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pitillogood morning01:04
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Romsterjue, i think there is another problem with iptables 1.4.1103:49
Romsteriptables no longer access numerical ports03:49
Romsteriptables-restore v1.4.11: Port "53" does not resolve to anything.03:49
Romsterbest to definitely hold off.03:49
Romsterok that bug is confirmed in uclibc not iptables itself.04:29
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sudahi everyone, I need some help on installing crux05:03
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jueRomster: thanks, another reason to stick with 1.4.10 is related to iproute2 ->
Romsterjue, it turns out to be a uclibc bug.05:52
Romsteroh gawd definitely stay clear of it05:53
Romsterthis has to be the first major breakage i'm aware of. wonder if iproute2 has this fixed in there CMS. but i wont worry to look now, will hang off for the next release.06:00
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] jre: update to 1.6.0_2606:50
Romsteryeah i'm downloading jdk i tried at lunch time but it wasn't out yet07:36
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jaegerah ha. smartctl -d 3ware,0 -t long /dev/twe008:29
Romsterthat's one to put into http://www.commandlinefu.com08:31
jaegereven though the controller shows up as controller 8 (c8) in the tw_cli shell, it's twe0 in terms of /dev devices08:39
jaegerI'm starting to wonder if the problem is the computer itself, though. had some lockup problems last night again08:40
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] jdk: update to 1.6.0_2608:58
slashbeastis there any deamon what will wait for a process and if spawned then do 'something'?09:41
slashbeastI really would like not fork pgrep/ps every 1s.09:42
pitilloslashbeast: at ?10:09
slashbeastdoes not look like solution10:10
pitillosorry then :)10:11
slashbeastno prob10:11
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Romsterjue, iptables- is out17:56
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andariussalutations and waffles19:46
prologicI'm getting coffee!19:51
prologicgod freak'n damnit20:00
prologicI haven't a clue how to make coffee :/20:01
andariusthat will surely complicate things ;)20:01
prologicguess I'll try again when the stainless steel jug has been washed20:01
prologicsee we have a nice coffee machine - manual driven20:01
prologicI thought I could make the coffee bit and just pour cold milk in afterward20:01
prologicbut no :)20:01
prologicsill yme20:01
prologicsilly me*20:02
prologichaven't learned to steam milk properly yet!20:02
andariusWhy would one steam milk?20:05
prologicyou know the little spout thing that heats up your milk20:11
andariusI have never heated milk, ever :(20:20
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