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ThePubsucks not having the ports search :)00:02
ThePuboh, my, guess that means the ports update is screwed too.00:05
prologicIf anyone codes in Python, consider circuits for your next web app or project00:05
prologicThis rocks :)00:05
prologicIt couldn't get any simpler00:06
ThePubI've been a django convert for years.00:06
prologicDjango's great because it has everything including the kitchen sink :)00:08
prologicbut seriously circuits is a great framework!00:08
* ThePub chuckles00:11
ThePubI love apps which claim to be "lightweight" and "small" then include gnome or kde libraries as dependencies.00:11
prologicwell 1) circuits is not an app :)00:12
ThePubI'm not talking about circuits, building some packages.00:12
prologicand 2) it most definitely lightweight say compared to twisted for example00:12
prologicahh :)00:12
ThePuband they require gnome, so I'm building gnome from the ground up to get this "simple", "lightweight", and "small" app to work.00:13
prologicsure you can't disable the use of the gnome libs ?00:14
prologicsurely it just uses gtk ?00:14
ThePubno, because it's build on gnomeui00:14
prologicoh geez00:14
prologicwhat does gnomeui offer that plain old gtk doesn't ?00:14
ThePubconsistency maybe?  no clue.00:14
prologicprobably more tied to gnome and gnome services00:15
prologicI would imagine00:15
prologicsame as kde00:15
ThePubthat's what I hate about kde, it's definitely lot less light than gnome00:16
ThePubtouch a single kde library and all of a sudden your app is starting up the virtual filesystem server, and other things00:17
StythysI try not to have any kde/gnome libraries on my system00:18
ThePubhmm, it'd be interesting if prt-get queue'd all the downloads in a depinst during the background.00:27
ThePuber.. in the background00:27
prologicit would not be any quicker or better ihmo00:28
prologicprt-get really should (though) grow parallel features00:29
prologicwhere two or more dependencies can be downloaded and built at the same time00:29
ThePuboh, it'd be quicker for large dependencies.  w/o throttling my download rate is pitiful.00:29
prologicyeah you missed the point though :)00:29
prologicprt-get works synchronously00:30
ThePubyou wouldn't want that, maybe the dependencies are in a required order00:30
prologicso downloading in parallel woudln't solve anything00:30
ThePubno, I didn't miss that.00:30
prologicthey are in a required order00:30
prologicA could depend on B and C00:30
prologicbut not in any order00:30
prologicB and C could be built concurrently00:30
prologicwhen finished, A could then be built00:30
prologicit is a dependency tree after-all00:31
ThePubseems fine to me the way it is.  downloading between is really slow on my connection and would make things much faster.00:31
prologicany port X will often have more than 1 sub tree of dependencies00:31
ThePubmy amd processor wouldn't compile 2 programs any quicker than one00:32
prologicobviously not talking about you :)00:32
prologicany multi-core system would take advantage of this00:32
ThePubparallel compile isn't something I'll write in, but think I'll integrate my download idea into tools on this end.00:34
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pitillogood morning01:00
Stythysevenin' ;]01:02
ThePubgood morning01:02
RotwangI left my laptop on for a night to download vs professional02:03 still down :/02:03
Stythysvs pro?02:04
Rotwangdownload hung, have to do it again02:04
RotwangStythys: visual sudio02:04
Rotwangwhen I close my laptop (put the cover down), download stops, windows is on a virtualbox, could it be some power saving "feature"?02:13
StythysRotwang: probably, I'd check out bios settings02:20
Romsterno cruxbot again?04:38
Stythyssite went down earlier.. maybe bot got messed up too?04:40
Romsterguess so, shame it's not on a cron job?04:41
Romsterif not running start...04:41
Romsterbot itself should check for connectivity every say 10 minutes if the net is down.04:42
Stythysyeah I would expect so04:42
Stythysalthough I remember I had to change some configs around on mine for that04:43
Stythysif the box went down for too long it would stop attempting to reconnect04:43
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Romsterthat's a pain... it could possibly of been modifyed to wait longer then retry and possibly have a max waiting time of 1 hour or 4 hours if the box has no net for days.04:45
* Romster hugs cruxbot 04:45
Stythysthat's not how you do it04:45
* Stythys steps on cruxbot04:45
StythysBACK TO WORK YOU04:46
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frinnststupid - keeps stalling06:38
Stythysew redhat06:46
Romsteryeah i have noticed that what file are you after i'll mirror it on my 100mibt connected site for ya.06:49
frinnstno worries, i got it07:05
frinnstbut gcc can be a pain to download07:05
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Rotwang3.3 gigs downloaded from msdnaa09:52
Rotwangunknow error has ocured, lets download again!!09:52
RotwangYAAAAAY \:D/09:52
RotwangI'm downloading from torrent09:52
Rotwangmuch better way to get things09:53
Romsterforce recheck09:58
RotwangRomster: when I fired up once again this stupid app it deleted everything downloaded09:59
Rotwangit wanted to start a new09:59
Romsterwhich app is that?10:00
Rotwangsome retarded app from msdnaa10:00
Rotwangit doesn't have a name10:00
Romsterhah go figure10:00
RomsterM$ screwing you since 19....10:01
Romstershame they can't get that right.10:01
Romsterdownload app with hardly any error checking10:01
joacimhad to do that a few times myself10:02
joacimseems like i had to redownload at least twice each time i wanted something10:03
Romsterbed time i'm extremely tired. later.10:08
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Rotwangcan do unit tests in visual studio 200815:55
Rotwangunlike in visual studio express 200815:55
Rotwangon the old code15:56
Rotwangwhich means that maybe SE wont be that bad to go through15:56
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andariussalutations and waffles20:12
ThePuband spaghetti20:22
Stythysmmm waffles...20:54
joacimdont forget lamentation20:55
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