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pitillogood morning00:49
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frinnstlets go!06:05
sepenThey're forming in a straight line...06:06
sepenThey're goin through a tight wind...06:06
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: gudev: updated to 16806:31
sepenlol/win 206:45
sepenoops, sorry06:45
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-settings: updated to 4.8.206:46
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-radio-plugin: updated to 0.5.006:46
juesepen: hello, thanks for your mail, will reply to it later06:53
sepennah, thanks to you for start this thread06:54
sepenI think it's really interesting, so for example we have the same issue when porting to ARM and ports required some host libs, etc.06:55
sepenon crosscompilation we tried to avoid PKG_CONFIG calls from configure scripts, but this is another history06:56
juesepen: done07:32
sepengood discussions for 2.8 ;D07:35
enteit'll still take some time until 2.8 is out of the door, right?07:36
sepensure, things will become stable07:37
juedunno, but probably yes07:37
juebut if the only "important" change is to move glib to core, I'd not wait until 2.8 with it07:40
thrice`probably most will have it installed already07:42
frinnstyeah i doubt it will be a big issue07:44
frinnstmost real world systems will have it installed07:44
frinnstsepen: where in spain do you live?07:46
juebut as always the whole udev thing is a big mess; I don't get it why they are not able to do straight development with clear defined milestones; with every new version you have to expect everything ;)07:46
jueit's a bit like lvm IMO07:47
jueor the opposite to something like coreutils07:49
frinnstthey seem to follow the linux 2.6 model :)07:50
jueMichal's patch for udev 170 is a good example, trival bugs like that shouldn't happen for such a important app ->
thrice`169 was also an 'oops' release I think :>07:54
thrice`it broke some systemd aspects (which is ironic, since Kay is also a systemd developer) :o07:55
jueoh well, my biggest fear is that sometimes udev depends on systemd ;)07:56
sepenfrinnst: sorry, I'm near to part from the office (15:00)07:57
sepenfrinnst: yes, I'm from spain (and pitillo too)07:57
sepenwell, see ya'07:58
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frinnstjue: lol08:07
frinnstlol im such a retard.. i burned a cd-image on another box because i dont have a optical drive on this box.. but i wonder how id thought id boot the cd without a drive..08:08
entejue: additionally, we shouldn't update such an important app to unstable releases :P08:34
entei.e. update udev only on new crux releases08:38
entebut I don't want to tell you people how to do your job :P08:38
thrice`bumping udev every so often is fine, no?08:38
frinnstusually not a problem08:40
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pitillofrinnst: we are from Valencia09:12
jueente: our policy is to use the latest stable release (a bit different for our tool-chain)09:19
jueyou know, every udev release is a stable release09:20
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enteexcept when it's not :P09:35
juewell, I'm testing a new udev quite more than any other port, I'd say we don't have greater problems in the past with it09:37
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jaegergrr.... cdw sent us a server with WD green HDs in it10:02
jaegerso dumb10:02
jaegercomputer reseller10:03
jaegerparts, service contracts, etc. etc.10:03
jaegerthey're the people we order new workstations, laptops, etc. through10:04
Evil_Bobjaeger: they're like the cheapest HDD available atm :D10:17
jaegerthey don't go in servers10:18
jaegerjust annoys me that they would even put them in a server, much less send it to us that way10:18
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peppermintafter attempting it a 3rd time, it still didn't work :/11:29
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jaegerpeppermint: =(13:15
jaegerI wish we could set up an ssh+multiuser-screen session so I could see why this keeps failing, heh13:16
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pepperminthow would we do that?14:25
peppermintbtw, its vee (booting from a pepermint boot cd)14:26
jaegerwould need to have a user account on the install machine with SSH access from the outside and screen installed =/14:26
jaegerthough a simple solution would be something like webex14:26
pepperminthow would i load webex onto the comp, if it has no OS running? lol14:27
jaegeryou'd install it on a working machine and SSH into the one you're installing14:28
jaegerbut webex isn't free anyway14:28
jaegerI guess there's also teamviewer14:29
peppermintteamviewer would work, but, you can get it to run14:30
pepperminton a machine that has no os...14:30
peppermintunless im mistaken...14:30
pepperminti need to do like a live broadcast xD14:30
* thrice` goes to get popcorn14:30
jaegerthrice`: hehe14:31
pepperminti can put on a show for you guys ;)14:32
jaegerYou would need 2 machines - a working desktop and the machine you're installing14:32
jaegeryou'd use teamviewer on the working desktop and SSH into the install machine to do the install14:32
jaegerthe boot ISO supports installation over SSH pretty simply14:32
jaegerwell, the installation still happens from the CD in the drive but you control it remotely via SSH14:33
peppermintwell, i can get the teamviewer up on another machine, give you access to that, and we can go from there14:33
jaegerI've never used teamviewer, just found it via google as a free webex style thing14:34
peppermintyea its a free remote host thingie14:34
peppermintyou wanna give it a shot or....?14:36
jaegerif you like... normally I don't get as involved with random installations over the internet but yours has me really curious14:37
thrice`the kernel panics, or?14:38
