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pitillogood morning00:54
teK_I meant: hello everybody01:19
Rotwanghi teK_01:20
* Rotwang badly needs someone who knows vc++ / windows forms01:21
teK_well that's bad :o01:24
Rotwangterribly bad01:35
Rotwangour educational sysytem is crap sometimes01:35
teK_because of teaching vc++? ;)01:35
Rotwangmy uni has some msdndnsdndnda01:36
Rotwangalliance or somethin01:36
Rotwangso I can download windows and wisual for free01:37
teK_msdnaa, I know that one  :)01:37
teK_both computer ('science') related  post-school institutions I went/am going to are member of the msdnaa program01:38
Rotwangand now some profs are telling us to code only in this stupid shit01:38
teK_but university has a lower to zero MS-Nazi rate ;)01:38
teK_the Linux-fanboy rate is much higher :->01:38
Rotwangexactly opposite in here01:39
Rotwangit is so retarded01:39
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Rotwangif they teach vc++/vc# new people to programming thats fine for me01:48
Rotwangbut why force more experienced people02:01
Rotwangit is just retarded02:01
teK_I had to learn Java, too :-)02:01
teK_which, btw, doesn't hurt that much if I'm *really* honest02:01
teK_nobody denied  that I take the lectures/courses: distributed systems (which starts with an introduction to C), virtual machines (which is bad ass C hackery :D) and C/C++ block seminar (which is 3x2 Weekends 9 to 5 C/C++ introduction)02:03
RotwangteK_: I'm going to learn java also02:04
Rotwangthe course is named programming in java02:05
Rotwangit is ok for me02:05
Rotwangwhat is not ok is that to finish the software engineering course, I need to code some stupid shit in vc++02:05
Rotwangand it has not much to do with software engineering itself02:06
teK_we did not have to code a single line to do SE02:06
Rotwangthe lecturer knows less about SE than some of our students02:07
Rotwanghe is soooo retarded02:07
RotwangIn order to finish algorithms and data structures I had to code in vc++/windows forms02:09
RotwangIt was terrible pain02:09
Rotwangtraumatic experience02:11
Rotwangdo not want to do it again02:11
juejaeger: I got no response to my bug-report but will commit a fix later02:14
teK_traumatic ;-)02:15
teK_we all had to go through 'shit' to got a degree, Rotwang02:22
teK_I'm in my second year @university and it's getting better now, maybe you'll experience something similar, too02:22
RotwangteK_: I'm not sure if everyone has to code crap programms in vc++02:24
Rotwangto get a degree02:24
teK_I had to go through some shitty Java Certification Program to finish my apprenticeship (but I dropped out training school because it sucked)02:25
Rotwangeverything but not vc++02:37
RotwangI'd preffer to code it in brainfuck02:37
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libtirpc: remove des_crypt from library02:57
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: transmission: update to 2.3102:57
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: transmission-gtk: update to 2.3102:57
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RotwangI pay 30 euros and 4 beers for this project03:37
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ThePubother than almost ever Windows API being haphazardly thrown together, how bad can throwing something together be?  Use the Visual C++ environment and for the most part all the programming is done for you.05:17
ThePubNew Form -> Place Widget -> Write logic code.  All the boilerplate is handled for you automatically.05:18
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ThePubI'm building a port for the Brother HL2270DW and was wondering what to do with files like /etc/printcap.local06:14
ThePubI'm not much of a wonk on this sort of thing, but it seems to be a file that could possibly be shared by many packages.06:15
frinnstwee, my intel 320 ssd just arrived06:22
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jaegerfrinnst: I'll be interested to hear your results/impressions of the 320, I have an older intel x25-m g208:31
ThePubente: ?09:02
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ThePubhaha, exploding watermelons in China.  I get it :)09:31
