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pitillogood morning01:04
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Romsterfirefox 5.0.0 works ok why hasn't it been bumped yet? but it seems to have a highlight or lack there of issue in windows.02:45
Romsterand no idea why they never version-ed it as 4.1.0 instead of 5.0.002:45
juegood morning03:42
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: grep: update to 2.903:43
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: perl: update to 5.12.403:43
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: psmisc: update to 22.1403:43
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: tgif: update to 4.2.403:43
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: scite: update to 2.2703:43
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: smartmontools: explicit set initscriptdir, fix for FS#72703:43
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: curl: update to 7.21.705:46
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frinnstRomster: ? i pushed it yesterday07:37
Romsteroh i didn't see it commit in here from cruxbot -_-07:39
frinnstnah, it timed out just before i pushed07:39
Romsterguess it went awol07:39
Romsterany epxeareance with oolchains i have this anoying issue trying to compile and i can't figure out why.
Romsteri tried to set export lt_cv_sys_lib_search_path_spec='' lt_cv_sys_lib_dlsearch_path_spec='' before the binutils compile. but no luck.07:41
Romsterchecking dynamic linker characteristics... configure: error: Link tests are not allowed after GCC_NO_EXECUTABLES.07:41
Romsterdriving me crazy.07:41
Romsterlinux from scratch doesn't mention anything about it either.07:41
frinnstare you also building a crosscompile?07:42
Romsteryes first stage.07:43
frinnstdoesnt work?07:43
Romsterdid binutils but doing gcc keeps doing that, i did throw in gmp mpfr and mpc into gcc07:43
Romsteri've been using07:44
Romstermake gcc_cv_libc_provides_ssp=yes07:44
Romsterbeen googling for hours last night and i found more posts but nothing has worked as of yet.07:46
Romstertired with gcc 4.5.3 and 4.6.0 same deal.07:48
Romsteri can pastebin my exact commands if that helps.07:49
Romster--with-system-zlib gets me furthor in the build to the multiprecision lib error with the same Link tests are not allowed after GCC_NO_EXECUTABLES. i'm so close to hacking at the m4 files and autoreconf-ing.07:53
Romsterbut i should't need to do that.07:53
frinnstbtw, firefox 5 should never have been 4.1, it ought to have been 4.0.2 :)08:00
Romsteri must be clearly doing something wrong.08:00
Romsteryeah the changes arn't that major in firefox.08:01
Romsterso were do i place target_configargs='lt_cv_shlibpath_overrides_runpath=yes'08:01
frinnstbefore ./configure i guess08:01
Romsteri'll give that a try k08:02
Romsternope same error.08:08
pitilloRomster: you can try to echo those vars to config.cache08:08
pitilloRomster: have you tried it?08:08
Romsternot echoing no.08:09
Romsterfrinnst, i read similar post. but none give a clear way around it.08:10
pitilloreview the configure output for the cached vars08:10
Romstermake gcc_cv_libc_provides_ssp=yes lt_cv_shlibpath_overrides_runpath=yes08:12
Romsterok that did something it stops at configure-target-libiberty with that same checking for library containing strerror... configure: error: Link tests are not allowed after GCC_NO_EXECUTABLES.08:12
Romsterinstead of zlib.08:13
Romsterif this was important you'd think the LFS book would have mentioned this.08:13
Romsterecho TARGET_SYSTEM_ROOT = '' >> tmp-libgcc.mvars08:20
Romstermv tmp-libgcc.mvars libgcc.mvars08:20
Romsterhappens right after that.08:20
Romsterwonder if i need to add to that file in the Makefile.08:20
thrice`I missed it, you are bootstrapping gcc, or?08:23
Romsterstage 1 minimal gcc after compiling binutils.08:26
Romster <- following that guide.08:27
Romster <- seem to be hitting this issue.08:27
Romsterhmm now i notice to top level configure...08:29
* Romster tries that.08:30
Romsterthere's my issue no matter what the hell i do it's not being over ridden.08:40
Romsterah now i get it.... configure is being called inside makefile and then it's not being passed the lt_cv_shlibpath_overrides_runpath var.09:05
frinnstoh, works?09:27
Romsternah i see that ./i686-lfs-linux-gnu/zlib/config.log has lt_cv_shlibpath_overrides_runpath=no in it.09:28
Romsteri'm barely able to keep awake now... so i'm going to bed and i'll continue this after work tomorrow.09:29
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Romstergood afternoon21:55

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