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ThePub_qemu-kvm is pretty fast00:42
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: x264: 20110206 -> 2011052803:51
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: ffmpeg: 20110206 -> 2011052803:51
Romsterffmpeg has multithreading support.03:52
Romstertilman, i tried to compile webkit without gstreamer but it didn't end well.03:55
tilmanRomster: --disable-video --disable-audio works :)04:04
Romsterah ok i only did disable sound, since when does gstreamer decode video.04:06
Romsterand is it that bad to have gstreamer?04:06
tilmani was building webkit so i could try vimprobable04:07
Romsterah and didn't need the extra stuff, should i make gstreamer as a optional?04:08
tilmanRomster: nah, i guess most people would want their webkit to support multimedia stuff04:09
Romsterconfigure: WARNING: unrecognized options: --disable-sound04:09
Romsterdoh -_-04:09
Romsterhmm dunno i've added some code so it'll only use gstreamer if it's present on the system. but i am rebuilding it again now.04:10
Romsternah bugger it i get other errors now. i wont bother hacking that.04:16
Romstergstreamer-video-0.10 ok i wasn't aware of that, anyways too much effort to modify i'll leave it as is.04:31
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ThePub_Romster: GStreamer itself is just a "media handling framework".
ThePub_, rather07:07
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ThePubis the crux 2.7-x86_64 image a pure or multilib system?08:34
teK_pure 64 bit08:38
ThePubgreat.. I hope!  :)08:39
ThePubI've been experimenting a little with qemu-kvm and am really impressed.  the only reason for me not to run a pure 64 bit system is for a single wine program which should run fine when I need it on the vm (well, it does under i686 crux just fine)08:40
tilmanmultilib doesn't come with a downside08:40
tilmanat least for you as a user08:40
tilman(just a crapload of work for developers)08:40
ThePubon arch it was more pain to manage, even if minor.08:41
ThePubI kind of like the idea of just keeping it simple and isolating the single abaration into a seperate machine.08:41
ThePubthat's probably stupid of me, I know.08:41
tilmanpure 64 bit system is cool if you don't rely on proprietary stuff that only comes as a x86 binary08:42
tilmanor wine08:42
ThePuband I don't rely on any of that stuff and I can use a 32bit kvm setup for that single wine program I infrequently use.08:42
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ThePubeightBitInput.. very inportant.  keep forgetting to turn that on.10:33
ThePubmetaSendsEscape, rather.  hardly ever use irssi on this machine switching windows in irssi can be fun w/o it, lol10:35
ThePuboh, phew... completey forgot about not being availabe the other day.  appears to be now.10:52
frinnstyeah, it was down when i installed my work pc. i installed scientific linux instead :(11:03
frinnsti feel all dirty now11:03
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ThePuband apparently it's pkg maintainer specific?  that's interesting14:14
ThePubmeans shadow.alioth could be down for quite awhile, hehe14:15
jseDebian folks must be too busy forming their committees :D14:15
ThePublol, very true isn't?14:18
ThePubthen again, in a way you have to envy them for their ability to muster so much raw manpower!  (manhood?)14:18
jseTough question. Shouldn't answer because I don't actively follow how their administration works. :P14:19
jseYeah, it's a reoccurring gag around here that the debian folks have enough resources to form committee upon committee.14:20
treach...and yet not enough to get a release out on schedule. :>14:21
jseHuman error: it happens. :P14:22
ThePuball in good fun, the ribbing, really without debian the linux world would be further behind than it is now.14:22
ThePubpkg-config won't compile because of a missing glib dependency.  should something like that be listed as a depends?14:24
jseIt is listed.14:26
ThePublol, I hit enter and started to 2check the statement.14:27
ThePubit is, strange that prt never brings that dependency in14:27
jseprt-get install x doesn't install dependencies :P14:27
ThePubof course it doesn't, depinst does though :)14:28
thrice`prt-get isn't smart enough to find new deps14:28
treachthat wouldn't necessarily be "smart".14:29
thrice`really?  to me, smart is "lets the package be installed"14:30
treachsince it'd would essentially need to be clairvoyant to know wether it's a *new* dep, or something you intentionally left out.14:30
ThePubI just did a core install of 2.7 again and after reboot a sysup, which is when pkg-config fails due to a lack of glib.14:32
thrice`core ports don't have to be listed in depends lines14:32
thrice`and, glib just recently moved to core, because of pkg-config mostly :)14:33
ThePubI was just imagining that if pkg-config depdended on glib it would pull it in since sysup doesn't seem to supply a "--new-dependencies" type of option.14:34
thrice`yeah, this is a weird situation14:34
jseYou can go through each to-be-updated package manually.14:39
jseDefinitely not the way to go if there's lots of packages to be updated. :P14:39
ThePubor you're going to be away from the PC ;p14:39
teK_should we switch to systemd, too? :D14:57
teK_to speed up the boot process :->14:57
treachshortly glibc will depend on rpm, systemd, pulseaudio and gdm.14:58
jseWho left Pottering's cage open?! :D14:59
tilmanhe hold the gnome people that systemd had 'minimal dependencies'15:27
tilmanit depends on DBUS FOR FUCKS SAKE15:27
jseThat's pretty darn light for gnome :>15:29
teK_I had a seminar at university today15:29
treach"fool me once shame... on you, fool can't get fooled again."15:29
teK_held by a self-promoted microsoft fanboy15:29
teK_his computer automatically locked itself with xlock after some time15:30
treachapparently "the community" is as smart as W when it comes to Poettering. :/15:30
teK_for some reason he did not want to enter the password (DOES NOT WORK!!!) and switched to the console15:30
teK_it took him five minutes until I told him to run killall xlock ...15:30
teK_after that he'd been quiet for a while15:31
teK_yeah it's a matter of fact that the kernel people usually hack on Gnome and KDE15:31
tilmantreach: there's a saying in texas... i don't know if its in tennessee but it's in texas...15:32
treachtilman: indeed15:32
treachpeople's eardrums have barely recovered from PA, and *taadaa* he's at it again, this time with the boot process. "Fucking up the system, one subsystem at a time."15:34
joacimtheyre still using PA?15:35
treachit, and gstreamer, is pretty much mandantory these days.15:35
joacimi dont mind a unified backend for video decoding15:35
teK_for audio muxing?15:35
joacimbut i never could see the usefulness of pulseaudio15:36
treachhighly useable for destroying people's hearing. It can also do some other things, like making the speakers crackle and pop.15:37
thrice`so, don't use it ;)15:45
joacimwould be easier if one didnt have to think about it15:51
treachthrice`: I don't, but that doesn't stop it from being a spectacularily bad peice of software that has still ambushed many people who did not know any better.15:52
treachespecially it's tendency to sometimes without any real reason start playing any audio you might send its way at *FULL BLAST* is unforgiveable.15:58
treachjoacim: on a final note before logging off, since I missed your message; No, a unified backend would be bad, if it didn't suck. And gstreamer sucks. IME it's a CPU hog, and to add insult to injury, it sounds *bad*. Feel free to verify.16:12
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joacimi never said a bad backend would be good =)16:13
joacimi expect all software to be good16:13
joacimif it sucks, i wont use it16:13
joacimand i know he isnt here =)16:13
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ThePubI've never used a linux distro with a working gstreamer.20:42
ThePubgstreamer was supposedly installed and "working" but never, ever, actually worked right.  not to mention until very recently most of the gtk programs which use it, suck bad.20:43
ThePubthis is silly!  yajl or whatever, will compile fine manually but NOT as a port21:22
ThePubcmake freaks out and all the tests fail, resulting in a failed build21:22
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