IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2011-07-02

Romsterchromium-14.0.807.0 is out and i have chromium-14.0.806.0 something tells me this thing gets updated a damn lot.03:43
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ente[20:05] < teK_> I love software creating only man/man{1..9} but not copying the man pages on doing a make install-man04:27
enteteK_: just prune empty directories, like many of the p5-packages do? ;/04:27
entewhat about ff5 btw... someone here said they wanted to go back to ff4 if it weren't for the security issues04:28
entefrinnst: was that you?04:28
tilmani've been looking at vimprobable for a while now05:10
Romsteri got uzbl packaged if ya wanna look at that.05:13
frinnsti said its not an option06:09
frinnstbesides, ffox5 = ffox 4.0.206:09
frinnstbut with extra compability issues06:09
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frinnstente: where are you getting your firefox deps from? it does not depend on desktop-file-utils or lcms17:30
frinnstbut it does depend on mesa3d and python17:30
frinnstill fix it tomorrow17:30
frinnstthough it seems a bit redundant since it comes with xorg..17:36
frinnstatleast i'll remove perl from the dep-line17:36
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tilmanfrinnst: i guess the mesa dependency is for webgl, which is a) broken and b) doesnt work anyway18:15
tilmanfrinnst: maybe we could just --disable-webgl? :]18:15
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