconf-fake :)08:16
happydawnEvil_Bob, do you know why chrome needs gconf in the first place ?08:16
Evil_Bobjust compile some file as -shared and put it as, works in most cases08:16
Evil_Bobnot really no08:17
happydawnbut you're right, buidling packages like chrome is painfull08:18
happydawnit's one of the reasons I don't use crux as my primary distro08:18
happydawnthough I've been flirting with it for years08:19
Evil_Bobi love chrux, but binary packages might be nice imho :P08:19
Evil_Bobmy previous distro was arch, but i think crux is way more KISS08:20
happydawnwell, if you have a more powerfull machine, you can build packages for it and also use it a local repo08:21
Romsterwell there is a webkit update but i haven't finished that yet.08:21
Evil_Bobhappydawn: yeah im doing that atm08:21
happydawnRomster, no worries, let me know when/if it builds for you08:21
happydawnEvil_Bob, ha arch is my primary distro08:21
happydawnand because my primary computer is a netbook (yeah I know...) Arch is a sensible choice08:22
happydawnbut crux is perfect on my older and more powerful laptop08:23
Romsteryou can do distcc if oyu got a few machines.08:24
entearch sux08:24
happydawnright now I'm not changing my setup because I need it until summer08:26
happydawnnot to mention the monstrosities installed like the Altera design suite08:27
happydawnRomster, afaik you don't need to install webkit separately for chromium08:29
Romsterthe what suite :P08:30
happydawnRomster, you don't want to know08:31
Romsteryeah don't tell me i don't wanna know.08:32
Romstersince i clened the built packaegs out of this chroot it'll take a bit longer than usual08:32
happydawnRomster, and
happydawnfor programming FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays)08:33
Romsterah electronics that's my area, but i'm not a programmer of them boards08:34
Romsteri specialize in power and audio08:34
happydawnI'm not either, but I take several classes where we do program those things08:34
happydawnso yeah, now that I've managed to install that thing on Arch, I'm not flushing it down the toilet till the exams08:36
Romsterif you document how you do hard to install stuff it's not so hard anymore.08:37
Romsterproviding you don't lose the document you made. -_-08:37
Romstergood lord 137meg for that chromium08:38
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happydawnso Romster, do you use midori ?08:59
Romsteryes a bit08:59
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Romster52% downloaded... i need faster net to go with mt fast pc.09:23
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happydawnRomster, any luck ?09:37
Romster90% man i've had other sites download faster than this :(09:58
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Romstergrr fucking kidding i got the version 10 not getting the 11 right now.10:10
treachnever forget to make sure it actually goes to 11. :>10:10
happydawnRomster, don't forget to add -Duse_gconf=0 to the configuration10:11
treachbtw, could anyone tell me approximately how much disk space is needed to build gcc, before I launch the crap..?10:11
RomsterPackage xi was not found in the pkg-config search path.10:11
Romsterthis thing is missing deps on the depends on: line.10:11
Romsteryeah using your Pkgfile now with the older version.10:12
Romsteradding xorg-libxi10:13
treachRomster: you don't happen to know about how much space the gcc build needs these days?10:13
treachit's been a while, I'm a bit rusty. ;)10:14
Romsterdbus-glib too...10:14
Romsterah not exactly probably 1GB or 1.5GB i can't quite remember.10:14
Romsteri just throw 4GB to tmpfs to compile in thesedays10:15
thrice`somewhere between iirc, 1.2gb maybe?10:15
happydawnRomster, yep, dbus-glib, I could have added that one10:15
treachok, thanks. Seems like I'll just have to do some praying then.. :>10:15
Romsterdoes it really matter treach ?10:17
treachyeah, the laptop only has 1.25 GB ram. :p10:17
Romstereven on my old system that had 1.5GB ram or so i had more tmpfs than i had ram it would just use swap if it really needed it.10:17
thrice`treach, I think jaeger just did a recent updated iso build, you could steal the package from it :)10:18
Romsterit would slow down but not as much as compiling on disk.10:18
Romsteryeah there is that too.10:18
treachRomster: ok, I faintly remember tmpfs could do that, never played with it though. So, theoretically I should be fine if I set my tmpfs to 2GB?10:19
treachthrice`: thanks, I'll give that a go if this doesn't work out.10:19
Romsterfatal error: prerror.h: No such file or directory10:19
Romsterhmm ok now to figure out what's going on here.10:20
Romster/usr/include/nspr/prerror.h exists so it has to be some include or path issue. also why does it default to using -march=pentium410:21
RomsterCFLAGS+=' -I/usr/include/nspr'10:25
happydawnthat's the kind of thing I was thinking of (but didn't know how to do it)10:25