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horrorStruckhi #crux10:43
horrorStruckteK_: maybe you know already but gimp is broken with --without-webkit10:44
horrorStruckah no sorry10:50
horrorStruckthat's just a typo in the Pkgfile10:50
horrorStruckthere's a \ that should be nuked10:51
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gimp: remove stray backslash from Pkgfile12:05
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frinnstjaeger: sure, but im using it as a system drive on my server and there are no disk intensive tasks so it might be hard to judge12:34
frinnstthe 40gb drive was *cheap*12:34
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jaegerheh, fair enough13:16
jaegerThat's pretty much how my CRUX machine at home runs13:17
jaegersystem on a 120GB OCZ Vertex 2 and most data on a 3ware RAID113:17
jaegerThe 120GB Intel G2 X25-M is in my windows machine13:18
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frinnstfrom the reviews ive read on the 320, there doesnt seem to be much performance gained compared to the g2 x25-m14:11
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jaegergrr... anyone use XBMC? I can't get it to play DVD audio properly (a52)17:39
jaegerit comes out as random noise, static, pops, etc.17:39
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andariussalutations and waffles19:34
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veewell, i thought i'd let you know, after trying to format the file system with reiserfs, i still get the same error message.19:55
jaegerthat's completely bizarre, I wonder what's causing it19:57
veeme too. its getting really annoying now....20:00
veethe only other thing i can think of is i didn't restart after creating the partition tables20:00 not too sure that would be causing the issue20:00
veethe only other thing i can think my fstab is incorrect20:01
veeany ideas?20:05
jaegerif you saw a message that the kernel was still using the old partition table that might be a problem but I doubt that's the case here20:05
veei made sure to restart even after that -_____-20:06
jaegercan you pastebin your fstab, lilo/grub config, kernel config, and lspci output?20:06
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veethe most important parts of lilo20:06
veei can tell you20:06
veei set boot to /dev/sda20:06
veethe root to /dev/sda120:06
veefstab, im booting up through puppy to edit if need be, so give me a sec.20:07
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vee^link to download the fstab20:15
jaegerpastebin no good? hehe20:21
veetotally forgot about pastebin -_______-20:22
jaegeranyway, that looks ok20:22
veei even tried adding20:22
veethe /var to it20:22
veeno luck20:22
veelet me ask you this...20:23
jaegerwhat is your partition layout exactly?20:23
jaeger'fdisk -l /dev/sda' output, I mean20:23
veethis time, i went without a swap20:23
veejust to rule that out20:23
veeso its just a /dev/sda120:23
veeand i cant20:24
veectrl alt f2 my way tot he command line20:24
veeas it'll actually kick me out of my actual box20:24
jaegerno other operating systems?20:24
veejust crux on the virutal machine20:24
veewhen doing a mkfs, is it suppose to take, oh, 5 seconds for it to format? that seems a bit quick to me...20:25
jaegerhow big is the disk?20:25
jaegershouldn't take long on smallish ones20:25
vee3 gigs20:25
veei forgot what i set it at xD20:25
jaegeryeah, that's probably fine20:25
veei can upload20:26
veea picture of the fdisk -l if you want...20:26
jaegerwouldn't hurt20:27
jaegeralso, if you like, I can upload a config I use for virtualbox if you want to compare it20:27
veethat would be really cool20:28
veebut i honestly feel like something is going wrong when preping the file system20:28
jaegerfdisk output looks alright20:29
veei should tell you20:29
jaegerhow about this? tell me exactly what commands you're running to set things up prior to running 'setup'20:29
veebefore installing the kernel20:29
veei did a mkproper20:29
veebasically everything20:30
veethat is in the hand book20:30
veemounting /mnt to the /dev/sda20:30
veethen creating a /var and mounting that too20:30
