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Romsterwhy does this not work.02:30
Romstercurl -A 'Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux i686; rv:5.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/5.0'
Romsteryet lynx --dump works02:30
entejust mirror it on or something? :/03:33
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tilmanRomster: use wireshark or tcmpdump to compare the http requests05:06
Romsterhmm good idea05:08
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Kateoni can only get crux to boot by using the kernel from the install media. Once i try the compiled version, i get a kernel panic06:44
Kateon"Kernel panic - not syncing : VFS : unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(8-1)"06:45
frinnstthen you misconfigured your kernel06:45
Kateoni did compile in the drivers for the filesystem (ext3)06:45
frinnstmake sure your ata/sata/scsi controller is compiled in and your root-fs06:45
frinnstand make sure you dont compile them as modules06:45
Kateonsince this is virtualbox install, i'm not quite sure which ata/sata/scsi driver that would be06:46
frinnstalso make sure you compile support (not as a module) for scsi disks06:46
frinnstlspci -k lists your hardware and the modules the bootcd uses for it06:46
Kateoni see06:46
frinnsti came across the scsi-disk thingy a few days ago when doing a vbox install.. it was selected to compile as a module, silly mistake06:47
Kateonthat must be the same problem i'm having then06:48
Kateonthanks, i'm going to give it another go06:48
frinnstyeah, its easy to overlook06:48
Kateonhowcome crux is not using initrd to load the necessary modules? Is that due to its policy of keeping it simple?06:53
frinnstand since users are expected to compile their own kernels it makes initrd pretty redundant06:55
frinnstthe bootcd uses initrd ofcourse06:56
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Kateoncrux reminds me a lot of freebsd, is that a coincidence?11:44
tilmanprobably not11:45
tilmannot sure _which_ BSD flavor crux' original author was inspired by11:45
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lastebilquestion - I swear, every time I try to get cruxppc (I have a lot of ppc machines)14:27
lastebilthe cruxppc page is down.14:27
lastebilyet I see news about it from last month.14:27
enteOf course it was NetBSD.14:30
jaegerlastebil: I didn't see any question there but you might also want to try #cruxppc14:32
lastebilsorry, the question is "does it even exist any longer."14:33
jaegerAh, ok. I'm not 100% sure but I think it does14:33
lastebilunfortunatly, #cruxppc seems to just contain myself, and of course chanserv joins when I join14:34
lastebilso I have a feeling it is less than active ):14:34
jaegerwish I had a better answer but it's always been kinda a separate project14:34
lastebilyeah, ppc tends to be that way, despite the kernel being basically the same, the hardware and booting are so different (and the varied models of hardware) that it just sort of needs it's own attention.14:35
lastebilsort of like sparc and arm (:14:35
entecrux doesn't really look that much like BSD14:36
jaegerI'm no expert but that's been my impression as well14:36
jseConceptually crux seems similar to BSD.14:56
jseProbably a lot more towards freebsd yet I doubt it was a deliberate design goal.14:59
entewhy more towards freebsd, if I may ask?15:17
jseMostly a guess at this point. :P15:21
jseNot too familiar with BSDs apart from obsd and fbsd.15:22
enteit really doesn't have that much in common15:27
entefor instance no base system disk sets and ports layered on top of them in a different directory15:28
enteNetBSD does it the same way15:28
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Kateoninstalling a minimal freebsd system feels like crux. Then there's the /etc/rc.conf and the ports system of course16:03
Kateoni don't know about other BSDs16:03
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ente/etc/rc.conf looks quite different on the BSDs16:42
entethe other BSDs are quite similar16:43
ente(dunno about OpenBSD though, never used it)16:43
entealso, BSDs use their own runlevel-less init, crux uses linux-sysvinit16:43
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Kateonwell yes, it looks different, but the idea is similar17:29
Kateonwhich i quite like, everything essential in one file17:30
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Kateoni'm browsing through crux' website and started wondering about the repositories that maintainers are keeping. Isn't that an awful lot of work? making sure everything checks out, up-to-date URLs etc.17:52
frinnstyes, yes it is17:53
teK_many ports only require a version-bump for updates :-)17:53
teK_screw you, FF 5.0 ...17:54
teK_first it hang on
frinnsti hate firefox now17:54
teK_restart (@ console)17:54
teK_0% CPU Usage and nothing will happen17:54
teK_-> ???17:54
teK_yeah, ff slow-mo: about:sessionrestore ... never saw that URL before :p17:56
frinnstive had lots of momentary freezes, but nothing major17:57
frinnstgoing back to 4 isnt really an option since there are a few security issyes17:58
teK_classic open source vendor-lock-in ;)17:58
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teK_sepen: ethtool has a md5 mismatch19:49
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teK_nevermind, my fault.20:05
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