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pitillogood morning01:17
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juetilman: it's only imap resp. pop3, works with the ssl-enabled services imaps and pop3s as well04:28
juetilman: dunno how to split them, probably by using the service-ports instead of the names?04:29
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tilmanjue: ahaaa, trying it now04:36
tilmanjue: 'imap' it is indeed. thanks! :)04:36
tilmanjue: not sure if i understand your latter question. you mean how to find out what names to use in hosts.{allow,deny}?04:37
tilmanjue: it's not the service names as listed in /etc/services anyway (e.g. you need to use 'sshd' in hosts.allow)04:38
jueno, I mean how to use different rules for e.g. imap and imaps04:38
tilmanah :)04:39
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: python: update to 2.7.204:58
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headshrinkerhello everyone05:08
headshrinkeri have a problem with getting xorg to detect devices on crux05:08
headshrinkeri am sure i have all kernel device support included, "i used config file to compile kernel from debian's generic configuration"05:09
headshrinkeri run xorg on the same PC on debian, and works well with nvidia driver and also vesa05:09
headshrinkerbut for some reason cant get it to work on Crux05:10
tilmanyou're talking about the proprietary nvidia driver, right?05:10
tilmannot about the free 'nv' driver or nouveau?05:10
headshrinkeryes and it works fine on my debian05:10
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: module-init-tools: update to 3.1605:10
headshrinkeryes the proprietary driver05:11
headshrinkerbut i know the nv also would work on debian,05:11
tilmanheadshrinker: haven't run that in ages, but iirc you should disable all nvidia graphics related stuff in your kernel config05:11
tilmanit _might_ interfere with the prop. driver05:11
tilmanmaybe someone else can give better hints05:11
headshrinkeri did compiled like 10 times, and yes disabled nvidia drivers in kernel, and now i try to just get it to work on vesa05:12
pitilloheadshrinker: but for devices, what do you meant exactly? (video driver or input/output devices?05:12
headshrinkervideo drivers except vesa and vga support "at compile time"05:12
headshrinkeri used same kernel configuration of debian, so i think its not a kernel problem05:13
headshrinkeryou think can be there any dependency i miss?05:13
headshrinkeri just run the xorg which is included on Crux cd05:14
tilmanwhat exactly is problem?05:14
tilmanany error messages?05:14
headshrinker 661.157] (--) using VT number 705:14
headshrinker[   661.159] (WW) Falling back to old probe method for vesa05:14
headshrinker[   661.159] (EE) No devices detected.05:14
headshrinker[   661.159]05:14
headshrinkerFatal server error:05:14
headshrinker[   661.159] no screens found05:14
headshrinkerthats from the xorg log05:14
headshrinkerlast lines05:14
tilmangrep xorg.conf nvidia05:15
tilmanyou need to put "Driver nvidia" in the device section i think05:15
headshrinkerX -configure also fails to detect devices "though it lists all drivers available"05:15
jueheadshrinker: I'd suggest to use a xorg.conf produced with nvidia-xconfig05:15
pitilloheadshrinker: using the nvidia property driver, did you read the README provided in the port?05:15
tilmanmight as well disable vesa -- its basically unusable anyway :p05:15
headshrinkeri did05:15
headshrinkeryes i agree abt vesa, but since it cant detect devices though drivers are there i think its not problem of certain driver05:16
headshrinkerif i got to run it with vesa i am sure it will run with nvidia driver :)05:16
headshrinkerdo i need d-bus to be configured certain way?05:16
headshrinkeri thought xorg 1.9 doesnt need d-bus05:17
headshrinkeryes :)05:17
Romsterdidn't 1.9 remove hal but d-bus was/is optional05:18
headshrinkerso by default xorg is configured to use d-bus?05:18
Romsterheadshrinker, my nvidia works perfectly ok here.05:18
tilmanxorg no longer uses dbus/hal05:19
headshrinkermine is AGP MX4000 legacy05:19
tilmanit uses udev for device detection/hotplugging05:19
Romsteryou probably need a older nvidia driver that supports your card05:19
headshrinkeryes i thought so about udev :)05:19
Romsteri'm on GTS250's05:19
headshrinkeri got the right driver :) its the one i use also with debian05:19
Romsteri stoped supporting those ages ago and they wont work on recent xorg anymore.05:20