jaegerwhat device are you mounting to /var if you only have 1 partition?20:31
jaegerbasically should be like this:20:31
jaegerfdisk /dev/sda (make changes)20:31
jaegermkfs.ext4 /dev/sda120:31
jaegermount /dev/sda1 /mnt20:31
veeso skip the creating of a /var?20:31
jaegeryes, the setup will create the necessary files in /var for you20:31
jaegeryou would only want to make your own /var and mount it if you intended to put it on a separate partition20:31
veetime to recompile lmao20:31
jaegerlike /dev/sda2, etc.20:32
jaegeryou should only mount 1 partition to 1 directory20:32
jaegerso /dev/sda1 is /mnt, /dev/sda2 could be /mnt/boot, /dev/sda3 could be /mnt/var, etc.20:32
jaegersince you've only made /dev/sda1, make it /mnt and run setup20:32
veeheres something interesting....20:32
jaegeralso, if you DO use that kernel config I uploaded, check the filesystem support, it only has XFS marked as builtin, the others are modules and would need to be changed to boot20:33
veei just went back into cfdisk to rewrite everything, but....the flags and name are gone20:33
jaegerI don't use cfdisk, myself, don't have any particular experience with it20:36
veemore of an fdisk kinda guy ey?20:36
jaegeryep, it's what I'm used to20:37
veeah. DONT JUDGE ME! haha20:37
veealso, is there a big difference between the default i386_defconfig and your list?20:37
jaegerprobably quite a bit20:38
veeim going to try to set this up with fdisk, which im not too use to....cfdisk someohow UN wrote everything...again20:39
veeseems like the issue is coming from there20:42
veebecause once i make the disk20:42
veeinto a .ext4 or w/e extention20:42
veeit reverts back to a raw disk20:42
veeand all the stuff somehow disappears20:43
jaegerare you running mkfs on /dev/sda or /dev/sda1?20:43
jaegerah ha, another problem20:43
jaegerthat's a big no no20:43
veei've done both, so....lmao20:43
veei even tried that one20:43
jaeger /dev/sda is the disk device itself... /dev/sdaX are partitions, in this case /dev/sda1 is your partition20:43
jaegerso mkfs.extwhatever /dev/sda1, mount /dev/sda1 /mnt, setup20:44
veeeven after the mkfs, the boot flag and status of the disk should still appear in cfdisk, correct?20:44
jaegerthe partitioning stuff is a basic linux concept, not CRUX-specific, so you'll need to get a good handle on that20:44
jaegeryes, unless you made the fs on sda instead of sda120:44
jaegerif you did that it probably overwrote the partition table with filesystem data20:45
veethis is odd20:45
veecfdisk shows the disk is raw20:46
veebut fdisk says its been setup20:46
veeand has the boot flag and everything20:46
veebtw, thank you for your help. i know im taking up a lot of your time, but hey, we're almost at the BFF status20:47
jaegerI'm in and out of the room testing my XBMC box anyway20:54
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veehaving fun, are we? lol20:57
jaegerIt mostly works great, I just can't get DVD audio working20:58
veedo what i do. sledgehammer20:58
veei know this is going to annoy you, but i have to ask. how can i import the kernel config file you have onto the virtualbox?21:00
jaegerthe boot ISO supports networking21:04
jaegerso if you picked the intel pro/1000 in virtualbox config, for example, modprobe e1000, dhcpcd eth0, wget http://blah21:04
veeoh snap!21:05
veeface palm21:05
veeso, is your user name a reference to a watch?21:12
veeor...the booz21:12
jaegerneither, just something that stuck over the years21:15
jaegerI used to play a ton of quake back in the day (college) and I went by Jaegermeister then21:15
jaegershortened it to jaeger21:15
jaegerso been using it since about 199621:16
veedamn. i was going to challenge you to a drinking contest21:17
veeshots only21:17
ThePubI always win there.21:17
veei've been training since i was 721:18
jaegerI'm not a big drinker, jue can attest to that21:18
jaegerhe tried to kill me with alcohol in 200421:18
veethe bottle or the liquid21:18
veethe bottle is the easy way out :/21:18
jaegerwell, he was being nice and buying rounds, I had to stop him because I'm a lightweight :P21:19
veethe most ive gone21:19
veeis 17 shots21:19
veein an hour21:19
veeat least21:19
