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pitillogood morning00:58
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sepenI got an error with new udev 17102:08
sepenudevd[25176]: error: runtime directory '/run/udev' not writable, for now falling back to '/dev/.udev'02:08
sepenwhats the status about?02:11
frinnstthats been for a few versions now02:11
frinnstits more a warning than a fatal error02:11
teK_they are imposing shit on users just like systemd :->02:12
sepenjust I doubt when my xorg config failed to detect one of my two monitors02:12
sepenno idea about for what failed02:12
sepenand udev was one of my candidates ;D02:12
frinnsthm, does udev really play a part in detecting monitors?02:13
sepenI think xorg switched to udev detection02:13
frinnstyeah, but isnt that the gfx-drivers job?02:14
sepenhmm really? no idea ;D02:14
sepenjust I lost my dual config setup after reboot02:15
frinnstwhat does xrandr say?02:15
sepenxrandr only output 1 monitor02:16
frinnstand only says one monitor is connected?02:17
sepenthe fact is that with no X session I have the two monitors working from console02:18
frinnstoh, thats strange02:19
frinnstif one screen was turned off when X started, it would act like this02:19
frinnstbut if both were on during startup then something is probably borked02:20
frinnstand nothing in xorg.log ?02:20
sepen>> Unhandled monitor type 002:20
frinnsti forget the command, but xrandr --output DVI-0 --auto doesnt fix it?02:20
frinnstwhat driver are you using?02:21
sepenxf86 ati02:21
sepenits just strange, the only changed here since the last time was working fine is the udev package02:22
frinnsti dont think that should play a part though02:22
sepenyeah but can't figure what should be02:24
frinnstomggggggg, slowass virtual disk, is it normal to take 16 minutes to move a dvd-image in a virtual xp? :)02:25
frinnstrecursive vm's are fun02:33
prologicdepends on the host disk and fs I guess :)02:35
prologicbetter to use a large SAN with fast read/write caches02:35
frinnststill, its two 10k sas-drives with not much other i/o load on them02:38
frinnstshould be faster :)02:38
prologic10k RPM SAS drives are fast ?02:40
prologicfaster than what ? :)02:40
frinnstit shouldnt take 16 minutes to move ~5gb :)02:40
prologic5.6MB/s averaging there02:41
prologicI guess that's pertty slow read/write speeds02:41
sepenfrinnst: finally DVI-0 appears connected with that: $ xrandr --output DVI-0 --set load_detection 102:42
sepennow I should add all modes manually02:42
sepenyeahhh working again :D02:45
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Romster"for now falling back to '/dev/.udev'" that has me worried that it will need a '/run/udev' later on.05:10
teK_I created it (without success)05:11
Romsterprologic> 5.6MB/s averaging there <- thats slow i get over 60 easily on sata205:13
Romsterso who's up for forking udev :D05:13
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Romstereven back in 2005 udev has been debated on some things never change. now it's jsut shifted to this systemd.06:58
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rauzhi how can i rebuild all pkgs in xorg ?09:50
teK_cd /usr/ports/xorg; for i in *; do prt-get update -fr "$i";done09:51
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rauzthx teK_09:51
thrice`or prt-get quickdep xorg, and pipe that through prt-get update -fr09:52
Romsterprt-get update -fr $(prt-get quickdep xorg) xorg-xf86-input-evdev09:52
Romsterfor good measure else if you don't rebuild xorg-xf86-input-evdev after you get no keyboard or mouse.09:52
sepen /win 509:52
sepenoops sorry09:53
rauzprt-get update -fr `prt-get quickdep xorg`09:54
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thrice`rauz, no, wrong terminal.  try that one  -->10:19
tilmanxorg update attempt detected10:20
rauzthrice`:  :D10:25
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rauzmh.. i rebuild xorg-xf86-input-evdev but mouse or keyboard won't work11:00
rauzdoesn't work11:02
pitillorauz: do you have evdev support in the kernel?11:07
tilmanwhat does your xog.conf look like?11:19
teK_rauz: I have had that problem, too11:27
teK_for my desktop box11:28
teK_Laptop config follows (that one was tricky...)11:28
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rauzthis pc has a nvidia card should i install the nvidia driver11:41
teK_nouveau sucks11:41
rauzi install the nvidia driver from ports11:41
rauzno luck today :
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jaegerrauz: never seen that one before, did the README say what causes it?12:48
teK_ is my laptopconfig.12:49
rauzjaeger: not realy13:07
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rauzwhen i remove the /etc/X11/xorg.conf my fvwm starts but mouse nor keybord does work13:54
teK_habe you tried one of my two configs?13:54
teK_or both.13:54
rauzthe firstone13:55
rauzwith this config  i got the nvidia error13:55
teK_"of course" it continas the wrong PCI ID13:56
teK_you'd have to adjust that I guess13:56
rauzi adjust it of course13:56
teK_oh ok13:56
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