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Romsteryes webgl uses mesa3d01:23
Romsteri looked on another distro for firefox dependencies01:27
Romsterdepends=('gtk+2>=2.20.0-2' 'libidl' 'desktop-file-utils' 'nss>=3.12.9' 'glibc>=2.6' 'dbus-glib' 'curl>=7.19.0' 'nspr>=4.8.7' 'lcms' 'libxau>=1.0.4' 'libxdmcp' 'libxft>=2.1.13-2' 'libxt' 'libstdc++' 'libxdamage' 'libice' 'bzip2' 'alsa-lib' 'libnotify' 'wireless_tools' 'cairo')01:28
Romstermakedepends=('zip' 'yasm')01:28
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prologicAnyone built openvz kernels with crux and got openvz working ?01:37
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entefrinnst: I think it said lcms and desktop-file-utils before so Romster just kept them03:42
enteRomster: that smells like archlinux :P03:43
Romsterfrugalware actually03:44
Romsterchromium: 14.0.806.0 -> 14.0.808.003:47
entefw switched to systemd03:56
entesince they did, their users are running away :P03:56
enteor even one of their devs03:56
entethat's funny, actually03:56
Romsterseems so04:05
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teK_ente: no, there *are* man pages but they don't get installed.05:40
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cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: firefox: modified dependencies07:13
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: firefox: modified dependencies07:14
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entehm... --disable-webgl...07:52
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seanwGreetings all.  I am trying to install CRUX with an encrypted root filesystem, but I need the kernel module sha256_generic to do this.  Is there some way I can get this module on my live CD system, perhaps download it and transfer on a USB stick…?10:05
entewhy would you want an encrypted root filesystem?10:06
seanwI’m installing on a laptop that moves around a lot.10:06
entesorry, but other than making everything slower, I don't see any benefit of encrypting all your binaries ;/10:07
jaegerseanw: you should be able to copy the module with a usb stick if you build it with the same kernel version as the live cd, I think10:07
seanwente, I see what you mean but if I just encrypt /home, I don’t feel safe trusting all my applications not to write outside of /home10:08
seanwjaeger, okay cool, I’ll read up on doing that, thanks.10:09
enteseanw: they can't, because they should have no permission to do so... except maybe for /tmp10:09
entewhich could be a ramdisk10:09
seanwWhat about daemons etc. running as the superuser?10:10
enteI'd encrypt /home and compile openvpn or so with --sysconfdir=/home/etc (since crux is sourcebased anyway)10:10
seanwDo you think the speed increase would be significant?10:11
entethat probably depends on the hardware, but it would eliminate the need for an initramfs10:11
seanwI mean that plus package stability is why I am switching Arch -> CRUX.10:11
seanwAh yes, I get the impression the main speed difference between an arch boot and a crux boot is the initramfs?10:12
entealso, you can just symlink important files from /etc to /home/etc10:12
enteinitramfs makes a significant difference, but I think there's other thingsas well10:12
seanwAlright then, despite feeling unsafe about it I’ll try this out…10:13
entearch has about twice the amount of /etc/rc.* crux has10:14
seanwCan you give me a hint as to which file I should put startup commands to decrypt the /home in?10:14
enteI don't encrypt anything on my disk anymore, because authorities can always force me to give them all my information anyway10:14
enteif in doubt, beat the subject with a stick10:15
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seanwIt’s not authorities I’m worried about, just burglars/geek ‘friends’.10:15
enteand nobody would steal a netbook that's already falling apart10:15
entedo you really think a burglar would know how to mount an ext3 filesystem? :)10:15
enteas for geek friends, encrypting just /home should be fine10:16
jaegerthey don't need to if the system mounts it automatically10:16
entealso, keep in mind that as soon as someone has physical access to your hardware, it's always insecure10:16
Rotwangis someone looking a way to hide his pr0n collection?10:16
seanwIt’s things like my GPG key etc.10:16
enteGnu Porn Guard10:17
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seanwCan I make /var encrypted too?  Is that needed for the boot process?10:30
seanwAnd /root … see this is now getting complicated10:31
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entewhy /root?10:41
enteyou can symlink the relevant bits of /var to /home/var10:41
enteand make root's homedir /home/root or symlink that too10:42
enteit will probably be a bit ugly10:42
entewell, just encrypt / if it bothers you so much10:42
enteI really need to comment on sepen's mail, but I also really don't want to :D10:43
seanwI’m not sure I’d know which parts of /var would need to be symlinked.10:43
ente/var contains mostly the package database, caches and pid files10:44
enteoh, and logs10:44
enteI don't really see the point in encrypting it, but I'm a random idiot on the internet you shouldn't care about10:44
seanwPrograms are ‘allowed’ by POSIX-type things to write anywhere they like in /var though, arne’t they?10:44
Rotwangscummvm really works10:57
seanwhaha I’m going to need to compile that kernel module in order to encrypt var since I will need it mounted to run setup, bah11:00
enteI'll just stop commenting on the issue11:01
entegood luck11:01
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Ovim-ObscurumI'm soooo leet!12:24
Rotwangyou are dangerous driver good sir12:25
Ovim-ObscurumBecause of 8 km/h? :P12:26
tilmanretarded license  plate12:36
tilmanseanw: mmh, does POSIX even specify things like that? i'd rather check the FHS12:48
Ovim-Obscurumtilman: Thanks a lot :P13:26
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frinnstyou got caught by a speedcam for going 8km/h over the limit?13:56
frinnsthow fucking retarded13:56
Ovim-ObscurumYep frinnst13:56
Ovim-ObscurumTypical for germany.. strong regularies ;)13:57
frinnstclarkson is soooooo right regarding speedcams btw :)13:57
frinnstnice qyality picture btw13:59
frinnstduh, topgear!13:59
Ovim-ObscurumYeah, the quality is a crap :D14:00
Ovim-ObscurumAh, top gear - okay. :)14:00
Ovim-ObscurumOnly saw one episode of it - where they pumped cars full of water and went out for a ride. :D14:00
frinnsttop gear is epic14:00
Ovim-ObscurumI can imagine that after seeing that episode. :D14:01
Ovim-ObscurumGood night everyone ;)14:17
teK_frinnst: they subtract 3-4 km/h14:24
teK_so he drove at least 15 km/h too fast14:24
teK_most speedmeters show higher than actual speed14:24
teK_so he might have gone 70 where 50 were allowed :>14:24
frinnstspeaking of top gear..15:18
Rotwangfrinnst: what about top gear?15:19
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frinnstRotwang: apparently they just aired a new episode and somehow its available on the intarwebs16:31
RotwangI got it from torrent16:50
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Romsteralso note i managed to hit some random gay porn ewww..... so watch the random if at work21:44
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