veei hope it was an hour21:19
jaegerthat sounds like alcohol poisoning territory21:19
veemight have been less21:19
veemy liver is a champ.21:19
jaegeror it may be champ, heh21:20
veeim not too sure21:20
veeall i know, is i sleep like the dead after21:21
veeand wake up feeling like p di--real shitty21:21
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veequick update....21:49
veei got the same kernel panic21:49
jaegerwithout seeing exactly what you're typing in I have no idea what else to tell you =/21:54
jaegerI've installed CRUX a lot of times on both virtual and real hardware and never run into that one21:54
veethe only other thing i can think of21:55
veeis im formatting the disk wrong21:55
veehere is another question21:58
ThePubbecause time and space matter.21:59
ThePubdon't mind me, I'm a little jumpy after my first cup of coffee.  :)21:59
veewhen editing the fstab, the uncommenting of #'s, leave a bit of space, i reallign everything to how the other stuff look like. is it suppose like aligned, or you leave it as is22:00
ThePubas long as there is whitespace it doesn't matter22:00
jaegerAlignment doesn't matter, technically, up to you22:00
ThePubpersonally I use one space between fields22:00
jaegerI don't use tabs in mine, for example, just single spaces22:00
veei thought maybe after aligning everything, they get out of order and mess up.22:01
veeat this point, im going over everything step by step, by step, by step.22:01
jaeger for example22:01
veeshould one delete the other stuf fout?22:02
veestuff out22:02
jaegerup to you22:02
veehm....did you create a seperate /boot mount point?22:03
jaegerin that case, yes22:03
jaegerit's not required, though22:03
ThePubsure handy in some cases though :)22:05
veecan i just ship my computer to one of you guys? lmao it'll be easier for the all of us -___-22:05
ThePubthen you wouldn't learn why whatever is going wrong is going on! ^_^  what *is* the problem anyhow?22:06
veei keep getting the same kernel panic no matter what i do --____--22:06
ThePubmust be compiling the kernel in such a way that it is missing a required component, or lilo/grub is incorrectly configured.  the iso comes with everything necessary to install a working cruxh.22:08
veehm. i'm getting the unable to sync, unsupported root partition, but, i made sure to enable support for the ext4,3,2 and all the extra menu's22:09
ThePubassuming you're following the steps to configure on the Website those options above really are the only two.  for a typical PC system anyways.22:10
veethe module for the virutal box's adapter is the PCnet-FAST III (NAT)22:11
veemodprobe pcnet doesn't seem to work...22:11
veei feel like such a re re22:11
veei've been trying to get this thing up for a good month now22:12
*** childintime has joined #crux22:12
ThePubvirtual machine isn't a typical pc, which I knew more :)22:12
ThePuber, :(22:12
veenot found :/22:13
veei think i know why though22:15
veegoing to recompile the kernel with the settings jaeger sent me....will add support for the other file systems and see where that gets me22:19
ThePubtell you what.  once you get that running you can write me up a pkgfile to install the brother cups wrapper for a hl2270dw.22:26
veeif i get this running, im going to take a nap22:28
veeas celebration22:28
ThePubwell have fun!22:29
ThePubgoing to rearange my desk a little.  time to shutdown for a few minutes.22:29
jaegertempted to record an install in vbox, heh22:30
veelmao i was actually going to ask, but, i was like no, i dont wanna be a douche bag.22:33
veebut out of curiosity, im lookinga t your22:33
*** ThePub has quit IRC22:33
veekernel setup, and you set ext extentions as modules, are they not suppose to be set as *22:33
veeor, legend?22:34
jaegerI mentioned after I linked it that that config was used on an XFS system22:44
jaegerand you'd need to double check the FS options :)22:44
*** childintime has quit IRC22:45
veeoh, you set them as modules. i formatted it as a ext4, should i change it from module to legend?22:46
jaegernot sure what you mean by legend, it should be builtin <*>22:46
veecompiling the kernel, crossing my toes22:48
veethe pub left us :/22:52