headshrinkeranyways i am sorry to confuse you guys :)05:20
headshrinkeryes but it should work at least with vesa05:20
Romsterwitht he obsolste nvidia driver i think xorg 1.6 was the last xorg ti 'll work on.05:20
headshrinkernow i see i guess :)05:21
headshrinkercan i get that with Crux's ports?05:21
Romsterperhaps if you checkout the crux 2.6 xorg repo05:21
Romsternot sure what version that was on with xorg.05:21
Romsterbut it should be close.05:22
headshrinkeri checked my debian it uses xorg 1.705:22
Romsterit's easier to get a newer AGP card like a 6800gt05:22
headshrinkerso it should work :)05:22
Romsterhmm 1.7 i guess but i think that required patches and debian backports patches.05:22
headshrinkerwell i planned to use NetBSD's pkgsrc on Crux so i'll try to get the xorg 1.7 through it05:23
Romsterhah i looked at pkgsrc ages ago good luck with that.05:23
headshrinkerthanks alot :)05:23
headshrinkersorry to bother you05:23
headshrinkerthanks for being patient :)05:23
Romsteri gave up pretty quickly on pkgsrc.05:23
headshrinkerlol why? :)05:23
Romsternah it's fine.05:23
headshrinkeri actually use NetBSD so i am familiar with it :)05:24
Romsterall the makefiles include this and that i got lost following it. i was looking around how they built gnome. but i failed/gave up.05:24
Romsterplus i am not familiar with it05:24
headshrinkerdid you try openpkg ?05:25
Romsterwell you should have more luck. nope i have not.05:25
Romsteris that the openbsd vs the freebsd?05:25
headshrinkeri plan to take a look once i have the time, itis supposed to be portable as well "as pkgsrc"05:25
Romsteri really know nothing about BSD.05:25
headshrinkerthats fine :), openpkg is an independent project, they say it should run on most unix's05:26
Romsteroh i should look into that.05:26
headshrinkerincluding linux, BSD, i never tried but i need a package system that i can use on different flavors, that would make things much easier :)05:26
Romsteri do my fair share of tinkering with my system that it's not exactly as crux devs intended it to be.05:27
Romsterwell afaik pkgmk can be portable?05:27
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Romsterit's jsut a bash shell script for pkgmk, only the rest is in C++05:27
headshrinkeroh never tried that05:28
headshrinkeri should take a look :)05:28
RomsterIIRC Han made a all shell version that does not depend on bash too.05:28
Romsterhe used to be a contrib member05:29
headshrinkeryes, actually i like much Crux so far05:29
Romsterbit of a hot head ego maniac though05:29
headshrinkerthats why i want to replace debian with it05:30
Romstercrux is nearly LFS with a package manager.05:30
headshrinkervery clean rc scripts05:30
headshrinkerexactly, but best is the init system :)05:30
headshrinkerit gets the best of BSD style :)05:30
Romsteri riped my init out and using runit but i must agree, crux's rc system is clean too.05:31
headshrinkerrunit is BSD like?05:31
Romsterbest part is you can alter what ever you like.05:31
Romsternot certain it's it's own style.05:31
headshrinkeri should take a look on that also :)05:32
Romsterpretty straight forward once setup it's not part of crux but i have it packaged if you care to hack at your system. though systemd is looked to take over the world :/05:32
headshrinkerit uses asynchronous arch to load daemons?05:34
Romsterall done in parallel05:34
Romsterbut others would say a few seconds saved isn't worth the effort to replace sysvinit.05:35
Romsterbut it has a watchdog daemon too.05:35
Romsterthough systemd looks to take over due to the same guy being in udev and systemd, but i think that fellow is a nut case.05:35
headshrinkerwell, i have much believe in asynchrous init programs, i know still we need to wait until they develop enough05:36
Romsterlennar_t  but not the lennar_t  that's in this channel that shares the same nick as his first name.05:36
Romsteryes he got quite annoyed at false highlights.05:37
headshrinkerwell i have problem with IRC i am not much into it actually05:37
headshrinkeri even use opera's client lol05:37
Romsteri'm a irc addict :D05:37
headshrinkershameful i know05:38
Romsterwell it could be worse using pidgin's irc client.05:38
headshrinkerdidnt try but i agree it could be05:38
Romsteri'm on xchat as ugly as it is it's reliable.05:38
headshrinkerthats a textmode right?05:39
headshrinkeror a gtk one?05:39
headshrinkeryes i should try this :)05:40
Romsterbeen meaning to try a split daemon + cli/gtk client.05:40
