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pitillogood morning01:02
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frinnstModel=WDC WD5000AAKS-00TMA0, FwRev=12.01C01, SerialNo=WD-WCAPW136320303:52
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headshrinkerhello again guys06:53
headshrinkerhi Romster, glad you are around :)06:54
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Romsterwell i was out at table tennis...07:25
headshrinkerlol cool07:25
headshrinkerreally i find this channel better than others i joined on freenode lol07:26
Romsterfrinnst, ah k older 500GB models. i've been seeing the 1TB greeds EARS saying ther 32MiB for some strange reason. hit 4 of those at work so far over a period of 8 months.07:26
Romsteroh there is others too that i'm in.07:27
Romsterdepends what your interested in really.07:27
headshrinkerwell just if you remember last time i came here and talked about my issue with xorg, other channels are not as friendly07:28
headshrinkerthey are like always ready to attack07:28
frinnstanyone got any tips on good and cheap raid-cards that does raid5?07:29
frinnstim tired of busted drives :)07:29
headshrinkeranyways, is there some discussion here going :)07:29
Romsternope not really07:30
Romsterfrinnst, ask in #linux-raid07:30
headshrinkeri have a friend he works for teradata, i guess he might find stuff like that07:30
Romsteri'm only using software raid107:31
Romsterbut others should have a recommendation07:31
Romstermight take some time for a reply tho07:31
headshrinkerRomster you 'r a gentle man07:32
headshrinkerlol no one is all the time07:32
headshrinkerRomster runit can replace BSD init :D awesome07:42
headshrinkerguess i'll give it a try on NetBSD07:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: lmms: updated to 0.4.1107:46
headshrinkeroh btw i am still stuck with xorg's "no devices to configure" lol i installed xorg 1.6 through pkgsrc and same results :)07:47
headshrinkeri decided to remove it and start all over lol and see if i miss something :)07:49
headshrinkeranyways see you later guys takecare07:49
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frinnstim boooooooored08:02
frinnstfucking redhat verification process08:02
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teK_Military Medical Acadamy  is using crux? awesum!08:21
jaegerfrinnst: good and cheap aren't really going to go together for RAID08:23
jaegerfrinnst: with that said I have 2 3ware cards at home that I've been really happy with08:23
teK_tilman: getting valgrind to work is a sed-online (or you may include the diff in the valgrind.patch file)08:25
teK_  sed -i 's/2\.6\.\*/2.6.*|3.*/g' configure08:25
teK_will do the trick08:25
frinnstjaeger: yeah i figure08:25
jaeger <-- this is the newer of the two08:26
jaeger <-- perhaps more useful08:28
frinnstno, because newegg gave me an idea of the price :D08:28
* frinnst is broke08:29
jaegerWell, if you want cheap reliability, software RAID isn't bad08:29
frinnstyeah i guess thats my lot in life at the moment08:29
frinnstbut i like to do things proper :)08:29
jaegerI've used both mdadm in linux and the onboard intel/adaptec crappy softraid on my windows machine with decent results08:30
jaegerFair enough, though proper often gets faced off against cost :)08:30
frinnstjust ordered 3 2tb drives08:43
frinnstmdadm here i come08:43
frinnstteK_: where did you hear that?09:03
teK_where did I hear what?09:06
teK_wrt valgrind?09:06
teK_first hand, configure WILL abort with linux 3.0.0-rc1 installed09:06
frinnstno, tat military thing09:06
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frinnstah :)09:06
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teK_am I doing something wrong if I encounter the following:09:31
teK_I'd like to test my udp client+server code. I'm sending 240k packets via lo from the client to the server09:31
teK_when it's finished the server tells me it only received 238k packets, i.e. 2000 were lost. Is this possible (even if I'm using UDP via localhost)?09:32
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horrorStruckhi #crux09:47
horrorStruckbsdtar won't extract mesa-7.10.3 -> "bsdtar: Error exit delayed from previous errors." any idea?09:49
horrorStruckworks as expected with anything else09:50
pitillohorrorStruck: is the md5 for that source right?09:51
horrorStruckand no error using tar09:51
horrorStruckpitillo: well, it's not in ports yet but i've checked the md5sum and it's correct09:52
horrorStrucksame issue whether i use the source as tar.gz or tar.bz210:01
pitilloyes, I saw that here too horrorStruck. I haven't any idea about10:02
horrorStruckat least i'm not alone.10:03
* horrorStruck feels better10:03
