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Romsterpitillo, frinnst i got it to work after i patched in the top level to allow --without-target-libiberty --without-target-zlib then autoreconf00:53
Romsterok new bug hit in glibc compile
jueRomster: you know, that's why we we have the glibc-fedora_i686.patch ?02:35
Romsteri tried in glibc-2.14 as well i would of expected that to have been fixed.02:38
Romsteri probably should of looked there more i ignored the patches.02:40
juewell, that's a issue that probably never will be fixed because Ulrich ignores the problem ;)02:41
jueand you have read the response of the gcc guys to my bug report02:42
Romsterso i have read.02:46
Romsteri can't recall if i have.02:46
Romsterall i read was un-defining _i686 is the wrong way to do it.02:47
RomsterLFS does not mention any such patch either...02:47
juewell, it's the report you mentioned above02:47
Romsterah that... yeah, read that.02:47
juethe patch comes from the fedora-branch of glibc02:49
jueso it's more or less a 'official' one02:49
Romsternoted the fedora. so it must of came from fedora, and fedora has a high standard for doing things correctly.02:51
Romstersee the other patch i had to do to get a stage 1 compiler to work.
Romsterok that fixed glibc-2.14 compile.02:53
Romsteri think some of them devs are more stubborn than even me dare i say it.02:53
juesometimes that's my impression as well :)02:55
jueanyway, I'm off for the next 10 days now, take care02:55
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: lftp: updated to
slashbeastevery time I see someone talking about glibc bugs, someone point out that Ulrich should leave glibc and let people fix it.06:05
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frinnstits ironic fedora/redhat feels the need to patch glibc, since ulrich works for redhat :)07:54
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gtklockerWill I face any problem if I try to install Crux on an SSD laptop?08:19
gtklockerI used to use Arch Linux but its developers are damn stubborn.08:19
Romstersomething is seriously wrong there with glibc.08:23
Romsterwith Ulrich and fedora at least.08:23
RomsterArch Linux developers stubborn in what way? crux will work but it does zero hand holding.08:25
Romsterthough it should be trivial to get working with some experience with linux.08:26
gtklockerThere are some bugs they refuse to solve for months.08:26
gtklockerEven if users  send them specific patches.08:26
gtklockerRomster: I'm familiar with no hand holding, I've worked on Gentoo and FreeBSD for some months. :)08:28
Romsterwell crux wont accept jsut any patch it has to follow the is critical and fixes a problem but doesn't add feather enhancements. and then you can always override packages with your own maintained ones.08:29
Romstergtklocker, ok you should have no issues then.08:29
Romsterwith setup at least.08:29
Romsteri'm just cursing lately at gcc and glibc dumbness i had to work around to get a toolchain to compile.08:30
gtklockerRomster: well, patches I refer to were critical :)08:30
Romsterwhat package and what do they fix?08:30
gtklockerRomster: was about perl I think08:31
Romsterand usually it's good to send them upstream to the project if there very critical and belong there.08:31
Romsterbut sometimes there added to a package as a short term thing before upstream fixes it in next release.08:32
Romsterso what does it fix does crux perl have the same issue currently?08:32
gtklockerI dunno if it does.08:33
gtklockerAnd it was not specifically on the perl package.08:33
gtklockerIt was on something of perl though, I can't recall now.08:33
gtklocker>> Slim, stripped of unneeded documentation and files (including National Language Support; CRUX only supports the native language the programs were written in, which is english in most cases)08:34
gtklockerThis is something I've been wishing for all the years of my life!08:34
gtklockerBtw, website bug, when I double-click something it gets me to the login page08:35
gtklockerOn the wiki it is.08:35
Romsteri think that's a feature.08:35
gtklockerbtw seems to me like your website needs a bit of update08:36
gtklockerI mean, every linux distro has a great website.08:36
Romstermore focus on the distro itself i guess.08:37
gtklockerEven though it may not be as cool as Crux.08:37
gtklockerWell, I could do the website.08:37
joacimmost distro websites i've visited arent that cool08:38
gtklockerI'm a web developer as you may have guessed from my hostname08:38
joacimi've never seen your hostname08:38
gtklockerjoacim: yes but for example is cool.08:38
gtklockerjoacim: you can do so now08:38
joacimnot really. same old website they've used for years08:39
gtklockerBut it's cool.08:39
joacimnaw not really. simple and clean08:39
joacimcrux is no worse08:39
gtklockerI like how simple CRUX website is.08:41
gtklockerBut it could be more beautiful.08:41
gtklockerYou know, flash animations, java effects.08:41
slashbeasteye-candy does not make crux any better08:41
gtklockerslashbeast: it does give a better image though08:41
gtklockerslashbeast: HEH YOU BELIEVED THAT? :D08:41
slashbeastand java effects? I guess you had javascript on mind.08:41
joacimyou'se you's trollin'08:42
joacims/you'se //f08:42
joacims/you'se //g08:42
slashbeastwatch your language my son.08:42
joacimi'm screwing up today08:42
gtklockerslashbeast: well, I didn't mean flash and java, believe me, i hate both.08:43
joacimthen why did you say something you didnt mean?08:43
slashbeastit sounds pro08:43
gtklockerBecause I obviously wanted you to believe that :P08:43
Romsterflash, someone kill me now.08:43
gtklockerThe power of words.08:43
Romsterflash is binary propriety crap, use html5 video and audio content with div layers and DOM CSS308:44
joacimflash have no place in content distribution08:44
slashbeastflash have so long and big history of security issues almost like budget hole of poland.08:45
Romsterand security issues.08:45
joacimi believe some of android phones could be rooted because of flash's security issues08:45
Romsteri don't mind some site bling if it's not flash though and it degrades gracefully for non-javascript browsers.08:45
slashbeastonly few android devices support flash at all08:45
joacimi said some, not many.  =)08:46
slashbeastin past rooting was damn simply08:46
slashbeastas early htc mobile phones did not had locks.08:47
slashbeastmy htc magic had enabled booting system from usb, all what I did was fastboot boot recovery.img and flash rom with superuser.apk and su binary.08:47
joacimi believe "my method" was done on some of the locked down phones from last year08:48
joacimthere isnt much fancy stuff on the big difference is the color scheme.08:49
Romsteri do think the web site needs to be fixed up a bit it's been neglected for a while but not flash.08:50
joacimthe double-click "feature" have to go ;)08:50
joacimmany people double-click to mark text08:50
Romsteronly noobs double click on web sites.08:51
joacimi do to mark text08:51
slashbeastRomster: :< nope08:51
joacimand i triple-click to mark whole paragraphs08:52
joacimdouble-clicking marks the whole word08:52
Romsteri thought that only works in the address bar.08:52
Romsteroh it does work in body of site too.08:52
joacimworks everywhere on my platform08:53
* Romster retracts the double clicking on site is noob08:55
Romsteri often see clients do that on links though.08:56
joacimthat is painful to watch08:58
Romsterand on another thing is it left click or right click.... why do they get confused so easily. it's left click unless i say so... yet they still ask left or right click...09:00
Ovim|afk_nAHi everyone09:02
Ovim|afk_nAHi Romster!09:02
Ovim|afk_nATHanks for you help - port is working and online right now ;)09:03
Romsterthat was trivial :)09:05
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RomsterUlrich isn't in redhat anymore i just got told from inside source.09:21
tilmanDrepper, i guess09:22
Romsterok he is still upstream maintainer though but not working at redhat now... even more confused.09:34
Romstergetting late sleep time later.09:38
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enteRomster: fefe = inside source?17:51
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Romsterente, no it was asalor20:12
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