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pitillogood morning01:00
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headshrinkerhello guys :)09:21
headshrinkeri am sorry i am still stuck with error running xorg on crux09:21
headshrinkeri'll send link to the log09:21
jaegerline 260 looks important09:26
jaegerwhat video card do you have?09:26
headshrinker01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV18 [GeForce4 MX 4000] (rev a4)09:27
headshrinkerits the legacy AGP MX400009:27
headshrinkeri have the driver for it from nvidia and tried nv and even vesa doesnt work09:28
headshrinkerwhile all these drivers work on debian "on same box"09:28
headshrinkeralso netbsd works fine with Xorg09:28
headshrinkeri mean on same machine09:28
headshrinkeryes #xorg guys didnt help09:29
jaegerSame error if you use the nvidia binary driver instead of nv?09:29
headshrinkereven when i just use vesa or vga09:29
jaegerDoes it also error out if you run X without any config file?09:29
headshrinkerwhen i do X -configure it goes "no devices to configure"09:30
headshrinkeri even used same kernel configuration from debian, to make sure i miss nothing in the kernel09:31
headshrinkerand also used same configuration to compile an identical kernel on debian and it still worked on debian, so its not kernel issue09:32
headshrinkeri dont have dbus or hal yet installed but i know xorg 1.9 doesnt need these09:32
jaegerNo idea there, sorry... haven't seen that before09:32
jaegerpaste the xorg config?09:32
headshrinkerok i have the one with nvidia driver09:33
jaegerThe log definitely doesn't show any probed devices... would have a line like this:09:33
jaeger[127658.241] (--) PCI:*(0:5:0:0) 10de:0659:10de:063a rev 161, Mem @ 0xf2000000/16777216, 0xe0000000/268435456, 0xf0000000/33554432, I/O @ 0x0000a000/128, BIOS @ 0x????????/524288                                                           │·09:33
headshrinkerexactly, no device resources is shown09:34
headshrinkeryou think thats dbus/HAL issue?09:37
jaegerI doubt it but don't know for sure as it's not something I've ever seen =/09:37
headshrinkeri just try to think of what dependency i ever need to make it work09:38
headshrinkeri also tried the modular xorg "within pkgsrc" and it didnt work, so its not Crux's xorg issue09:40
jaegerCould try rebuilding the video drivers but I don't know that that'll help09:43
jaegerAnything missing in 'prt-get depends xorg' ?09:43
Romsterlike i said last time, you need to use a older xorg ports treefor the older nvidia legacy driver.09:43
headshrinkerdidnt check i am not actually familiar with Crux's prt i planned to use pkgsrc09:43
headshrinkeryes i did the modular xorg is 1.609:44
headshrinkersame error09:44
Romsterbe eaiser to replace the video card...09:44
headshrinkeryes but how come vesa gives same error ?09:44
headshrinkeron xorg 1.6 and xorg 1.9 its the same09:44
Romsternot sure but i think i remember tilma_n saying vesa don't work too well?09:45
headshrinkeri'll check prt-get depends xorg :)09:45
Romsterprt-get deptree xorg09:45
headshrinkeryes but i want it to just work, i am sure if vesa worked then i can make it work with nvidia, its not drivers issue09:45
Romsterprt-get update -fr `revdep`09:45
Romsteras well and rejmerge09:45
headshrinkerok :)09:46
headshrinkeri'll try these09:46
headshrinkersee you later :)09:46
headshrinkerthanks guys :)09:46
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Romsterand it only works on a older kernel due to other changes...09:47
Romsteri can't recall what versions of each now though09:47
headshrinkeryou mean nvidia driver?09:47
Romsteryou need the legacy one that supports your card and then the recent kernel now wont work on it unless nvdia has fixed that.09:48
headshrinkeryes last time i checked nvidia fixed this issue :)09:48
Romsterit's been so long ago i can't recall all the details i dropped the old legacy stuff packages in contrib09:48
headshrinkerbut its no problem for me to run vesa i dont need fancy effects09:48
headshrinkerthank you Romster09:49
Romsterlook in contrib.git you could find them and then there is the gl-select program to switch form mesa3d and nvidiia that used to work with the legacy drivers but the later versions have that removed.09:49
headshrinkerthank you jaeger09:49
Romsterin all honesty too much effort to even bother with that old card.09:50
headshrinkerlol yes exactly, thats why i only want vesa support09:50
headshrinkerwhat makes me go crazy is that everything i installed i got xorg to work with09:50
Romsterah that might be doable then...09:50
headshrinkeri used to have slackware now i have debian and netbsd09:51
headshrinkerand all work fine :)09:51
headshrinkerevery live cd worked fine "xorg i mean"09:51
Romsterxorg xf86-input-vesa or what ever it's named is installed too?09:51
headshrinkeryes, i guess09:51
headshrinkerand for the modular xorg "of pkgsrc" i am sure its there09:51
Romsteryou guess.... argh yoru not using the crux one are you...09:52
Romsteryou'll have to figure it out.09:52
headshrinkerlol just i did not use prt to get the curx xorg, its the one on the cd :)09:52
Romstermight even be some framebuffer config options messing it up in kernel config too...09:52
