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pitillogood morning01:04
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enteff 5.0 was released?03:08
enteholy hit03:08
entewhat the heck?03:09
entehey released 4.0 like a month ago?03:09
enteI'm still on FF 303:09
teK_yeah and it seems they changed the about:config setting for placing newly opened tabs right next to the current page or top-right in the tab-bar. fuuu04:15
entewell, actually I'm on opera04:16
enteand I didn't quite like ff4, I guess04:16
entemaybe forking ff3 and cleaning it up would be a nice project04:16
entebut then again, I don't want to work on a browser04:16
teK_that what I thought of yesterday, too04:18
teK_webkit + the nice parts of the FF GUI (features) == win04:18
enteboth chrome and firefox waste waay too much resources04:19
teK_ is nice but i miss all the fancy short cuts and menus from FF + my whiteheart theme + adblock + firebug :\04:21
enteI miss adblock in any browser I've tried so far04:22
entebut it seems supporting firefox addons in other browsers isn't easy04:23
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: subversion: updated to 1.6.1706:44
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: subversion-bashcompletion: updated to 1.6.1706:44
Romsteri'd like adblock in privoxy07:33
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: tree: updated to 1.6.008:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: subversion-perl: updated to 1.6.1708:27
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: subversion-python: updated to 1.6.1708:27
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RotwangIn the office of a Roman doctor: Specialist in women and other diseases.11:29
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Rotwangsup guys?12:38
Rotwangy u no talk?12:39
Rotwangmy new job is quite shitty I must say12:41
RotwangI'm maintaining makefiles of huge software package12:42
Rotwangand the makefiles are complete shit12:43
RotwangI almost drowned in it once12:43
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jaegerRotwang: can you rewrite them to clean them up or no?13:08
tilmany no clean them up!?!?!?! *rageface*13:09
tilmany u*13:10
jaegerJust thinking that might be a project worth doing if it saved some time/work in the future13:10
Rotwangjaeger: there are plans for that, but decision is not mine13:14
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Rotwangbesides the job is really boring13:31
Rotwangcrap, didn't notice polish locale in effect while sending mail to contribML13:52
jaegerferocious debate :D13:55
jaegerwell played13:55
enteferocious? :D13:57
jseTotally scathing commentary.13:57
enteI guess most of us just don't use an office suite :)13:59
jaegerit's rare that I need one13:59
jaegerfor my use I have no doubt that libreoffice will work fine14:00
tilmanlibreoffice seems like a safe choice14:00
Rotwangjse: didn't mean to14:01
Rotwangente: it is rather hard to live without one on the desktop14:09
enteRotwang: why do you disable the polish locale for posting on the crux ml anyway?14:15
enteall it does is removing that ł from your name? :P14:15
entesomeone posted this:
entereminds me of your new job :P14:16
tilman(oooold, but great)14:16
entetilman: if the airplane runs crux, they're fucked :P14:16
entemaybe we should change the motto to "don't run it on airplanes" :P14:17
frinnstRotwang: ml: +114:24
frinnstthough be prepared to switch back in a few months or so :D14:24
Rotwangfrinnst: why?14:25
frinnstsince it was donated to apache, as you said14:25
frinnsti bet they will somehow merge again way down the line14:26
frinnstbut libre is the way to go for now14:26
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frinnstim disturbed by how much i like rhel/scientific linux14:28
RotwangI like cern linux installation14:29
frinnstyeah, thats scientific14:29
frinnstim gonna through out debian on my eeepc i think14:29
frinnstbut gnome is probably not a real alternative on a 10" screen :)14:30
Rotwangfrinnst: yeah cern is a flavour of scientific but it displays LHC photos during installation ;f14:30
frinnstlol, aesome14:31
ente[21:28] < frinnst> im disturbed by how much i like rhel/scientific linux14:35
entewhy do you like it, and why is that disturbing14:36
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frinnstwell, the previous time i used a redhat product it was something like redhat 7.x14:38
frinnstand it suuuuuuuuucked14:38
frinnstnow, its pretty good14:38
frinnstand i dont want to like it14:38
frinnstbecause it has pulseaudio in it14:38
entewhat about scientific linux?14:39
jseLart Pestering territory.14:39
tilmanapparently its based on rhel?14:39
frinnstits just a recompiled rhel14:39
frinnstlike centos14:40
tilmanso similar to centos' approach14:40
