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pitillogood morning00:49
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Romsteron crux how do i not have these lines? "last message repeated X times" for parsing pourposes. looking around rsyslog has the optin -c but this does not.03:09
Romsteri haven't updated it in some time.03:09
Romsterapparently -cc works on syslogd in BSD but not in Linux.03:13
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teK_do you want them or don't you want them?03:21
teK_syslog-ng has a setting for this03:21
slashbeastsame as metalog03:31
Romsteri don't want them masked or i'll have more fun making a regex to match it then i'd have to modify the code to look at the number of events.04:04
Romsterso it's far easier to remove the darn compression04:04
Romsterbut there seems to be no option and i don't fancy changing syslogs on that particular machine as everything else works perfectly.04:05
Romsterbut looks like i got no choice04:05
Romsterto use with fail2ban04:05
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ramuis this crux IRC?09:10
thrice`I think so09:11
ramui tried to install09:11
ramucrux in  my pc09:11
ramui eneded up with errors09:11
ramu1.kernel panic unknown block(0,0)09:12
thrice`90% of the time, that means the kernel is missing support for either your filesystem (ext4 or whatever you chose), or the controller for your harddrive09:13
ramumy hardisk is SATA09:13
ramu+ Kernel panic - not syncing : VFS : unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(8-1)09:14
ramu+pid: 1, comm:swapper not tainted #209:14
ramuthere are errors09:14
ramui selected all file systems while compiling new kernel09:15
ramui used reiserfs09:15
ramui dont know why this error came again?09:15
thrice`those need to be in the kernel ( * ), not module, too09:15
ramui made it *09:15
ramui see there are ext3,ext4,reiserfs etcc..09:16
ramui made * on all available fs!09:16
thrice`you are sure you have your SATA stuff in too?09:16
ramuwhen i used fdisk it shows sda1,sda209:17
ramuso, i assumed it as SATA09:17
thrice`yeah, I mean, the SATA controller for your computer or laptop, you have that enabled correctly in the config too?09:17
ramui enabled them09:18
thrice`hum, ok :(09:18
ramui made * on device mappers09:18
ramuand almost all09:18
ramui know09:18
ramubut still same problem09:18
thrice`not sure, then.  I think it's missing support in the kernel, but it's tough to know without seeing some lspci + your config09:20
thrice`it could be lilo.conf that is incorrect too, but usually it's the kernel when the partition cannot be mounted09:21
ramui didnt configured lilo.conf09:21
ramui used grub insted09:21
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ramucan anyone tell me09:36
ramuwhat is the directory09:36
ramuto mount our crux partition09:36
ramuis it /mnt or /mnt/sda109:36
ramusecond one doesnt work?09:37
ramuif /mnt is my directory09:37
ramuhow should my fstab file look like?09:38
ramuis it /dev/sda / reiserfs default  1 109:38
ramu/dev/sda /mnt reiserfs default 1 109:38
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ramuramu> hi10:20
ramu<ramu> can anyone tell me10:20
ramu<ramu> what is the directory10:20
ramu<ramu> to mount our crux partition10:20
ramu<ramu> is it /mnt or /mnt/sda110:20
ramu<ramu> ??10:20
ramu<ramu> second one doesnt work?10:20
ramu<ramu> if /mnt is my directory10:20
ramu<ramu> how should my fstab file look like?10:20
ramu<ramu> is it /dev/sda / reiserfs default  1 110:20
ramu<ramu> or10:21
ramu<ramu> /dev/sda /mnt reiserfs default 1 110:21
thrice`well, what do you think?10:21
thrice`do you think your root partition should be mounted to /mnt when the init scripts load?10:21
ramuif my root partition is mounted to /mnt10:24
thrice`during the installation, you mount it to /mnt  just for accessing it.  while booting the live system, of course, this doesn't make sense :)10:25
thrice`btw, no need to spam your question several times10:25
ramuim new to linux, and my professor assigned a task on installing crux and freeBSD10:27
ramudual boot10:27
ramusadly, crux is meant for experience users10:28
teK_which professor? <310:29
thrice`actually, the kernel configuration was/is the hardest part for me10:30
ramuyes, for us too10:30
ramuevverything went fine untill there10:30
teK_what's his name10:31
ramusry, i cant say10:31
ramudont mind10:31
thrice`maybe jue is a professor some place, and noone knows :-)10:31
teK_sry,  i cant help10:32
thrice`if you can pastebin lspci -vv, and your .config file some place, maybe it will be easier to see if anything is missing10:33
ramuits in command line format10:34
ramulet me boot it via some live CD10:34
ramuand get some information10:34
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* deus_ex has a netbook now :)13:38
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deus_exnow, when my folks skype, I can get some work done ;)13:39
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Romsterdeus_ex, jsut get one of them USB wireless phones for skyping <_<21:56

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