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: dbus: updated to 1.4.1211:39
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: dbus-glib: updated to 0.9411:39
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: dbus-python: updated to 0.8411:39
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: radeon-ucode: added support for new chips11:39
tilmanhorrorStruck: a guy reported this problem on the mesa dev mailing list11:47
tilmanhorrorStruck: looks like an arch packager :)11:48
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horrorStrucktilman: ah cross-distro, even better :P11:53
horrorStruckin the end, i untar'd it and recreated the archive. dumb but works.11:53
tilmani'll update the port when upstream fixed the tarball11:54
horrorStrucktilman: as we're talking ports, rxvt-unicode 9.11 is out :) a simple version bump is enough to get it built.12:02
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: arpon: 2.3 -> 2.612:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: skipfish: 1.91b -> 1.94b12:59
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teK_tilman: maybe we should make cruxbot report on the {core,opt,contrib}-x86_64 git repos, too?13:01
tilmanhorrorStruck: email me a patch (unified diff) please13:09
tilmanteK_: i _think_ sepen is running cruxbot these days, can you bring this up to him?13:10
teK_I even could configure it to do so ;)13:10
teK_but I will do :)13:11
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horrorStrucktilman: email sent. thanks13:31
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frinnsthas anybody setup a contrib-x86_64 repo yet?14:48
tilmanhorrorStruck: ty, will apply later tonight14:49
tilmanfrinnst: no, it's been on my todo list (lulz) for months14:49
tilmanfrinnst: please pester me every fn day about it14:49
tilman(i'm serious)14:50
jaegerare most people still uninterested in multilib?14:50
teK_jaeger: the only thing 'd be wine which I don't need that much14:52
frinnstjaeger: i dont have any use for it14:52
jaegerwine is the only reason I'd need it14:52
jaegerI wonder... would a pure64 distro and a 32-bit chroot with wine work, assuming the kernel were configured to be able to run both 32 and 64?14:53
teK_+ som pre-compiled shit like skype & Co14:53
teK_I tried that once but failed and stopped at some point14:53
frinnstjaeger: yeah14:54
frinnsti have a 32bit chroot for testing.. firefox ran fine from it atleast14:54
jaegerI'll have to give that some testing time14:54
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jaegerdoesn't seem overly complicated14:56
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jaegerAt some point I also want to convert my VPS from ubuntu to crux15:08
jaegerjust need to take the time to do it15:08
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prologicyou run a Linode box don't you ?15:45
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jaegeryeah. should be cake to boot up the rescue image and do it, I just haven't yet15:45
prologicI just got my dedicated server up and running yesterday - quite happy with it actually (for the price)15:45
prologicyeah it is really easy last time I did it15:46
prologicdon't go rackspace or slicehost (now rackspace) though15:46
prologicbe my first ipv6 crux server15:47
prologicshould be fun15:47
prologicprobably finish configuring it ont he weekend I think15:47
jaegerlinode has an option to enable ipv6 on mine but I haven't messed with it yet15:48
jseDoesn't make much sense turning ipv6 if you have no need for it.15:50
prologicthere is plenty of need for it15:50
prologicsorry but taht's awfully naive of you to say ihmo15:51
jseIn the grand scale of things, yeah.15:51
prologicI work for a data center that has native ipv6 support all around and a /3215:51
prologicso no, ipv6 is here to stay whether anyone likes it or not :)15:51
prologicipv4 is dead15:52
jseThat's a little different. Data centers usually are critical pieces. :P15:52
prologicso is my home :)15:52
jseA single vps you use for personal stuff is probebly a little less so. :P15:52
prologicand my 1 or 2 servers!15:52
prologicmatter of personal opinion but anyway :)15:52
jseMake sure you have backups :D15:53
prologicI gotta go to work :)15:53
prologicbackups ?15:53
prologicdude ipv6 really ain't that hard :)15:53
prologictakes all of but 5mins to setup15:53
prologicand it's enabled by default on all kernel configs unless you've deliberatly turned it off15:53
jseI didn't imply it was difficult.15:53
jseYeah, just get an ipv6 tunnel unless the isp provides native ipv6 connectivity. Problem solved. :P15:54
frinnstteK_: jdk \o/16:22
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: rxvt-unicode: updated to 9.11.16:55
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