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veewell, i dhcpcd eth0, and, it was assigned an address no problem...00:00
veeexcept, there is no internet conectivity....00:00
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jaegerdid it get a real address or a link local address?00:02
veeifconfig reveals a 192.168.1.x00:02
veewhich is normal for my router00:02
jaegercan you ping the router?00:02
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vee_sorry about that, it starting to ping properly and then power went out00:05
vee_i honestly believe00:05
vee_god is trolling me00:05
jaegerif there is a god, he doesn't care, heh00:05
vee_if there is a god, im clearly not on his good side00:05
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vee_so, how can i repay you guys?00:12
vee_i would say i can spread the word, but i dont think you want any more of my kind annoying you00:13
ThePubconsidering I didn't do anything, nothing.00:13
jaegerlearn and help others in the future :)00:13
ThePubtell me how to reliably pay War of the Worlds w/ Tom Cruise00:13
vee_you need to turn00:15
vee_then, you would need to convert to a scientology00:16
vee_and then tell everyone how much you love your wife00:16
jaegeralso become a crazy person00:16
vee_thats probably the most important.00:16
ThePubhave that covered.00:16
vee_get on the opera show00:17
ThePubsorry, she had her last one not too long ago.  you'd have to be a time traveller then.00:17
vee_oh. get on the OWN network then00:17
vee_OWN'd xD00:17
ThePubI was so sad to see that.  Opera was a big part of my life.  She brought light to an otherwise dull life.00:18
vee_and gave away a lot of legit stuff00:18
ThePubmplayer seems to play it better than vlc00:19
ThePubof course, navigating with mplayer is annoying.00:19
vee_on the bright side of things, im updating crux xD00:20
ThePubwhee!  we have playback00:23
ThePubI liked this remake.  I don't know why people hated it :)00:24
ThePubfor the majority of mankind, how can they be certain tom cruise's beliefs are wrong?  even science cannot prove beyond a shadow of a doubt there is no god and some form of evolution is correct.00:25
ThePubit's faith one way or another.  just more evidence of some form of higher intelligence.  that's subjective depending on how daft a person is.00:25
vee_the problem with religion, at least with me, is its inaccuracies, and lack of information00:34
jaegermy problem is the people00:35
vee_the reason there aren't more christians is because of christians themselves00:36
ThePubagreed, for the most part.  then again, most christians don't even practice 1/4 of what the Jesus taught.00:36
vee_90% of the world doesn't even know the origins of man, let alone christ00:37
vee_i dont want to get into conspiracies, but it seems those intelligent enough have succumb to the notions of the western world, while knowing the truths of reality00:38
vee_we're being taught rome is the first christian nation00:38
vee_we're being taught sumeria was the first advanced civilization00:38
vee_we're being taught sumeria was the site of first civilization00:38
vee_i dont wanna go on a rant, because believe me, this particular subject intrigues me, but, when one compares the historical facts to the bible, flaws emerge in ways one cannot comprehend00:39
ThePubor rather, when compared to what religions teach is what you mean to say?  rome is never indicated as being important in the bible at all.  (yeah, I'm a christian)00:40
vee_no, not the bible00:41
vee_the school system00:41
vee_the problem i have with the bible00:41
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ThePubmaybe a catholic would have you believe that, but maybe that's just human ego at work?  afterall catholics performed some of the most horrendous chrimes against human society in history.00:41
vee_well, in california, we're STILL being taught that rome was the first christian nation00:42
vee_you, being christian...can you tell me which country it was00:42
vee_WITHOUT googling it?00:42
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ThePubchrist never put himself behind any nation, in fact he prayed before being killed that his disciples wouldn't be of any nation.00:42
ThePubso the concept of a "christian nation" is just utilizing "christian" as a brand.00:43
vee_well, what im trying to ask00:44
vee_is which nation, as a hole, was the first to accept christ and christianity00:44
ThePubseems like an unanswerable question since jesus in his model prayer said to pray for god's kingdom, not anything man could put together.00:46
vee_im not sure im getting the question out clear enough00:47