jaegerinteresting, it uses wine for the "linux version"14:38
pepperminti honestly feel like its the most STUPIDEST thing im doing wrong14:39
pepperminti would love to give it a shot...just let me know what you need me to do, and its done.14:39
tilmanjaeger: are they linking against winelib or are they executing wine(1)? :)14:39
jaegertilman: seems to be executing wine14:40
jaegerwhich I already had installed14:40
jaegeranother option would be sun/oracle shared shell (java applet that shares an SSH session) but it requires an oracle login14:41
jaegertilman: it installs its own copy in /opt/teamviewer/teamviewer/6/wine :P14:42
peppermintone thing i've noticed about teamviewer though, is if you click out of the window (do something else aside from using it), it starts to act up, and you can no longer control the computer14:42
jaegernever used it before, myself14:42
peppermintits pretty simple14:42
peppermintit asks you for a id and pass14:42
peppermintonce you get that, you have full access14:43
jaegerI downloaded it and installed it14:43
pepperminthow you can get the connection to crux, i dont know though14:43
jaegerboot up the CRUX install machine and configure networking, set a root password, and start SSH14:43
jaegerSSH in as root from the box that works14:43
peppermintgive me oneee sec14:44
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jaeger(/etc/hosts.allow also needs editing on the CRUX boot, it blocks ssh by default)14:44
peppermintlet me get xchat up on the other comp14:45
peppermintits a windows14:45
peppermintso i can ge toff of this one14:46
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vee2fwas i missed/14:46
thrice`we figured out what the problem is while you were gone.  too bad you missed it ;)14:47
vee2ftoo bad the other xchat was upt he entire time and is aw everything!14:48
vee2fwhats even worse, is nothing was discussed in public14:48
vee2fWHY DONT YOU LOVE ME!?14:48
vee2falrighty, crux is booting up14:48
vee2flet me get the network up and running14:49
vee2fi have to run around the house to get to the other comp, so please forgive the lateness :/14:49
vee2fhave you guys seen zombieland?14:50
vee2frule 14: cardio!14:50
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vee2fi can already tell im going to trip and fall14:51
vee2fi checked out the /etc/hosts.allow, and there is no SSH there. would i need to add it manually?14:52
jaegeryes. there's a deny line by default if I remember right14:52
jaegersshd: all14:52
jaegeryou can specify your local network or whatever but all is quick14:53
jaegerand you're firewalled anyway, right? :)14:53
jaegeractually, the deny is probably in hosts.deny, not hosts.allow. dur14:53
jaegeryou can see I don't use tcp_wrappers much14:53
vee2fi was all14:53
vee2fwhy would it be in allow if its denied.14:53
jaegeranyway :P set the root password, edit hosts.allow, start ssh, and try to SSH into it from your other machine14:54
vee2fwell, i checked out the hosts.deny, and the only thing in there is all : all : deny14:55
jaegerthe allow should override that14:55
vee2fokay, gimmi ONE sec14:55
vee2fset sshd:all14:56
vee2fone problem...and your going ot hate me for this...14:57
vee2fhow do i setup ssh? xD14:57
thrice`vee2f, just add sshd:  ALL   to your /etc/hosts.allow, and start it via. /etc/rc.d/sshd start14:57
jaegeryeah, that14:58
jaegerthen try to ssh in from your other machine14:59
vee2fgimmi one sec14:59
vee2fdont i need putty or soemthing15:02
vee2fto ssh into the other comp with winodws?15:02
jaegerputty's the best choice in my opinion. free and small15:02
jaegerlots of nice features, too15:02
vee2findeed, but now, i have to setu the router to allow access poo15:03
jaegeryour CRUX and windows machines aren't on the same internal network?15:03
frinnstspeaking of putty, are there any tricks to get ssh-keys working with it? i have a user who constantly fails with it and i dont run windows so i cant try :)15:03
vee2fsometiems i still have trouble with it :/15:04
jaegerfrinnst: pretty easy, have to use pageant (which comes with putty)15:04
jaegeryou can even generate keys with puttygen and it can write them in both its format and openssh style15:04
frinnstah, i should ask him about that :)15:05
jaegerfrinnst: you could point him to the chapter in the putty manual about pageant :)15:05
frinnsti told him to read the manual, i guess he didnt15:05
jaeger specifically15:06
frinnsti guess ill know in a few hours if it works :>15:08
jaegerman, 3ware's command line tools installer runs like shit15:08
jaegerhow can a CLI installer be that slow?15:08
treach"tis coded in phython, m'lord"15:12
Evil_Bob"recode it in C my lackeys!"15:38
jaegerwell, teamviewer seems easy enough and works well16:00
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vee2fsilly putty xD17:19
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pepperminti dont think its me anymore, im pretty sure crux and i just dont get along18:11
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prologic_no, no18:43
prologic_it's you :)18:43
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andarius_salutations and waffles19:26
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Romsterjaeger, i've done a ssh login on a live cd before to fix a persons messed up lvm setup, it be cool if it was possible to sort out booting issues but i think you need another pc and a serial console connection to do that.21:00
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veehey guys21:13
Romsterhi vee21:16
veehows you be?21:16
Romsteri'm fine thanks21:17
veewhy just fine?21:18
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Romsterbecause i'm fine :D it's another day. and i'm fine... whats wrong with that.21:20
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veebecause its another day, and you should be excellent21:22
veegotta reboot21:22
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