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pitillogood morning00:56
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: glib: update to 2.28.800:57
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] fetchmail: update to 6.3.2000:59
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libevent: update to 2.0.1200:59
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: blackbox: fixed build against last xorg-libx1108:45
thrice`let blackbox die in peace ;)08:49
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enteisn't blackbox the "official" crux wm?09:30
jaegerCould crux be said to have an official wm?09:30
jaegeropenbox is on the ISO these days, anyway, is it not?09:30
entethe only wm that ships on the ISO09:30
enteah, openbox09:30
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Rotwangbeautiful weather outside12:09
Rotwangbut /me has to work!12:09
Rotwangpeople aren't made to sit in tiny cubicles during such a great weather!12:10
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entearbeit //:=|12:21
entearbeit macht frei12:21
thrice`mann muss arbeiten, oder keine Bier zu trinken?12:22
Rotwangja naturlich!12:22
thrice`sorry, mein deutsch is not so gut :)12:23
Rotwangmein either12:23
ente :)12:23
Rotwangente: yes we know12:24
entemein Deutsch ist ein bisschen besser als mein Englisch12:26
enteaber beides grottenschlecht, speziell im real-life12:26
enteam schlimmsten beim telefonieren12:26
thrice`ente, isn't your native land DE?12:27
enteI was born in DE by german parents, but my native land does not exist12:28
Rotwangis it czechoslovakia?12:28
enteI'm not human, so this country bullshit does not apply to me :D12:29
DaViruzente ist der ├╝bermensch12:31
enteeher der untermensch12:31
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laenente ente ente ente13:22
laenI'd say Yougoslavia, ente!13:22
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jaegerAnyone know why I'd get this about every 2 days with an ext4 fs?18:13
jaegerEXT4-fs (sdb1): error count: 318:13
jaegerEXT4-fs (sdb1): initial error at 1307120648: htree_dirblock_to_tree:586: inode 4882976: block 3672877018:13
jaegerEXT4-fs (sdb1): last error at 1307323091: htree_dirblock_to_tree:586: inode 19008304: block 7603684918:13
jaegerIf I unmount it and fsck it it repairs fine but it happens every couple days18:14
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Romsterjaeger, smartctl -t long21:47
Romsterif you paste the results of smartctl -a i'll look over it after work. i've got quite good at interpreting those.21:48
Romsterand figures go to download jdk 26 as i see windows has it but it's still on 25 for linux.21:49
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jaegersmart tools don't seem to work on my RAID controller, I would have tried that =/22:48
jaegeradding -d 3ware,N doesn't seem to work (or I can't figure out what N should be)22:50
jaegerit doesn't match up to the port number of the array as the man page suggests22:50
jaegerI'll play with that more tomorrow, too tired to figure out what I'm missing right now23:18

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