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vee_in your history books, you are taught that one specific nation (in america, its rome) was the first to accept Christianity as their main religion00:48
ThePubpeter, the "cornerstone" of christianity, himeslf said "we must obey god as ruler".  no nation could by that statement be "christian" since they'd all obey god, and not themselves as a governement.  ^_^00:48
ThePubI suppose you could say that.  Rome institutionalized the christian religion as a gov't entity.00:49
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vee_if you dont mind me asking, where are you from, and where do you reside00:49
ThePubI'm in the US too :)00:50
vee_and fi you dont mind me asking, how old are you?00:50
ThePubNo spring chicken, let's put it that way.00:50
vee_over 20, im assuming?00:50
ThePubwell over :)00:51
vee_im going to ask you to do something00:51
vee_which some christians have a hard time doing00:51
vee_i want you to look at the bible, accepting what it says, btu also taking it in from a rational point of view00:51
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vee_can you do that for me?00:52
ThePubI believe in the bible, because it's rational.  If someone can provide me a more solid basis for truth then I would readily accept it.00:53
vee_well, then i ask that what im about to point out, you taake with an open mind00:53
ThePubBible encourages all believers to "keep testing ... keep proving" :)  think that requires an open mind.00:54
vee_now...where to begin...00:54
ThePubPaul stated to use your "power of reason".00:54
vee_lets start with adam and eve00:54
vee_scientifically speaking, the garden of eden, the location where 3 rivers meet00:55
vee_can only be placed00:55
vee_in once place00:55
vee_the black sea00:55
vee_was once 3 rivers00:55
vee_between turkey and iran00:55
vee_i wont elaborate as i would want you00:55
vee_to do a bit of research00:55
vee_yourself, so i dont seem too bias, which for the most part, i am00:55
vee_as a christian, you must believe in noahs ark00:56
ThePubno, I would agree.  there is no exact placement but it's roughly accepted to be true.00:56
vee_which believe it or not, is near the same area00:56
vee_in the old testament00:56
vee_god sent lucifer00:56
vee_to see the most beautiful land he created00:56
vee_i forgot the two rivers that it stated00:56
vee_it was in the same area00:56
ThePubmaybe in the poems, that is not in the bible :)00:56
vee_i recall it being in the old testament....00:57
ThePubno.  all genesis says is that man was created in god's image.  "in our image" in fact, indicating that humans share similiarties to god and angels.00:58
ThePubso having free will the angels could go anywhere they wanted.00:58
ThePubthere is nothing stating god "sent" anyone, anywhere.00:58
pitillogood morning00:59
vee_thats odd00:59
ThePubanyways, read your hebrew scriptures some more before trying to rationalize on them :)00:59
vee_in the bible my father told me about00:59
ThePubpersonally  ^_^00:59
vee_back where he was from, that was stated in there00:59
vee_lets set that aside01:00
vee_as a christian01:00
vee_im not sure i pointed this out yet01:00
vee_you believe in god flooding the01:00
vee_and starting fresh01:00
vee_noahs ark is in the same area01:00
vee_the site where jesus was buried and resurrected, is now a church01:01
vee_and belongs to not just jew01:01
vee_the church is split01:01
vee_research those, and tomorrow, we will discuss some more01:01
ThePubholy sepuculcher church is just myth, no one actually knows.01:01
vee_granted, by why is there such a fuss over it, and, moreover, why is a group of people that is not from around there, have ownership of the church as well?01:03
vee_i use the word ownership loosely01:03
ThePubwho's to say they're right?  Jesus himself stated that there would be christians would do "powerful works in my name" but that he would reject them.01:03
ThePubwhy?  "because they were workers of lawlessness"01:03
ThePubso that indicates there would be a division amongst christians themselves.  there would be some which correctly worship and some who don't.01:04
vee_if there is so much lawlessness in that particular area, how are they, and that particular area, considered the "holy land"01:04
ThePubis it holy?01:04
vee_im asking you01:05
vee_you believe in the bible01:05
ThePubI'm like you in this regard.  Just because it's "christian" doesn't make it sensible.01:05
vee_whats not sensible in the bible, is its reference to the holy land being israel01:05
ThePubMost of what's fought over, killed over, etc, in the name of christianity doesn't agree with the bible.01:06