frinnstbut with less delay14:40
entejse: we can't stop here, this is BAT COUNTRY.14:40
jseBAT COUNTRY? That's news.14:41
enteyou thought linux was only about penguins? :P14:42
jseThat is to be expected when you don't care about the propaganda or aesthetics side. :P14:46
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prologicAdaptec RAID cards any good ?15:39
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jaegerprologic: some are, have a particular one in mind?15:41
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jaegermake sure to avoid anything that says hostraid15:41
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prologicjaeger, I'll check again tonight -- off to work :)15:53
prologicjust specing up a new desktop system15:53
prologicgetting 4 SATA 3 2TB drives, so I thought I'd put them in RAID 1015:53
prologichave a nice day guys :)15:53
Rotwangprologic: nice15:54
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: openoffice dropped in favour of libreoffice15:56
prologicoh, that's not all :)15:57
prologicAMD II Penom 1100T (6 cores)15:57
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prologic16GB RAM15:58
prologicand a 60GB SSD15:58
jaegernot bad15:58
jaegerI'm on SSD now on both my home machines, very happy with them15:58
jaegeronly 6 cores, though? pshah! hehe15:59
prologiccan't get any more :)16:01
jaegerhrmm, why not? motherboard limitation?16:01
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ente[22:53] < prologic> getting 4 SATA 3 2TB drives, so I thought I'd put them in RAID 1016:26
ente[22:53] < prologic> have a nice day guys :)16:26
enteI have 4 or 5 computers16:28
enteand all of them are 32-bit singlecore machines with <=1GB RAM16:28
prologicnice power bill too no doubt? ;)16:31
prologicI want to build a small Atom dual core cluster ;)16:32
frinnsti want my own personal datacenter16:33
frinnsti put 3 2tb drives in raid5 the other week16:34
frinnstdrives are *cheap* at the moment16:34
jaegeryeah, I bought 2 2tb recently for a raid116:36
jaegerseagate's constellation ES types, happy with them so far16:36
frinnsti bought some cheap wd :)16:37
prologicI want my own personal DC too ;)16:37
prologicI will build a small one in my house though ;)16:37
frinnsti had 2 wd-drives die on me within two weeks16:37
frinnstbut i guess you have to get back on the horse16:38
jaegerthe constellation ES drives run pretty hot but they're rock solid16:38
frinnstmm, enterprise drives are nice16:39
prologicthe 15k ones?16:39
frinnstseagate es is 720016:40
jaegermine are 7200, yeah16:40
jaegerI wanted to keep my machine fairly quiet still16:41
frinnstnext up on my wishlist really ought to be some quality drives with a mighty raid card16:41
jaegermain windows/linux installs on a 120GB Intel SSD, backup data on the 2TB RAID1 on a 3ware card16:41
jaegerbackup data/games16:41
jaegerDo any of you use IPV6 during CRUX setup? I'm trimming down the -updated kernel config to try to find the problem with some hardware booting it and I don't think IPV6 is really needed for the install16:46
enteI think it's nice having...16:46
entehow much is the difference?16:47
jaegerprobably very little16:47
entewhether the image is 2 or 3 MB bigger due to a kernel that supports a wider range of systems is imo pretty uncritical...16:47
jaegerfrinnst: on the topic of ISOs, does your isohybrid-ized ISO boot both ways? I couldn't get mine to boot16:47
jaegerente: size isn't really my concern, trying to figure out where the bug lies... though I really don't think it's IPV616:48
enteprologic: I heard the speed benefits of dualcore atom over singlecore atom is quite small though16:48
jaegerI'll leave it in for now16:49
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andariussalutations and waffles16:55
* jaeger waves16:55
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frinnstjaeger: ive had no issues17:33
jaegerfrinnst: did you use any specific arguments or just run 'isohybrid filename.iso' ?17:47
frinnstnope, just ran it17:49
frinnstwhat image are you trying it on?17:49
jaegerIt was one of last week's -updated ISOs17:53
jaegerI'll try it again tonight, just reconfigured the kernel quite a bit17:53
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Romsterprologic, be wary of Adaptec RAID cards, most say linux compatable but with a binary blob... then the ones are open source are reversed engineered, as Adaptec wont release the details of the hardware.21:44
Romsterperhaps things have changed now though i don't know.21:44
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Romsteri jsut do a commit and cruxbot pings off, that bot seriously needs fixing.22:02
jaeger3ware and areca both have great linux support though not entirely open source if you care about that22:06
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