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pitillogood morning01:04
frinnsthey jaeger are there any linux admin tools for vmware these days?01:36
frinnstie, for setting up new vm's etc01:38
frinnstor do you do it from windows?01:38
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: cmus: 2.4.0 -> 2.4.104:12
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: dokuwiki: 2010-11-07a -> 2011-05-2504:14
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: feh: 1.14 -> 1.14.104:14
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: getmail: 4.20.2 -> 4.20.304:14
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: bind: 9.8.0-P1 -> 9.8.0-P204:14
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: p5-netaddr-ip: 4.043 -> 4.04404:14
teK_scummvm still compiling04:14
Rotwangis split suitable for splitting large binary files?04:15
Rotwangor is there some other nice tool04:15
Rotwangbut not rar ;f04:15
Rotwangneither zip04:15
teK_ dunno which is better..04:15
prologicteK_, zfec is really good for doing this too04:20
prologicif you also want redundancy04:20
prologicfrom allmydata.org04:23
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: scummvm: 1.2.1 -> 1.3.004:51
Rotwangi think split is going to be enough04:53
frinnstteK_: anything exciting in 1.3?04:58
Rotwangso, scummvm allows you to port old rpg games or what?04:59
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frinnstnah, lets you play monkey island and various lucasarts games05:00
Rotwangahhh, it alows me to play goblins \:D/05:04
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Rotwangdid anyone connected a joypad to a crux machine?10:27
RotwangI need some help with setup10:27
jaegerRotwang: not in a few years but I used to use a joystick to play d1x in linux10:38
jaegerit was pretty simple to set up if I recall correctly, just needed joystick support in the kernel plus the relevant usb support10:38
Rotwangthat means I has to recompile the kernel10:39
jaegerbefore that I had an MS Sidewinder 3d Pro that just needed joystick support and the specific gameport driver10:39
Rotwangdamn, I think stock kernel would be useful in crux for desktop users ;f10:39
jaegeryeah, unless you already had that10:39
Rotwangprovided by crux10:40
jaegersorry, I didn't understand what you meant by the "would be useful in crux for desktop users" comment10:41
jaegeryou mean without ever recompiling?10:41
jaegerIt would make for a larger kernel or LOTS of modules to cover every desktop user's needs10:42
Rotwangtrue, but it would life easier10:43
Rotwangwould make10:43
jaegerI sometimes keep previously used configs around (in git or similar) to speed things up when (re)installing on hardware I know10:46
Rotwangif we included stock kernel + initramfs it would make crux installation faster10:52
Rotwangand binary repo10:54
Rotwangwasn't there a plan for binary repo?10:55
jaegervarious people have talked about it many times in the past, I've yet to see one actually get created and published10:56
RotwangI'd be interested in doing so10:59
jaegerThe idea is nice, the implementation would be slightly tougher... optional deps and footprint mismatches and all that11:00
Rotwangbut possible11:03
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ThePubI'm not sure that's11:39
ThePub"better" thought, crux itself is pretty bulletproof since I've been using it.11:39
ThePuband initrd slows down the boot process in most cases11:40
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RotwangThePub: the speed of boot proces isn't very important12:05
RotwangI boot my desktop pc once a day, not mentioning my server12:05
Rotwangheck! Even if you boot your desktop pc twice a day, few seconds longer to wait wont make a big difference12:07
ThePubyou're right, but doing something "just because" when there's no tangible advantage isn't progress.12:07
RotwangThePub: it makes life easier12:08
ThePubwell true, but there isn't anything stopping a person during an installation or chagne to their crux system from not setting up an initrd if they want it.12:09
ThePubjust have to enable the appropriate kernel options and build it.12:09
RotwangIdon't buy your argument12:10
ThePubit's not possible for someone to setup initrd if they want to?12:11
Rotwangit is12:11
Rotwangbut there is non supplied by crux12:11
ThePub[quote from webpage] "The primary focus of this distribution is keep it simple"12:12
ThePubby introducing initrd you introduce a whole new set of required processes.12:12
Rotwangit depends on how do you see simple12:13
ThePubconsidering the package files themselves are just compressed tar archives, I think of simple as in "lever vs pully"12:14
ThePubwheel vs track12:14
ThePub(that's a more apt comparison)12:14
RotwangThePub: "simple" doesn't mean "no room for improvement"12:15
ThePubwell true, that's why we have rubber tires with air, vs wooden rollers.12:16
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ThePubudev + modules accomplishes alot12:16
ThePubinitrd itself is only useful during the boot phase12:17
ThePubso build in what you *need* use the other automatic processes already provided to improve your system with modules.  isn't that what you're after anyways?12:17
Rotwangyes, thats how you make stock kernel12:17
Rotwangwe make one for the iso anyway12:18
ThePubpersonally I've been pondering a little about automatic kernel configuration.  there are hw databases online, why couldn't they be attached to the build process?12:19
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ThePubis there a good way to install gems?13:22
entegem install? :>13:22
ThePubdoesn't seem to install into a prefix like python eggs will and trying to write a port.13:25
ThePubsee an email from 2008 that says basically, "let them be on their own"13:26
frinnstjapan is awesome13:56
ThePubsetting GEM_HOME to $PKG/usr/lib/ruby/gems/`pkginfo -l ruby | awk -F"/" '/ruby\/gems\/[0-9.]+\/$/ { print $5 }'`/ seems to work.14:04
* Rotwang is unemployed once again \:D/14:45
Rotwangfeels fantastic14:45
Rotwangthrice`: I'm in the changing jobs process14:46
Rotwangso I'm unemployed until tomorrow14:46
Rotwangbut at the moment I'm enjoying short time being unemployed14:47
thrice`ah, nice :)14:51
Rotwanggoing to work for tieto14:52
Rotwangany opinios about them?14:53
Rotwangnorthern folks should know something about tieto I guess14:53
treachanother business with no real identity, with faceless and easily replaced workers. (afair)14:56
treachthey used to be pretty big, but I can't say I've really seen anything about them lately.14:57
Rotwangtreach: they are working with nokia15:00
treachI guess they work with everyone.15:00
treachI guess you better learn loving microsoft if you're going to work for them. :>15:01
Rotwangyeah, but mostly with nokia-siemens, at least here15:01
Rotwangtreach: nooooo ;O15:01
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treachWelcome to the north, home of the people who thinks the computer stops working if it doesn't say "Windows" when it boots.15:03
Rotwangin here the situation is similar15:05
Rotwangwindows only true os, companies are using linux just because it is free15:06
Rotwangas in beer15:06
treachI have no knowledge of how things are abroad, but in this country the microsoft entrenchment is fantastic. Plenty of people both in power and elsewhere who religiously follow microsoft, and with equal zeal will try to strike down any percieved "threat". The castration angst is sad to see.15:08
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RotwangI think people are slowly coming to realisation that windows is not the only OS out there15:22
* treach thinks that's an optimistic view, but doesn't have the energy to argue as it's pointless.15:23
treachThe more non-cruxers from over here you'll meet, and so called "IT-professionals", the more futile you'll realize it is.15:24
prologicmy god15:52
prologicbind is such a rip-off of Google15:52
prologicit sickens me15:52
enteISC BIND :P16:00
treachok, this has to be the most stupid thing today.. ->
jaegerwow, that's pretty ridiculous16:02
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jseHahah pointy boots.16:22
jseWhat will they think of next!16:22
entethe systemd of shoes :P16:24
treachI'd venture those shoes have something systemd doesn't; A point.16:29
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entewhy does it make me think of the word "shoe-horned"? :P18:04
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andariussalutations and waffles21:21
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