vee_i hate the fact that god has a "chose people"01:06
vee_highly unlikely01:06
vee_since we are all, in a sense, created in his image01:06
vee_are we not all chose people?01:06
vee_created in his image?01:06
ThePubyes, we are.  according to jesus those who did "the will of my father" would be acceptable.01:07
vee_but why are israels and israel holy?01:07
ThePubyou can look all those quoted references up in your bible and read the whole context :)01:07
vee_according to the bible01:07
ThePubthey aren't ;)01:07
vee_i must be reading a different bible from you01:07
ThePubJesus said their house was abandoned to them since they rejected gods commands.01:07
vee_so, the bible makes no reference to israel being the holy land01:08
vee_and jerusalem having no importance?01:08
ThePubmatthew 23:37-3901:09
ThePubisreal was "chosen" at one time, but by the time Jesus came to preach to them they were so far astray it lead up to matt 23:37-39 where he disowned them.01:09
vee_remember all those01:10
vee_references i pointed out to you?01:10
vee_how come the bible doesn't talk about that region, and that area, and those people?01:10
vee_afterall, everything i have said revolves around that certain ethnicity01:11
ThePubbe more specific.  you want an ancient manuscript to give you modern-day landmass names?01:11
ThePubI don't get it :)01:11
ThePubI think if you read it with an open mind yourself, you will find there is more than enough detail to verify what is necessary.  The bible isn't a historical document, it's a history of faithful people.01:12
vee_what i was hoping you would do, was research and touch up on those tidbits01:12
vee_those landmasses, were for the most part, of one race01:13
ThePub1 corintians 10:11 says that everything which was "written aforetime" was written for our instruction, not as a guidebook to ancient lands.01:13
ThePubhow is that of any consequence though?01:13
vee_because the main issue i have with the bible01:13
ThePubyou think the bible is ratially motivated?01:13
vee_as well as history itself01:14
vee_is so much happened in that landmass i pointed out01:14
vee_some of the most important biblical events took place near that area01:14
vee_and that area01:14
vee_is not mentioned what so ever01:14
vee_and, the history of that area, and of those people, seem to be so eagerly supressed01:14
ThePubwhat do you mean?  Isreal, ancient kingdoms of Palestine, etc are mentioned by name.  How are they not talked about?01:15
ThePubThe boundries of the "promised land" where outlined in exodus/leviticus01:15
vee_thats the thing01:15
vee_the area im talking about01:15
vee_isn't near egypt01:15
vee_nor jerusalem01:15
vee_nor palestine01:16
vee_nor israel01:16
vee_its pretty far away01:16
ThePubyes, it is :)01:16
vee_yet, it seems, that that particular area, is of more interest, and considered holy, while everything else that i have pointed out01:16
vee_has to do with an area away from there01:16
vee_is of no value01:17
vee_both in modern history01:17
vee_and in ancient text01:17
ThePubI guess you have completely lost me.  So the garden of eden was one area and some other portions are in another area and you have a problemw ith that?01:17
vee_the bible01:17
vee_its hard to explain01:17
vee_what im trying to say01:17
vee_without sounding bias01:18
vee_which as i've pointed out01:18
vee_i am.01:18
ThePubsound biased, maybe it will make sense then.01:18
ThePubyou take offense at modern day emphasis on that region?01:18
vee_the garden of eden, noahs ark, are located in the same area01:19
vee_in essence, life started far away from israel01:19
vee_in the bible, it makes minor references to this area, which includes how beautiful it was and what not01:19
vee_and the people who inhabbited the area01:19
vee_were also the first to embrace christianity (despite what we are being taught)01:20
vee_and, this particular ethnicity also holds part of that church i pointed out earlier01:20
ThePubhow could that be possible?01:20
vee_how could what be possible?01:20
ThePubdo you know the definition of "christianity"?01:20
ThePuband I'm not talking about a set of beliefs, just what the word itself indicates.01:21
vee_enlighten me01:21
vee_on a side note, this update is STILL going O.O01:22
ThePubit's just like anything else ending with "ity"01:23
ThePubin this case "of christ"01:23
ThePubJesus is referred to by a couple of jewish historians, and biblically speaking he was a jew.  He preached and taught in the Jewish nation almost exclusively.  How could christianity start anywhere else, if there was no biblical christ there?01:24