*** ThePub has joined #crux23:03
ThePubwhee for being back23:04
veeyou were greatly missed23:06
ThePubI know.. it's my wonderful smile that warms the room.23:07
veeit was my sudo apt-get the pub23:07
veeyour smile made california rain :(23:08
ThePubdoes alot of that in California if you haven't read the news!23:08
veewell, california typically has very warm weather23:08
veeespecially near la23:08
veebut this year has been trippy23:09
veecalifornia doesn't get that much rain lol23:09
ThePubtalking about compiling a kernel wrong.  I forgot vfat in my last compile and guess what my phone uses?  *sigh*23:09
veeouch. trust me, i know what it feels like23:10
jaegerok, youtube's doing whatever it does after an upload23:14
veeohhhhhh ^___^23:14
veeimagine that doesn't work either...23:15
veedefective computer much?23:15
ThePubyoutube does what usually?23:15
veeit verifies theres no "interesting" stuff23:16
veebetween two people23:16
veethat involve a lot of body contact23:16
veelack of clothing23:16
ThePubthat might make youtube useful23:17
jaegerit also does some resizing/scaling23:18
jaegerit made my install video look ugly but that's my fault for not cropping it to an anamorphic resolution23:18
ThePubooh, there's an "install video"!?23:18
jaegerjust made it, partially to see if I could record a virtualbox window reasonably23:19
veei will investigate this matter23:19
ThePublol, this poor apple tv web server post on /. has been dotted.23:19
jaegerthere's probably a smarter way to do it, maybe some tool that can record the rdp server in virtualbox, etc.23:19
veeis the video sped up by any chance?23:21
veethats kernel version is
jaegerit's not sped up23:22
veeyou type ridiculously fast23:23
jaegerI've gone through the install process a LOT of times23:24
jaegerI usually install CRUX 10+ times when I test changes to the boot ISOs23:24
ThePubneed a unit test for that in some way :)23:24
ThePubWindows though?!23:25
jaeger (12MB) doesn't have the resolution issues the youtube version does23:25
jaegermy windows machine has twice the RAM and a chunk more processing power than my linux box so it gets the VM work23:25
ThePubanyways, bbiab -- time to reboot into vfattiness23:26
veehalf the stuff you typed in there aren't even on the handbook xD23:27
veebut they can be done other ways i guess23:27
veelike the loading of the sample config file23:27
jaegera lot of the stuff I use isn't required, it's just meant to be an example to show that it can be installed safely :)23:27
*** ThePub has quit IRC23:27
veei've done everything you have done23:27
veemaybe except what you did with the23:28
veerc stuff23:28
veedo you have to unmount everything before rebooting?23:30
jaegerin most cases probably not. I do it out of habit, I'm careful23:30
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veethis is jsut ridiculous23:33
veeeven after using your kernel settings23:33
jaegerweird :( you've got to be doing something odd but I don't know what it is23:33
veei would love to record what im doing23:34
veebut this poor little dell23:34
veecant handle it23:34
veeor can it.... O.o23:34
*** ThePub has joined #crux23:34
veei believe the issue is coming from the actual formating of the file system.23:35
veeafter installing everything23:35
veei logged back in23:35
veetried to mount the disk23:35
veeand it says cant find it in fstab or mtab23:35
jaegerwhat if you specify all the important options? mount -t extX /dev/sda1 /mnt23:36
veemy hats off to you sir23:37
veehm. would any issues arise from selecting ALL the packages?23:38
jaegernone of which I'm aware23:39
ThePubwhy would that help boot thought?23:39
ThePubshould only need core (even less actually) to get a running system.23:39
veeim not too sure, just figured i'd stick everything in there just to make sure xD23:40
veeafter 3 restarts, it worked.23:44
veei honestly think god is f*cking with me right now23:44
vee <- my mood right now23:48
veewhy did everyone leave? we should be celebrating!23:52
jaegerdecided to play some wow :P23:54
veeyou didn't think i'd let yo uoff the hook that easy, did you?23:55
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