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pitillogood morning00:54
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andariusmorning it is01:53
tilmanpublic holiyday \o/02:40
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: fpc: 2.4.2 -> 2.4.402:49
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enteprologic: guess why arch is popular and crux is not? ;)03:38
enteyes, holidays ftw \o/03:39
enteI just slept 10 hours03:39
pitilloRomster: thank you for the guide you added to the wiki about distributed builds. What do you think about adding some comments about directories creation in it?03:43
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Romsterpitillo, like what sort of comments? it's been ages since i've looked over that wiki article.04:03
pitilloRomster: comments about directories creation (/var/cache/ccache, /var/state) and owning them to the user configured in DISTCC_USER04:05
enteprologic: all my servers have native ipv6 already :P04:09
Romsterjust more secure since distcc runs on mutiple hosts. and you may not have control on the other hosts *shrugs*04:10
prologicente, because they have fancy gui crap :)04:35
prologicente, cool :)04:35
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pitilloRomster: ok :)04:48
entearch doesn't have GUI crap04:51
entethe installer is still curses afaik :P04:51
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jseGUI crap is mostly ubuntu and the other major distros.05:53
jseArch doesn't have 'em out of the box; not that they don't make it easy to get GUI crap, either. :P05:53
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: hedgewars: bump for fpc 2.4.408:02
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Rotwangjaeger: nothing serious10:45
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Rotwangchanging jobs is always a hard thing to do10:48
Rotwangand I will be hacking makefiles12:02
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teK_tilman: seems like zsh 4.3.11 was pulled from the servers (in favor of 4.3.12)14:30
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childintimehas anynody backup of enlightenment 16 ports?16:36
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prologicOK> So I have some bad news.17:09
prologicDon't even bother considering RackSpace Cloud services as a viable option for running any CRUX servers - at all17:09
prologicTheir infrastructure simply does not support other distributions or even hand compiling kernels for that matter17:10
prologicThey even admit their infrastructures limitations and are trying to fix it, but have no timeframe for this17:10
prologicAlso it's proably worth mentinoing that SliceHost was actually bought by RS17:15
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enteah, rackspace, sorry :p17:27
prologiclooks like I'll be migrating to a dedicated server with he.net17:34
prologicfairly cost effective, not too expensive, nice low power dual core Atom17:34
prologiclots of bandwidth and traffic17:35
jaegernobody who uses xen infrastructure supports custom kernels as far as I know but that sucks otherwise17:48
jaegerMy VPS is on linode; I'm happy with it17:54
entealso, I considered getting a rootserver from online.net17:54
ente(warning: french :P)17:54
jaegerthey offer a few kernel options to me but not customizable17:54
StythysI second linode17:57
Stythysthey're awesome17:57
Stythysalthough I'm with atm :P17:58
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prologicI third linode - when I was with them setting up CRUX was easy using the Rescue boot image18:03
prologicAnd wrt Xen, that's kinda stupid. The whole idea is to be able to virtualize any OS18:03
prologic(Not knowing much about the technical details) - I'm sure it's a configuration issue18:03
prologicI'll be happy with - they seem really flexible :)18:04
prologicFor any AU folks in here, I'll be working at soon18:05
prologicThey're data centers are freak'n awesome!18:05
entethey are data centers?18:06
prologicI meant Their*18:06
prologicforce of habit :)18:06
entehabit of force >:)18:06
prologicgot my home network setup with IPv6 yesterday :)18:08
enteI used to do that using aiccu18:08
prologicOh yeah I posted to the ml :)18:08
entevia a SiXXs tunnel18:08
prologicused to ?18:09
prologicwhy not anymore ?18:09
prologiccan't ?18:09
entenot worth the hassle ;)18:09
prologicwhat hassle ?18:09
prologicit took all of but a few mins to setup18:09
entesetting it up18:09
prologicwhat router do you use ?18:09
entenot worth these few minutes right now ;)18:09
enteand aiccu runs not in the router but in the PC18:10
prologicoh lord18:10
prologicsee now there's your problem :)18:10
prologicget a decent router :)18:10 :)18:10
enteI'm not the admin of this network18:10
prologicMy entire home network is on IPv6 now :)18:10
prologican RB750G is cheap :)18:11
entealso, doesn't work well with dynamic IPs, iirc18:11
prologicI have one on my desk18:11
prologicyes it does :)18:11
prologicI'm on ADSL1 with iiNet her ein AU - dynamic IPV4 address18:11
enteok :)18:11
prologicbut works great18:11
enteif I ever get to buy a router, it'll probably be a soekris18:14
prologicpersonal preference ? :)18:22
prologicI prefer RouterBoards running RouterOS18:22
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entebecause >:)18:26
entea dedicated machine for routing seems overkill18:26
prologicI disagree but anyway18:27
enteso it should be running some UNIX OS (probably NetBSD), which enables me to put stuff like git repos on it18:27
prologicchanged the root password to a crux vm via the cd and chrooting into it18:33
prologicand I still can't login to a console18:33
frinnstfredrik@nibbler:~$ uname -s -r -v19:19
frinnstLinux 3.0.0-rc1 #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Jun 3 02:15:43 CEST 201119:19
thrice`frinnst, any problems?19:23
entesoon we're going to have a Linux 3.1119:26
prologicoh ha ha19:29
entelooks nice19:39
entewhat a waste to put ubuntu on it :O19:39
prologicwaste ?19:47
prologicyou mean CRUX would be better :) ?19:47
enteyes ;)19:51
prologicgood man :)19:55
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andariussalutations and waffles21:28
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