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ThePubRomster: evdev xorg driver won't work if you don't have evdev support in your kernel, as far as I know.  additionally, as I said in the quoted text xorg wasn't even compiled/installed until the system was updated.00:40
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ThePubRomster: additionally since the xorg kbd mouse drivers are not even compiled, there is no fallback should evdev fail.00:41
ThePubRomster: so the original statement I made, holds true.00:41
pitillogood morning00:49
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tilmanRomster: do you know how to build it without gstreamer?01:30
pitillotilman: have you tried using --disable-video ?01:33
tilmanmaybe i should try --disable-audio :]01:39
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tilmanwill try tonight01:52
tilmanoff to work :)01:52
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Romsterback home from work.03:03
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ThePubGood Morning!10:12
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RyoSThePub: morning ;)10:39
RyoSyou are right, i found out sdl could do it since last google soc10:40
RyoSi dont think i can do it with mencoder10:40
ThePubmencode will do it, but I'm not sure it will do it with live input.10:41
ThePubbut regardless, it's the same idea.10:42
ThePubof course, mencoder I do believe will work with fifo's so it's perfectly reasonable that you could write the video output to a fifo and read that back with image overlay.  that I'm sure is perfactly doable.  as to how?  I have no experience.  ^_^10:43
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RyoSi tried working with fifo and mplayer, to just display the picture over live content, didnt work, mplayer crashed ;D10:48
ThePubmplayer does that well10:48
RyoSconvertet the png to rgba and put it in a fifo10:48
RyoSwe would never need to change the picture10:48
ThePubjust glad you worked out a way to do it.  I have never had any need to work with video like that, so can only go of pieces here and there of what has been read.10:51
ThePublast time I did anything with video was in High School using an Amiga 2000, Video Toaster, Kitchen Sync, etc10:51
ThePubwhich was cheating if you ask me ;p10:51
frinnstanyone working with asigra's backup?10:52
ThePubalthough, their Web page is a little funny since they claim to have been doing "cloud backup and recovery solutions" since 198610:56
ThePubI didn't know there was "a cloud" in 1986 :)10:57
RyoS:O i didnt work out a way sadly, im not that much of a coder myself10:58
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ThePubso basically you need someone to give you the recipe on exactly how ^_^11:01
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RyoSThePub: well, dunno, i would have thought i could work out a software solution myself, then again, you could just code one as far as i am now11:39
RyoSmplayer didnt work out as i wished..11:40
frinnstThePub: they did off-site backups back them11:46
frinnstits pretty much the same as today, only with hype-words added11:46
RyoSi thought about modding the beamers lense :311:46
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ThePubRyoS: sounds like fun, what're we working with again?11:59
ThePubfrinnst: yeah, I just always find it amusing how companies wrap all the new buzzwords around a similar, but not the same product.  It's like how larger companies gobble up smaller ones just for the name and then claim they've been making that product since far before they purchased the company.12:00
RyoSThePub: dont know which beamer model it is ;) then again, it isnt ours, so no modding ;)12:03
ThePubno, what was the program again.12:03
RyoSoh, projectm12:04
ThePuband does it do a desktop fullscreen window?12:24
RyoSit does12:36
ThePubwant to hear a silly idea?  imagmagick window capture and composition of the watermark with simultaneous output :)12:39
ThePubwow would that be cpu-intesive but an example of your shell prowess!12:39
RyoSuhm.. :o12:40
treachsounds like a job for oscar. :>12:41
RyoSwill try it asap tomorrow12:41
RyoShave to leave the place like any moment12:42
ThePubwhy don't program sources just list their damn dependencies instead of making you figure it out all manually.12:42
ThePubwould make writing packages so much easier12:43
jueThePub: guess you mean 'writing ports', if you have a installed package you can use finddeps from prt-utils to find the runtime deps12:51
ThePubah, the very-so-present splitting of hairs.  sorry I wasn't exact.13:23
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Rotwanglast day of at my current job has passed today16:21
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* Rotwang feels a bit sad16:22
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jaegerRotwang: replacing it with a better one?18:08
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veehey guys18:11
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frinnstsweet, french spam18:32
frinnstthats a new one18:32
frinnstRotwang: dont feel too bad, i just finished the first week of my new job18:33
frinnstand that feels 10 times better than the last day feels bad18:34
frinnstwow, did that make sense?18:34
joacimclose enough =)19:15
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Romsterpretty close frinnst i would of said "better than the last day of the last job" but comparing it to the last day of a old job is always going to be a bad comparison.20:14
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RomsterRyoS, you didn't look too hard
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andariussalutations and waffles21:06
ThePubwith syrup?21:10
andariusif you need it as such. I know I do21:15
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RomsterLarge RRSIG RRsets and Negative Caching can crash named23:24

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