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RomsterteK_, mpd needs glib to compile.08:31
Romsternp i only just spotted it. may perhaps add alsa too *shrugs* but it definitely needs glib.08:32
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ThePubwhat's a simple spreadsheet?08:45
ThePubgnumeric is ok, but was trying to move away from X toolkits.08:45
happydawnThePub, teapot ?08:47
happydawnI don't know whether it's a "simple spreadsheet", but it's a console one08:49
ThePubuse it?08:49
happydawnI don't use spreadsheets08:50
ThePubah!  great for quick sums and such.08:51
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Romsterprologic, ^09:18
Romsteri only just noticed...09:18
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Romsterbut his nick is not registered :/09:18
happydawnoh hi there, Romster09:19
Romsterhi happydawn09:20
Romsteri still use excel in wine, about the only useful program MS ever made.09:20
happydawnI gave up on crux on my netbook09:21
happydawnI had it all setup09:21
Romstertoo hard?09:21
happydawnno, too annoying09:21
Romsterhow is crux annoying?09:21
happydawnmy netbook is, not crux09:21
Romsterhmm k...09:22
happydawnit's ok as long as I'm near another computer which can build crux packages09:22
happydawnbut I realised sometimes I need to install new software and I need it fast09:22
happydawnthat's why binary packages are better suited for an underpowered computer09:23
Romsterfrugalware is probably better suited to a netbook...09:23
Romsterit's binary09:23
Romsterand i have a friend that works on that if you need any help.09:23
happydawnI'm ok with Arch09:24
happydawnbut thanks09:24
happydawnI still use crux on another computer though09:24
Romsteryeah it's probably too painful on a slow machine.09:25
happydawnand compilation of the newer version chromium failed, because of some error with webkit09:25
Romsterunless you build it in a chroot on the fast machine then pkgadd -u it.09:25
Romsternewer chromium failed due to pam missing for me.09:26
happydawnI had pam09:27
Romsterbut it wasn't the contrib webkit it supplies it's own.09:28
happydawnI'm not near that computer now, but I kept the error09:28
happydawnand there was some error there09:28
happydawnand I don't think it was a missing dependency09:29
ThePubonce a person has the handful of apps they're going to use on a netbook available, is there much need for more?09:29
happydawnThePub, sometimes09:29
ThePubI have a binary repository on my desktop which is used by my eeepc701 over the network.09:29
happydawnwhen away from home for example, while working on some project09:30
Romsterknowing me i'd have some VPN to home build there then pkgadd it.09:31
happydawneven if I had reliable and fast network access to some fast machine, I would still need to build the packages09:31
ThePubRomster: was just thinking it would be interesting to have a remote build/install setup for pkadd in a case like a binary-only need.09:32
happydawnI'm actually looking for compact compilation beast hardware that I could put in some drawer09:33
jseWhile crux is flexible, there are use cases where it's out of its depth like netbooks.09:33
Romstertrue that's the whole binary and what deps do you give to the binary and stuff.09:33
ThePubseems people will make things work, where they want it, not necessarily in cases of best suited.  hehe, remember the scurry around the eeepc when it came out?  how many ill-suited distros were made to work on it?09:34
jseFor instance if you want gnome as your DE, it's a challenge to install it even on a powerful machine.09:34
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Romsterand i think someone made a binary tool like prt-get like net-get or whatever it was..09:35
jsepkg-get maybe?09:35
Romstermight of been that.09:35
Romsterno joke jaege_r has lots of fun with gnome.09:35
jseHehe yeah. Definitely seen jaeger mention that a handful of times.09:36
frinnsthehe, yeah. poor guy :)09:37
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jseGnome/gtk are a mess imo.09:37
jseKDE/qt are no saints but I find them somewhat more bearable.09:38
frinnsti never liked kde/qt09:38
frinnstdunno why09:38
ThePubas a user I like qt.. hate kde09:38
ThePubqt is pretty quick, regardless the hardware it seems.  gtk that isn't always the case.09:39
jseSomething like that. Hard to tell if the qt people have deliberately optimized because I'm no coder. :P09:41
Romsteri used to use kde but moved away from it for being restricted to kde stuff and i wanted to be more independent with a WM than a DE.09:41
