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pitillogood morning01:06
Stythysevenin' o/01:20
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: avidemux: picked up unmaintianed port09:25
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: scite: update to 2.2610:36
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: unbound: update to 1.4.1010:36
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ThePubgood morning10:44
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joacimthink it is about time i upgrade to 2.711:26
ThePubis there anything before 2.7?  ;)11:26
joacimI've heard rumors11:27
joacimjust hope i can find the tv-out dongle for my graphics card, and that it supports composite video =)11:28
joacimmy lcd broke last year11:28
ThePubI'm really surprised the installation media is at all versioned since it seems to be more of a rolling-release distro anyhow.11:28
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ThePubI sometimes wonder about the "desire to upgrade".  It's almost like software version numbers are like +1 to some piece of armor or weapon in an RPG and some people (not you, but myself) seem to always be going after it.11:34
ThePubEven if we realize it's pointless and probably causes more issues than its worth.11:35
ThePubI can remember people in EverQuest, even WoW, (stopped playing for sometime now) who would spend hours trying to get some little doodad.  Then there are the software parallels where someone spends forever shoehorning something into their system, just to have it.  Very strange compulsive behaviour.11:36
ThePubMight make an interesting research paper for a psych major.11:36
frinnstjoacim: how do you handle security issues and such with an old release?11:39
joacimi dont :311:51
joacimit was not my intention to run with an old release11:51
joacimi simply dont have the hardware to upgrade11:51
joacim(no lcd)11:51
teK_be the only user, keep running services up2date and your kernel, too: you should be fine11:52
joacimi could try the minimal downtime upgrade on the wiki, but i'm screwed if my setup dies and i cant access my pirated files11:52
ThePubbuy a $300 emachine, if you can afford it!  I'll never stop talking about how great these boxes are :)12:00
joacimi cant12:00
joacimi cant even afford a 100 USD lcd =)12:01
joacimmy desktop pc is more than good enough for what i need it for, i just wish i had a display for it12:01
ThePubthat sucks, seriously.  been there and its no fun :(12:01
ThePubso you use tv-out now?  why wouldn't it work on an upgraded system?12:02
joacimi use a laptop12:04
joacimyou know those with built in lcds =)12:05
joacimthe lcd-less desktop is the one i run crux on12:05
ThePuband bulding a custom iso that does like a serial out type of headless setup would be out of the questino?12:08
ThePubhaven't did that in years honestly, but last time I built a kernel it looks like all the constituent parts are still there.12:09
joacim <- can that "hdtv cable" be used for composit video?12:10
ThePubthen of course, once it's all up you just probably set it up like you have now with ssh or X or whatever.12:10
joacimi may have to call my brother and ask if i can use his vivo-plug with the composite lead12:10
joacimi did a no-downtime upgrade from 2.5 to 2.612:11
ThePubso you're not running a headless setup now?  it might be something worth considering, since it frees the box of a need for any display12:12
joacimi dont know if there is enough new stuff in 2.7 that openssh or zsh can break =)12:12
joacimi threw the lcd out the window (why keep a broken lcd) and left the computer running. i connect to it with openssh.12:13
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ThePubhad to startup the palmtop, moving my desk.  :)12:14
joacimsounds like a good idea =)12:14
ThePubthe advantages to a headless box is that you can use the serial output as a tty12:14
ThePubso connect a null modem between a computer and the box and you have a login prompt12:15
ThePubso even w/o a display the box works fine, as long as you have a null modem and another computer.12:15
joacimwouldnt that require a special configuration?12:15
ThePuband it doesn't rely on the computer actually "working" if that makes any sense.12:15
joacimmy computer works fine now12:15
joacimi connect to it via ssh12:15
ThePubit requires your kernel be configured to do it, yes.  then you have to alter inittab.12:15
joacimethernet and all that fancy stuff =)12:15
ThePubyes, but you miss the point here12:16