Romstermore like CXXFLAGS though but it's stll included. with CFLAGS despite it being C++ than C10:28
Romsterhappydawn, if you've done any compiler fiddling at all you'd know the common paths stuff.10:28
Romsterok that's not the end of it though another error.10:28
Romsteranother missing dep libevent10:29
happydawnhappydawn, well I haven't done any fiddling10:30
* thrice` searches for a simple jabber client10:30
happydawnthrice`, not a client per se, but bitlbee ?10:30
thrice`maybe, preferably gui :>  I guess pidgin is OK10:30
Romsterthe build system nearly looks as bad as firefoxes -_-10:32
Romsterfar out now it wants cups.10:32
treachis it interesting errors day? :p10:33
Romsternot really10:34
treachI got two while setting up this box, first I couldn't change the pw for any user, and then when I rebooted I could't mount any file systems. :p10:34
thrice`mplayer sure does build quicker with mencoder emitted :p10:34
treachnot exactly sure what the deal with passwd was, it fixed it self after I updated a few things, but the fs issue was interesting. "Do not leave out support for 2TB files/filesystems, even if you'll never have anything big connected." :/10:36
treachtune2fs to the rescue though. :>10:36
Romsterhmm strange10:37
Romsterah it was expecting 2TB support on the FS10:37
Romsterand you tuned that off10:37
Romsteri just enabled it in the thought one day i may need that.10:38
treachwell, more like the fs was expecting it by default, and I left that out of the kernel since I didn't forsee it would cause any problems10:38
Romsterwell you overlooked one.10:38
Romsterbut yeah a gotcha moment10:39
Romsterthis stupid configure script doesn't even test for libevent or cups, that annoys me, the whole idea of configure is to check for these things before you compile10:40
treachEveryone is using either gnome or kde, and cups is granted to be there, right? :>10:41
thrice`cups is ugly10:42
treachofc, it's owned by apple.10:42
* treach takes cover10:42
thrice`I'd almost expect it to be the opposite then :p10:43
treachit probably looks nice enough if you look at it in OSX. Not so if you look under the hood or from some other system :>10:43
Romstertreach, oh yeah there is a speed up if you use ccache with gcc see make STAGE_CC_WRAPPER='/usr/bin/ccache' BOOT_CFLAGS="$CFLAGS" bootstrap10:44
treachthanks, I'll have a look at that10:45
Romsterfatal error: X11/extensions/XTest.h: No such file or directory10:45
Romsteryet another thing it failed to check for10:45
Romsteri know i'm being picky everyone just installs everything practically10:47
treachI don't think so.. those tend to use fedora or some other kitchen-sink distribution10:48
Romsterthat let the package manager deal with the deps.10:50
Romsterso upstream gets sloppy on there configure10:51
treachaye, "deal with" = "include as many as possible, preferably as hard deps"10:51
Romsterthis thing comes with the kitchen sink, webkit even10:52
happydawnRomster, your hardware will get through with it much faster than mine. Could you upload the updated Pkgfile once you're done ?10:52
Romsteri can happydawn10:52
Romsterbut it's version 10 i'll fetch 11 and let it go overnight10:53
happydawnRomster, what time is it where you are ?10:54
Romsteralmost 2am10:56
happydawnI see you have a ports collection ( right ? )10:58
happydawncan you push the Pkgfile there10:58
happydawnthat way I'll get it even if we don't see each other on irc10:59
Romsteryeah not quite up to date as my but i'll push the package to
Romsterhappydawn, i'm on 24/7 as long as you include my nick i should see it later.11:00
Romsterfatal error: X11/extensions/scrnsaver.h: No such file or directory11:01
Romsterhere we go again11:01
Romstertry webkit based browsers later once i bump webkit too it may fix them issues you've found.11:03
Romsterhappydawn, built uploading now11:10
Romsteri'll probably clean this up and add it to my ports collection11:11
thrice`you got chromium built?11:12
Romsterwasn't that much effort since happydawn already nuked gconf11:13
Romsterolder version i'll bump and let it download while i sleep11:14
happydawnwhich was the whole point of not just repackaging it11:14
happydawnand maybe disabling the keyring11:14
Romsternot needed?11:14
happydawnI don't use it11:15
Romstersize is 21206673 i'm getting tired11:18
Romsterah hell libsoup needs glib-networking i'll deal with that later11:20
thrice`out of curiosity, how long did the build take?11:20
Romsteri didn't time it11:20
Romsterand i have ccache so time wont be accurate11:21
thrice`ah, ok.  i've heard it's a monster, so never tried11:21
Romsterprobably 25 minutes if that, once i added all the deps it complained about11:21
Romsterit looks like a monster11:22
happydawnthen again firefox looks like a monster too11:22
happydawn(at least to me)11:22
Romster it's uploading, you can try it too thrice` it's built for crux, unlike them other packages there is what i'm using11:23
