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entewaffles and even more waffles00:14
tilmanwaffles and whipped cream00:30
tilmanwith cinnamon00:30
tilmanand fruit salad00:30
tilman(try to improve on that, bitch!)00:30
pitillogood morning00:53
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cptnhey there05:54
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Romsteromg cptn hi ltns06:57
teK_hello cptn, SIR06:58
Romsteryou don't visit very often anymore do you. <_< i guess real life has taken over your IRC addiction.06:58
cptnhey guys :)06:58
cptnRomster: long time indeed06:58
cptnwell, as a matter of fact I'm on IRC most of the time06:59
cptnjust in a work related channel06:59
cptnold habits die hard ;-)06:59
Romsteri think nearly everyone is asleep still in here. or afk.07:00
teK_learning for an exam (taking place in about 2hours) :>07:01
Romsteri'm helping out more in lvm these days, and the occasional port update. other than work at a computer shop.07:01
cptnteK_: what's the subject?07:01
cptnRomster: indeed... it's 10pm where you are, right?07:03
cptnteK_: piece of cake :)07:03
teK_I strongly dislike c++'s syntax :>07:03
cptnteK_: so what's the difference between a struct and a class again? lol07:03
teK_I prepare for faaaaar to hard questions, I guess.07:03
cptnwill it include C++0x?07:04
teK_it's a beginner's course07:05
Romstercptn, yep07:05
teK_I knew C before but c++ was completely new to me07:05
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Rotwangany dell e5410 owners?16:01
jaegernot I16:15
Rotwangfirst day at work and I already messed something up16:18
Rotwangdamn, I hate windows16:18
Rotwanganyway I'm going to sleep16:22
jaegerRotwang: what did you do? =(16:25
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prologicCalifornia assembly approves Internet Tax17:18
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andariussalutations and waffles19:27
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prologicIs there a way to extract a squashfs file system into a directory ? not a physical device ?22:04
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jaegerunsquashfs ?22:12
jaegeryou could also mount it on a loopback device22:14
prologicyeah sorry22:15
prologicI misunderstood the tool22:15
prologicI ended up figiurnig it out22:15
prologicand extracting the crux cd fs into some path22:15
prologicthen chrooting into it22:15
prologicsomething went wrong though22:16
prologicI'm trying to install CRUX on a RackSpace Cloud Server22:17
prologicbotted into rescue mode atm22:17
jaegerWhat's going wrong?22:26
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prologicnah got it installed ok22:29
prologicbut now I can't compile the kernel22:29
prologicI haven't a clue what the chipsets, controllers, etc are22:29
prologiclspci fails because there is no /proc/bus22:29
prologicso I'm a bit stuck atm22:29
prologicI assume RS Cloud runs Xen citrix22:29
prologicso no idea what kernel options are needed for that22:29
prologicseeing what the support guys have to say22:30
jaegerI've been kinda thinking of moving my VPS to rackspace cloud, might be slightly cheaper22:38
jaegerall it does is backup DNS and email for me, doesn't use a lot of CPU time22:38
prologicdo you run CRUX on that ?22:39
jaegernot at the moment, though I'm sure I could if I felt motivated to install it22:39
jaegerit's on linode22:39
prologicahh k22:39
prologicI've had VPS servers on linode running CRUX before22:39
prologichopefully with any luck I'll get thse guys to create a CRUX image22:43
prologichaha :)22:43
prologicI mean how hard could it be22:43
jaegercan't hurt to try22:43
prologicmost cloud provdiers run Xen infrastruture22:43
prologicsee I'm 99.99% sure we don't care if they don't support users of instance running CRUX22:44
prologicas long as we can install it22:44
prologicright ? :)22:44
prologicI mean let's face it22:44
prologicCRUX isn't really the kind of distro that any tom dick or harry can comfortably use :)22:44
prologicno offense anyone if you're Tom, Dick or Harry! :)22:44
prologicpracticing my corny Dad jokes :)22:45
jaegercarry on, then, hehe22:45
prologicall i got today!22:45
prologicit's amazing though22:45
prologicArch LInux is one of their supported distros on RS Cloud22:46
prologiccan you believe ? :)22:46
prologicthose nice fellas that keep stealing CRUX core ideas :)22:46
prologicamazing how popular a distro becomes almost overnight22:46
prologicI remembers 6 years ago when Arch wasn't really even heard of22:46
prologicback in the CRUX 2.0 days22:46
prologicWhen Per Liden was still around22:47
prologicand we were still using CVS22:47
prologicand Ubuntu was nowhere on the scene22:47
jaegerarch seems pretty nice from what I've seen, though I don't use it myself22:48
prologicoh it's all pretty nice until you start uncovering the hood :)22:48
prologicthey all have fancy graphical installers with fancy graphical tools that make users go ooooh aaaaaah22:48
prologicand do lots of magical things for you22:48
* prologic this coming from a guy that has an iPad :)22:49
prologicmaybe I should just shutup now :)22:49
jaegereveryone's got their preferences22:50
prologicdid you see the small demo by MS wrt Windows 8 ?22:50
prologicI was WOW ookay22:50
prologicjust copy Apple why don't you22:50
jaegernot yet22:51
jaegerI'll check it out tomorrow, I need to go to bed :)22:51
jaegerhave a good one22:51
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