joacimi doubt the install iso is setup for that kind of stuff12:16
joacimi dont12:16
joacimssh works fine for me12:16
joacimi dont need anything else12:16
ThePubyes, but it requires everythign working first12:16
joacimso does your way12:16
ThePubI'm not suggesting this as a replace12:16
joacimit requires special configuration and hardware12:16
ThePubno, you have all the hardware I'm guessing :)  serial ports, and computers12:16
joacimdont assume12:17
joacimi dont12:17
joacimi havent bought a computer with serial since the 90s =)12:17
joacimi do have usb, and i know people use that via adaptors12:17
joacimno. ssh works fine for me12:17
joacimi dont need anything else12:18
joacimit starts at boot, it works wirelessly from my bed, it works on my desk, it works from school.12:18
joacimssh is perfect12:18
ThePubyou don't stop using ssh, but as an option to continuisouly have access to the machine in the event it breaks, is worth it.  that is just my opinion.  anyways.  I didn't want a confrontation which I have made.  have a good day.12:19
joacimmy stuff dont just break12:19
joacimexcept for avahi and xorg12:22
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tilmanwebkit has a hard dependency on gstreamer? wtf?12:55
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joacimmy libarchive is broken :/13:50
jaegerhow so?13:57
joacimbsdtar: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory14:00
joacimsomething is broken anyways14:00
joacimtried to upgrade from 2.6 to 2.714:00
joacim <- tried to adapt and follow those instructions14:00
joacim <- used this iso14:01
thrice`the 2.6 -> 2.7 upgrade was a little special :>14:01
jaegeryou can probably fix it by setting your pkgmk compression to gzip, updating libarchive, then setting it back14:02
thrice`doesn't sound like bsdtar will run at all, regardless of what it's trying to uncompress14:03
thrice`you could maybe cheat by extracting the xz package, and plopping the .so file in /usr/lib/ for the short-term?14:04
joacimthrice` is correct14:04
thrice`extract with plain tar14:04
joacimkinda. i can pkgadd the packages from the iso14:04
thrice`oh, you can?14:05
joacimyes, but that didnt fix bsdtar14:05
thrice`you did a pkgadd -u to xz ?14:07
joacimplain old tar works14:07
thrice`and pkgutils?14:07
joacimpkgadd -u xz\#5.0.2-1.pkg.tar.xz14:11
joacimthat fixed it14:11
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ThePubthe topic url about keyboard/mouse isn't 100% accurate.  I'm using a freshly installed 2.7 iso, ran sysup after updating ports (just basic system), then depinst of xorg with only the evdev (removed keyboard/mouse) and my kb/mouse didn't work; evdev being the only driver available for the system to use and the log showing it's being used and properly dedected.14:19
ThePubAllowEmptyInput was still required to make the kb/mouse work consistently.14:20
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RyoSThePub: fyi, didnt work out the ffmpeg way you suggested the other day, for overlaying png with alpha channels over an exisiting window16:12
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RyoSthanks anyway, brought me further a bit16:13
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ThePubRyoS: I believe the suggestion was to use mencoder from the looks of it.  I think what you'd have to do, ghetto-wise, would be to output the vga video and then loop it back in through the system with a video dongle and overlay the image.19:47
ThePubthe link I posted up there yesterday was for static video, and you're doing realitime.19:50
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RomsterThePub> the topic url about keyboard/mouse isn't 100% accurate.  I'm using a freshly installed 2.7 iso, ran sysup after updating ports (just basic system), then depinst of xorg with only the evdev (removed keyboard/mouse) and my kb/mouse didn't work; evdev being the only driver available for the system to use and the log showing it's being used and properly dedected. <- you must recompile xorg-xf86-input-evdev after a xorg upgrade else it wont work,a21:47
Romster nd you need evdev support in your kernel21:47
Romsters/ nd/and21:47
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Romstertilman> webkit has a hard dependency on gstreamer? wtf? <- I dare say that's for the html5 video and audio tags.21:48
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andariussalutations and waffles22:34

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