IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2011-05-30

ThePubwhee, kvm networking finally working.  that's really cool.. machine is just like the real thing according to the external router.00:53
pitillogood morning01:00
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ThePubover what tilman ?02:05
tilmanover the fact that it's monday morning02:06
tilmanplay on words ;)02:06
tilmanoff to work02:06
ThePubto the great beyond!02:07
* ThePub is enjoying a bowl of freshly fried homemade onion rings. perfect snack for a monday mourning.02:08
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frinnstt-minus 2 hrs :/07:53
jsefrinnst: for what?09:18
Romsterend of work?09:21
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frinnstand we have a winner!10:25
frinnstso, crux 3.0 in a few weeks or what? :)10:26
jseYep. This distro has fallen way behind other distros. Something must be done! :D10:27
entejse: just bump the version number by 7 revisions :P10:36
jseOutdo slackware's jump. :P10:40
jseHahah. "So what are the big changes?" NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. \o/10:40
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slashbeastI bet I will have issues to build a binary drivers for kernel 3.013:28
slashbeastjust because the version number is 3.0.13:28
teK_linus is well aware of that13:28
slashbeastanyway, since start of 2.6 line much things was changed there.13:29
* Rotwang is having one of the worst hangovers ever13:30
Rotwangalcohol, never again13:30
slashbeastczym się strułeś tym się lecz.13:30
teK_the german nie? :)13:32
teK_never drink (much) on Sundays?13:32
Rotwangis there "nie" in german?13:33
teK_nie == never13:33
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slashbeastnie = 'no'13:33
slashbeastin polish, that is.13:33
Rotwanganyway I'm not mixing vodka and beer again13:34
teK_I mixed wine, beer and Schnaps last Weekend and was just fine the next day13:36
Rotwanghow much?13:36
teK_the secret to it is the right supply with (normal) water before/during/after drinking :>13:36
teK_quite some for my taste ;>13:36
jse"alcohol, never again" You know you're a liar because you'll hit the bottle within a couple of days :>13:39
jseThey all say that. They never mean it :D13:39
Rotwangit's true!13:40
RotwangI mean what jse says is true13:40
Rotwangok lets eat some pizza, hopefuly I will be able to digest it13:43
teK_what I said is true, too13:43
RotwangteK_: so tell us the secret ;f13:43
teK_water. Dring it. Much of it.13:44
RotwangteK_: clear water?13:45
Rotwangno juice or cola etc.?13:45
teK_I can't stand anything else (especially _sparkling_ fluids) but clear water13:47
Rotwangwill have to try13:47
teK_alcohol drains your body and the headache stems from this effect13:48
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jseThe trick is pacing yourself and staying hydrated.13:49
jseIt also helps to not drink on an empty stomach.13:50
jseToo late for that now. :P13:50
laenSpit it out?13:52
Rotwanglaen: ?13:54
Rotwangspit out what?13:54
laenjse said it was too late13:56
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frinnstdrinking on an empty stomach is cheaper :)13:57
teK_not drink on an empty stomach? Druking on an empty stomach makes the alcohol KICK in :>13:58
jseIf that floats your boat, sure. :P14:04
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prologicAny thoughts/opinions on this SSD ?16:37
frinnstprobably a good choice16:37
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prologicfor what reason(s) ? :)16:40
prologicI"m trying to google up reviews of it now heh16:40
prologicit's cheap - that's all I can say16:40
frinnsti think it has got pretty nice reviews16:40
prologicI don't particularly feel like purchasing a large expensive Intel one16:40
prologicsee I"m building a media box16:40
prologicand I want it to boot fast :)16:40
frinnstalthough i tend to stick with intel ssd's. got a x25-m and a 32016:40
prologicso if it dies in a year or two who cares16:40
prologicjust re-image it16:40
frinnsti paid ~$100 for a 40gb intel 32016:41
prologicunfortunately this suppliser only has the one Intel SSD16:41
prologicand it's like $30016:41
prologicg'night :)16:41
prologichmm ok16:46
prologicI'm getting this SSD then :)16:46
prologicit's "good enough" (tm) :)16:46
prologicoh yeah and ofc my media box will run CRUX16:47
prologicd'uh :)16:47
enteyou should really run fedora.17:08
prologicwhat the hell for17:11
prologicare you mad ?17:11
prologicseriously what possibly benefit is there to using Fedora ?17:13
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andariussalutations and waffles17:47
prologichad my waffles :)17:48
andariushave more! :)17:51
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ThePubprologic: fedora is of course what all media machines should run.20:13
prologicon what grounds ?20:14
ThePubbecause it's a hat, it has you covered.  of course.20:26
prologicoh geez20:27
prologicfunny ha ha20:27
* prologic goes gets lunch20:27
jaegerprologic: I have one of those, as well as the 120GB. It works fine, though their customer support was a pain in the ass when I had to RMA the 60GB20:51
prologicRMA ?20:54
jaegerIt was defective20:55
jaegerThe replacement has been fine20:55
prologicglad to hear it20:56
prologicI want my media box to boot up quickly if it ever gets turned off hehe :)20:56
jaegershould do the job20:58
jaegerI'm considering putting the 60GB into my XBMC box20:58
jaegerit has a laptop HD in it now20:58
jaegerI finally figured out why I couldn't play AC3 audio on it, that was bugging the shit out of me20:59
prologicI am tempted though to get myself a SATA III CF Adapter and use a CF Card instead21:02
prologicsay an 8GB or 16GB one21:02
prologictrouble is I can't find such an adapter here in AU21:02
jaegerShould also work fine21:02
prologicCRUX + MythTV21:02
prologicnot going to need a lot of space21:02
jaegerMost of my vmware esxi servers at work boot from CF21:02
prologicCF performs as well as SSD right ?21:03
prologicall my wifi stuff uses CF cards21:03
prologicand they boot pretty damn quickly for the boards they are21:03
jaegerI don't know, honestly... my usage of CF is not intensive21:03
prologicanyway it's an option I'm looking at21:03
prologicrather than the SSD21:03
prologicSo that way I can get an image working and just re-image a new CF21:04
jaegercertainly cheaper21:07
prologicwhy pay for a 60GB SSD if you don't need it21:08
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prologicwow Compact Flash is expensive22:13
prologicmore expensive than SSD22:13

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