Romstergtk is clunky on looks imo.09:41
ThePubgood themes in gtk are important09:42
jseThat's just aesthetics for the most part.09:42
entegood gtk themes?09:42
happydawncurses is clunky, too, but it's bareable09:42
Romstereven with other themes.09:42
ThePub"good" meaning, takes the time to appropriately account for the underlying toolkit and how the theme itself is drawn :)09:43
jseSome years ago there was this neat looking rezza gtk theme (I'm assuming that was its name).09:44
jseRezlooks, that's what it is.09:44
happydawnRezlooks is neat, yeah, I used to have it09:46
happydawndon't know why I changed09:46
jseBack when it still mattered to me it was either rezlooks or murrine.09:46
Romsterhmm i haven't tried rezlooks09:47
Romsteryea i got murrine09:48
jseHm. makes it seem rezlooks is abandoned.09:48
jseNo updates since 2006.09:48
Romsterperhaps its' been perfected09:48
jseGood one :D09:49
enteback when it mattered to me, I used to have clearlooks09:49
entebut then I got rid of my worldly needs :P09:50
jseMy crux "desktop" machine is mostly used with dwm and simple urxvt terminals.09:52
jseNot much of a visual experience but it gets the job done :P09:53
Romsteri do value operability (did i just invent a new word) over looks but heck some things do still look ugly.09:53
jseRomster: agreed.09:53
enteit doesn't matter, as long as my xpdf is beautiful ♥09:57
happydawnby the way, you should check out llpp09:58
happydawnthe building procedure is a hassle, though09:59
Romsterxpdf beautiful oxymoron xpdf is one of the ugyist interfaces i've seen but it does open pdfs ok which is the only reason i still use it09:59
enteRomster: it's themable ;)10:00
jseChanging some .Xresources settings?10:00
entebesides, it could be worse10:01
entejust make it fullscreen10:01
ente(I discovered a segfault in the fullscreen mode today and mailed the author)10:01
enteactually, I like xpdf pretty much, but I don't care about the GUI so much10:01
entethe part I like least about the GUI is probably the file-open-dialog10:02
entebut I'm not sure I'd like one in GTK any better/10:02
Romsterhappydawn, how hard is hassle?10:02
thrice`how is it themed?10:02
Romsterother than it's in git.10:02
ThePubI like xpdf too.  the original gnome pdf viewer, no evince, used to be good but now it makes too many stupid assumptions about how you want to view a pdf file.10:02
happydawnRomster, you must pull things from other places10:02
thrice`ah, found an arch wiki page on it10:02
entethrice`: by editing your .Xdefaults ;>10:03
happydawnat least that's how it's done in the arch pkgbuild I used10:03
Romsterhappydawn, i've been there many of times. and packaged some stuff. lots of fun.10:03
happydawnbut llpp is a delight to use10:03
Romsteri really really really need to clean up my repo one of these days.10:03
happydawnso I encourage you to give it a try10:03
thrice`i really like apvlv, but with how infrequently I use it, I always forget the key bindings, so it's worthless10:03
Romsterhappydawn, noted i'm always on the lookout for neat programs.10:04
ente(there's also zathura.. and evince of course)10:04
thrice`eg. figuring out how to rotate a page takes me 5 minutes :p10:04
entewell, xpdf can do that pretty well10:04
happydawnllpp has the advantage of being super fast and has a continuous view as opposed to zathura10:04
thrice`yeah, maybe i'll try to make it look halfway decent and use it instead10:04
happydawnand it's a pager10:05
happydawnit's basically less for pdfs10:05
happydawnwhich is neat if you ask me10:05
ThePubthat's what xpdf is by default :)10:05
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treachThePub: what about good old sc? :p10:31
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sh0ckhey, jaeger, are you at ur pc at the moment?16:01
sh0ckOk, I'll take that as a no.16:02
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prologicmaybe I can help ?16:09
jseprologic: that user already left.16:10
prologicoh :)16:11
jseYou know how users are these days.16:13
prologicyeah :)16:13
jseIf it doesn't happen this instant, GTFO. :P16:13
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jaegerwonder what he wanted17:49
laenLocation location location.18:16
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andariusgreetings and salutations19:01
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ThePubno waffles?20:47
andariusI ate them all this morning :)20:57
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