vee_im not saying christianity started else where01:25
vee_im talking about LIFE01:25
vee_starting elsewhere01:25
vee_after the great flood01:25
ThePubyes, and why is that an issue?01:25
vee_im not too sure01:25
vee_you side tracked01:25
vee_im not sure what im trying to prove now01:25
ThePubso bring me back.01:25
vee_im not sure where you lost at...01:26
vee_i was trying to point out01:26
vee_some of the most important events in the bible01:26
ThePubI'm not lost.  You said there was eden, then Noah, and you ahve a problem with that because christianity actually started elsewhere.  Your own words :)01:26
vee_i said01:26
tilmanthis is a first ;)01:26
vee_or wast trying to say01:26
vee_maybe it got misinterpreted01:27
vee_is how can noahs ark01:27
ThePubtilman: it's a latenight distraction ^_^01:27
vee_and the garden of eden01:27
vee_a reptition of sorts, constantly refer to an area01:27
vee_away from israel01:27
vee_but israel is considered the holy land01:27
vee_is what im asking01:27
tilmanmorning teK_01:28
teK_party people >_>01:28
tilmani think the question is: "why did those guys _draw_ them w/ belly buttons"01:28
vee_everyone here is probably annoyed by our banter01:28
ThePubvee_: because?  if you believe in god, and god created the whole earth, why should it matter where he chose to carve out a physical nation?  doesn't seem important to me.01:28
teK_sure, tilman ;)01:28
vee_a stomach would be incomplete with a belly button01:28
ThePubteK_: have you seen Kyle XY?  It's just freaky without it?!  ;p01:29
teK_sounds/looks like a mix of CSI and one of those vampire series :>01:30
ThePubteK_: one of the better ABC Family tv series.  worth a go if you don't mind the occasional smattering of family values in entertainment.01:30
ThePubit's sci-fi, more geared toward the evening family crowd though.01:31
teK_likes: Dr. House, Scrubs, Big Bang Theory, How I met yoour Mother; dislikes: Star Trek (*crouch*), CSI, Vampire-Stuff (forgot the name)01:32
ThePubThese last couple of seasons of House have really gone downhill.01:32
teK_don't tell me.01:33
teK_we're at e06 oder 07 (Germany)01:33
teK_s07 is different, yes.01:33
vee_FML. crux got stuck updating....01:34
tilmanlooks like season8 will be the last one for house01:36
tilmanprobably for the better, too ;)01:36
teK_I see parallels with scrubs :p01:36
tilmanstopped watching scrubs in ... 2004 or so ;)01:37
teK_I love scrubs01:37
tilmanvee_: i just googled the first christian nation thing. interesting.01:37
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ThePubvee_: I've broken and fixed it several times.01:47
ThePubif for some reason it's a network issue, just restart it.  should start back up where it left off.01:49
vee_what happened to jaeger01:53
ThePubhe went to find a bible.01:53
vee_now that, my good sir, was a good one01:53
vee_tip my hat off too you01:53
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vee_it got reallllly quite in here02:03
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ThePubooh, compact navigation bars in chromium.  I like.11:50
teK_thin  without focus, fat within focus I suppose11:51
ThePubthe whole url bar is gone and it pops up for the current tab if you use it11:55
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veehola guys14:14
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frinnst <- japan is awesome16:19
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veethat looks ridiculously fun16:22
frinnstthose meals are 100% accurate16:23
frinnstthats how we cook and eat stuff16:23
tilmani know16:23
tilmani love how he smashes stuff around16:23
frinnsti feel offended how ppl seem to think its all a joke :(16:23
RotwangI never break spaghetti noodles in half16:29
Rotwanglonger better16:29
* tilman rolls eyes16:29
enteI glue them together to make them longer16:29
veeyou guys gotta try dolma16:32
* Rotwang is so tired16:32
veemost delicious leaf/meat you will put in your mouth16:32
Rotwangbut I have to code moar!16:33
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tilmanmaybe be ooooold17:12
tilmanbut also qutie funny17:12
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joacimi've seen something like it, but not that one.  =)19:07
joacimcatchy tune19:07
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andarius_salutations and waffles21:33
veesounds delicious xD21:34
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pepperminti know the kernel stuff you sent was for a virtualbox, but aside from the file system, what would need to be changed in order to get it to work on an actual desktop23:18
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