headshrinkerits the same generic kenrel configuration like of debian09:53
Romsterseriously read the crux handbook09:53
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headshrinkerok :) but seriously i did checked framebuffer support in kernel09:53
headshrinkerthanks anyway guys :)09:54
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Amnesiahm question10:14
Amnesiawhat if I want to install something on crux, that isnt available in the portdb10:14
Amnesiaand the source also isnt accessible..10:14
Amnesia(xtrlock in example) guess you're screwed in that case, correct?10:14
jaegercan you get the source from an alternate location?10:16
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Amnesiajaeger: not that I know of10:18
Amnesiasame for foremost, python-cheetah10:18
jaegerPerhaps a binary version, or if that doesn't work, wait for the source URLs to be fixed10:19
Amnesiaperhaps I could nick the source from gentoo10:26
Amnesiabrb reboot10:26
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RomsterAmnesia, so make a Pkgfile for it...10:31
AmnesiaRomster: using what source;)?10:32
Romsteror host the source yourself like i do with x264 and friends. from git/svn/cvs snapshots.10:32
Romsteror i could host the files on if that helps you..10:33
Romsterproviding there downloadable somewhere.10:33
AmnesiaRomster: you do know where to get the source for xtrlock, python-cheetah,foremost?10:37
Amnesia(and probably other apps)10:37
Romsterfound it off
Romsteryou didn't look too hard.10:46
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RomsterAmnesia, dunno if you got my reply.10:54
Amnesiathe reply on the source of xtrlock?10:54
Amnesiayep, thanks for that, and sorry for being so dumb:)10:55
Amnesia17:50 < Amnesia> is there btw any possibility to have dependencie handling also at removing packages?10:55
Romsterthat's ok...10:55
Romsternot really crux does't have that.10:55
Amnesiahm ok10:56
Romstercan manually remove packages though10:56
Amnesiawell yep10:56
Amnesiabut I noticed I can even remove libc without getting an erro^^10:56
Romsterwith prt-get remove or pkgrm10:56
Romsteryeah crux does not restrict the user.10:57
Romsterimo the user knows best.10:57
Romsteri sometimes do funky things and having something say you can't do that would be annoying.10:58
Amnesiahm guess I just have to get used that it:)10:58
Amnesiayep I know what you mean10:58
Romsteryou shouldn't remove core ports unless you are aware of the issues.10:58
Amnesiasometimes it's quite annoying to being able to remove packages10:58
Amnesiado you run crux on your desktop:)?10:59
Romstermost times you can pkgadd them again.10:59
Romsteryeah it's sort of crux but i've modified it heaps10:59
Amnesiahm I like the whole crux philosophy:)11:00
Romsteryou can override stuff as you please but it carries risk of breaking. if you do something wrong.11:02
Romsterbut it's the only way to learn to break things and fix it again :D11:03
Amnesiaam I correct that it's sorta like gentoo, but then simplified?11:03
Romsterwithout the useflags complexity11:04
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Romsteri liken it to Linux From Scratch but with a simple package manager11:07
Amnesiasounds good:D11:08
Amnesiaanyway, dinner brb:)11:09
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frinnsthehe, "the office" flashbacks12:29
AmnesiaRomster: I've been trying to compile xtrlock12:31
Amnesiabut the compiled binary keeps spitting: "password entry has no pwd" out12:31
tilmanfrinnst: what's it saying? it's finnish, right?13:01
treach"welcome back to work", according to google13:01
tilmanwhen i came back to work, my keyboard read "TILMAN" on the top row13:01
tilmanhave kept it that way, it gets me nice looks from time to time13:02
tilmanalso when colleagues try to type on it (who don't touch type ;)13:02
treachTouch typing ftw. :>13:02
treachI noticed a few weeks ago someone had attempted something by moving around the keys on the numpad - epic fail because I don't use those keys - and switching ctrl and the super/win key.. and I have no idea when that happened. Probably months ago. :D13:04
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frinnstlol, no fucking idea13:13
frinnsti'd stand a better chance to understand chinese :)13:13
treachbtw, anyone familiar with USB-docks for laptops?13:38
jaegerNot I13:46
treachme neither, but I fear for the worst..13:48
treachwho'd believe there actually was anyone stupid enough to equip their staff with mobile workstations (cad certified stuff), only to make them "dock" with usb-connected crap...!?13:50
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BR41N1Is CRUX still active?16:41
teK_'f course16:41
BR41N1^ ^16:41
BR41N1I'm trying out new distros. GoboLinux seemed dormant to me... So I have checking if CRUX was too16:42
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frinnstICANN To Allow .brandname Top-Level Domains16:55
frinnstoh joy16:55
teK_and I thought .name and .bavaria were madness16:56
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Romstertilman, June 13, 2011 Mesa 7.10.3 is released. This is a bug fix release.23:45

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