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pitillogood morning01:07
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: stunnel: fixed pre-install script04:29
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: scrotwm: update to 0.9.3204:29
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sepenteK_: gimp's footprint on a fresh x86_64 installation
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frinnstsepen: gonna catch some F1 this weekend?05:47
RomsterF1 hmm that'll be cool to watch, if it rains all weekend here i can watch that on tv.05:49
sepenfrinnst: nah' don't like Valencia Street Circuit06:10
sepena small circuit and where it is too hot06:11
sepenI prefer the circuit used for MotoGP (Cheste)06:12
sepenit is outrageous that still students are in prefabricated modules in the same city in which there are mega-events such as formula1 or macro constructions as Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias06:16
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Ovim-ObscurumHi everyone!06:17
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Ovim-ObscurumSomeone tried porting monkeyd to CRUX?06:39
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Ovim-ObscurumIt seems, that there's a error in the Makefile, but I'm not sure.06:39
Romsterpastebin your work and i'll give it a try.06:41
Ovim-ObscurumThanks, one moment :)06:41
Romsterah before i even try add in "install -d $PKG/usr" before make .... install06:46
Romstersome make install sections complain if the directory does not exist to begin with.06:47
Romsterit's a work around though it should check and make directories if they don't exist already.06:47
Ovim-ObscurumAh okay.06:48
Ovim-ObscurumSo ==> make, INSTALL,..., make install?06:48
Romsterlooks like it's compiled ok just installing issues. if your handy with patch and diff you could edit the and ./configure after applying the patch to fix make install target then submit it to the project.06:49
Romsteruh no... perhaps i should have a go at fixing this for you...06:49
Ovim-ObscurumYeah, the compilation works fine - I also tried compiling it "normally" without pkgmk/prt-get in /opt - works without any problems.06:50
Ovim-ObscurumI took a look in the configure script - but it looks totally confusing for me - never did something like this before, I'm sorry :x06:51
Ovim-Obscurummom telephones calling06:52
Romsterthis is the basics, i'm stuck on a tool chain compile still.06:59
Romstermight take a bit of time ig ot a few chats happening at the same time here.06:59
pitilloRomster: did you try with the config.cache file finally?07:02
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Romsterpitillo, not yet i will later when i'm not so busy or interrupted.07:02
pitillook :)07:03
RomsterOvim-Obscurum, iw as to busy to even notice your missing --prefix=/usr on your ./configure line. that's your problem.07:10
Romsterit's still messed up paths though it should be putting it in either /usr/share/$name or /usr/lib/$name07:11
ente/nick Oemacs-Obscurum07:12
Romstervim is better *flame war*07:13
enteed is best! :P07:14
sepenbest of the beast!07:24
RomsterOvim-Obscurum, that's almsot there jsut the cgi-bin needs to be in /var/www/cgi-bin but there is no configure option for that.07:35
Romsterin any case the defaults in that configure are crazy.07:36
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Ovim-ObscurumRomster: Oh, thanks a lot! :)08:09
Ovim-Obscurumlol ente :P08:09
Ovim-ObscurumRomster: Works pretty fine, thanks! :)08:12
RomsterOvim-Obscurum, just the cgi-bin is in the wrong location still might need to throw ins a sed line to fix that.08:13
Romsterbut i'm being lazy you can fix that bit.08:13
Ovim-ObscurumMaybe the developer(s) could fix the configure script for that.08:14
Romsterafter fixing windows all week i tend to get a b it that way.08:14
Ovim-ObscurumI will contact him/them08:14
Ovim-ObscurumHehe :D08:14
Romsteryea and fix the man page to go into man1 than having to hack the --mandir line.08:15
Romsterthere defaults are silly.08:15
Romsterprefix default is /usr/local too or meant to be not /08:16
Ovim-ObscurumOh, my bus08:19
Ovim-Obscurumsorry, have to go - see you later :)08:19
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Romsterdunno what's wrong with using lightttpd08:20
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Romsterpitillo, frinnst so it's not me that's been having this same issue
Romsternot just me..08:32
Romsterechoing to config.cache is pointless as it gets regenerated...09:05
Romsterthis too much i'll attack it again when i'm refreshed.09:22
Romsteron another note why do i always hit the big doozie bugs09:22
thrice`heh.  this sounds like the point when I issue 'rm' , and then regret it in the morning when I get a clever idea :-)09:22
Romsteri saved my steps to redo it so rm wont be bad.09:23
Romsterplus it's in a chroot too.09:23
Romsterah this may be enough to get around that BS.09:31
Romstermake all-gcc && make all-target-libgcc09:31
Romstermake install-gcc && make install-target-libgcc09:31
Romstersince i only need a minimal gcc for the next stage09:31
Romsterthat seems to work ok.09:31
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Ovim-Obscurumjue: Your i586 repository is down, there are now isos to download.10:29
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jueOvim-Obscurum: thanks, fixed now11:59
Ovim-Obscurumjue: No problem, you're welcome. I was glad to see that some mirrors have the contrib isos, too - Doing a installation on a i586 machine currently.12:01
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