Romsterfirefox is, so is warzone, boost and a few others11:24
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treachtoo bad only that stuff like noscript, adblock and all other privacy enhancements you can have in FF is merely an afterthought or not available at all in other browsers. :/11:34
happydawntreach, actually you can disable plugins in chromium11:35
Evil_Bobtreach: there is adblock and flashblock for chrome, but apart from that i agree11:35
happydawnand enable them when needed11:35
treachchrome{ium} is fundamentally spyware.11:35
treachand adblock and flashblock for it is not quite up to the same standard as for ff, afaik. I could be wrong on that though.11:36
Evil_Bobin my view it is (adblock and flashblock), but i agree firefox has more privacy options by default and more extensions11:37
treachnot sure about flashblock, I use noscript, which is another missing piece on chrome11:37
Evil_Bobthere are 2 things that still annoy me in firefox though, its disk usage and slow startup time for me11:38
treachand that you get a whole heap of gnome-crap you have no use for.11:38
happydawnwhat I mean is you can for example disable flash, and chrome shows grey containers which you can right click and say run-plugin and it will only run that flash instance, until you leave the page11:38
Evil_Bobyeah, flashblock does that too and allows whitelisting for example youtube11:39
treachI know what flashblock does, I used it years ago. But since noscript stops flash dead in its tracks, I kind of stopped caring about it.11:39
Evil_Bobflash should die though11:39
happydawnEvil_Bob, chrome allows that too11:39
happydawnnoscript really shows you how fucked up the web is11:40
treachhappydawn: considerably less fine grained from what I've seen11:40
happydawnhalf the websites don't work correctly without scripts or flash11:40
happydawnhalf=arbitrary amount11:40
treachchrome is kind of "do you want to allow everything on this site, forever? Y/N"11:41
happydawnmaybe, I haven't paid that much attention11:41
happydawnanyway, I'm not vouching for chrome or anything11:41
happydawnI'm just saying the feature exists11:42
happydawn(without a plugin)11:42
treachwith noscript you can tell it that you only want to allow _some_ of the scripts, ie the ones needed for the functionality, and stop google-analytics nee double-click and friends, and you can tell you only want whatever you allow to be able to run _temporarily_11:42
treachneither is possible by default or with any extion I've found for chrome.11:43
happydawnfor a while I was running a caching and filtering proxy, because the minimalist browser don't include such fancy stuff11:46
treachthat works too, but it's not really convenient.11:47
happydawnhmm sometimes I forget about privacy11:48
happydawnI should be a lot more paranoid11:48
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treachdamn, I'm running out of swap.. if this works, it'll be with a margin of about a whiskers width..12:08
thrice`I just started rebuilding gcc too, and it's up to 1.3G12:11
treachI should probably try to get crux running in a vm on the desktop, I guess that would be faster than torturing this old sucker.12:14
thrice`s/in a vm// ;)12:14
thrice`or grab the latest updated iso, pkgadd -u  and then lock gcc with prt-get :-)12:15
treachwell, the desktop is 64bit.12:15
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treachI was just about to get a browser loaded up here.12:15
frinnstyay, french spam12:21
frinnstthats a new one12:21
treachfrinnst: btw, do you know if anyone have yet managed to get vbox running on your take on "C64"? :p12:22
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frinnstno idea13:15
frinnstdont see why not though13:15
treachI remember giving it a quick shot a long time ago, but getting stuck on some stupid dep that wouldn't build. Can't remember which one though.13:26
thrice`i didn't think it worked without multilib or some reason13:33
treachmight be, I never got that far, and then I had to drop it.13:37
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ThePubchrome has adblock, flashblock, noscript, and others15:30
ThePubthe "notscript" extension isn't as fine-grained of control as the noscript FF plugin though, but it accomplishes most of the same things.15:31
ThePubadditionally since chrome natively supports greasemonkey javascript as extensions you can utilize that end of things too w/o an additional plugin.15:32
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frinnsti used to have a port of the binary vbox that i used to use17:38
frinnstbut that was a year or so ago17:38
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RomsterThePub, personally i'd love to see some common plug-in interface ABI that any browser could use the same plugins.21:30
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