headshrinkerthough i am not into scripting and stuff05:40
headshrinkerbut i liked the idea of filesharing over IRC lol05:41
Romsteri used to script back inmy windows days on mirc but not anymore. i mess in linux stuff shell pyhton etc.05:41
Romsterxdcc was such a long time ago before bittorrent took over05:41
headshrinkernice , i script in perl05:41
Romsterthough you probably can still find hidden xdcc stuff.05:41
headshrinkeryes i had a friend who used to be crazy about xdcc05:42
headshrinkerand before peer to peer stuff05:42
Romsterback wehn napster was new and winmx05:42
headshrinkerexactly hahaha05:43
Romsterthose were the days lol05:43
headshrinkerpoor napster got busted by metalica hahaha05:43
headshrinkerbeing a first is not always nice05:43
headshrinkeranyways i am so glad i talked with you, i am sure i'll hang around here again sometime :)05:44
headshrinkeri am Adel, i am 27 in Cairo, Egypt05:44
Romsternp you'll find everyone here is friendly.05:44
prologicyup :)05:44
prologiceven me :)05:44
Romster33 australia05:44
headshrinkernice :)05:44
Romstereven prologic that's in australia too05:45
prologic29 AU :)05:45
headshrinkerlol nice05:45
Romstergeez prologic i thought your a bit older than that05:45
headshrinkerits getting winter in australia now?05:45
prologicwon't wish my years away :)05:45
Romsterit's winter now i'm waiting for spring.05:45
headshrinkerawesome here its getting hot and its not nice at all lol05:45
headshrinkeranyways, see you later guys :)05:45
headshrinkerthanks alot05:46
headshrinkerbah bye05:46
Romsterdefine hot i'm used to 38C weather05:46
prologicI wanna get a CoreExpress Ec02 :)05:46
ente18 DE :P05:46
headshrinkeryes around mid 30s now and will go hotter on some days to hit 40 and more05:46
entenow what? :P05:46
headshrinkerbah bye :)05:46
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Romster30 is tolerable 38 is getting a bit too hot for my liking 42 is roasting.05:47
ente38 is maximum we have here05:49
enteI like it cold05:49
Romsterrare to get to 42 down on the coast but inland that's easy05:49
ente< 30 preferred05:49
Romsteryeah > 17 < 30 preferred05:50
enteI can live with anything > -20 < 3005:50
Romster-20 you can have that.05:51
entewe had -16 last winter iirc05:51
Romsteri can handle down to -3 but i don't like it one bit.05:51
Romsteryour used to it in your climate05:51
enteyeah, I guess so05:51
Romsteri feel the cold more than the heat.05:52
entemaybe 30 is enjoyable if you like swimming05:52
enteI pretend not having the time to swim though05:52
enteand I don't like the public swimming pools05:52
Romsterprologic, that's pretty neat.05:53
Romsteri live on a beach and i rarely go in the water. even on a stinking hot day05:54
enteprologic: Hi,05:54
enteI am looking for a java version that is able to run on the bifferboard…. But I have not find anything yet…05:54
Romsterjust sin't a water person05:54
Romsterheh i read that in the comment.05:54
prologicsurely there's a JRE OS ?05:55
enteHi. I'm looking for a java version for my intel 4004 that's not completely slow. can someone help out?05:55
prologicor just get DSL on it with JRE05:55
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Romsterprologic, i found a neat python program and i've packaged it and i'm trying to learn how to use it :) just thought you might be interested in this yourself
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cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: xfce4-sensors-plugin: updated to 1.2.310:55
cruxbot[xfce.git/2.7]: exo: updated to 0.6.210:55
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frinnstawesomeness, second drive to fail within a month12:17
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: p5-net-dns: update footprint for perl 5.1212:48
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: spamassassin: update footprint for perl 5.1212:48
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: p5-digest-sha1: update footprint for perl 5.1213:11
tilmanteK_: <313:15
teK_i will take care of zsh tonight..13:20
frinnstno, spinning wd13:47
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: lftp: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: lua: updated to
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teK_valgrind won't compile with linux-3.016:22
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Romsterfrinnst what model WD is it?21:30

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