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pitillogood morning01:09
enteslashbeast: no, but on musl, which looks more promising and usable01:38
entefor general purpose stuff, that is01:39
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slashbeastente: I am tired of glibc, I need something smaller, less bloat and working.02:43
entetry musl02:48
slashbeastdoing it now02:49
slashbeastlooks nice02:49
slashbeastI hope I will be able compile dropbear-ssh against it and put this shit in initramfs.02:49
enteit's funny how dalias decreases bloat02:49
slashbeastso I can remotly boot my rootfs-encrypted box02:50
enteif it doesn't work, you could try compiling with -D_GNU_SOURCE02:50
slashbeastdropbear-ssh, even staticly linked still need shared glibc to do fraking dns queries02:50
slashbeastalong with libnss etc.02:50
enteyeah, musl doesn't need that02:50
enteall nonstandard extensions are in an #ifdef _GNU_SOURCE, even those not from GNU02:51
entebut all in all, I have a chroot running musl02:52
enteand it works just fine02:52
slashbeastpaco -lp musl-git 'make install'02:52
slashbeastld_preload fancy stuff that log install process, works also for python etc02:52
slashbeastquite often I found make uninstall not working, paco is solution.02:53
entehaha make uninstall02:53
entethere often is no make uninstall02:53
slashbeastautotools generate uninstall thing, and about bumblebee, that is what happen when you do not use quotes02:54
entebecause sh sucks :P02:54
slashbeastshell scripts are ok as long as you know how to write them.02:55
entetcl does it just fine without quotes02:55
slashbeastbecause missing quotes author of bbumblebee happen to hit sh word split feature.02:55
slashbeastwell if you use zsh it also happen to work that way.02:55
slashbeastbut there is no protection against being stupid. ;p02:56
slashbeastmusl does not handle cpp?02:57
entenot yet02:58
entefeel free to implement a libstdc++ :)02:58
slashbeastit make musl quite.. unusable atm.02:59
enteworks fine for c stuff, actually03:00
slashbeastwth, ldd a.out execute binary instead of displaying me shared libs03:00
entethat's because ldd exports environment variables on GNU03:00
enteyou want readelf03:00
entejust read /usr/bin/ldd.. it's a shellscript03:01
entenote that ldd is vulnerable like this03:01
slashbeastanyway, static helloworld use 8k, with glibc its about 500k03:01
entegive your sysadmin a malicious, statically linked binary and tell him to use ldd because you're missing some lib or so :)03:02
enteslashbeast: printf or puts?03:02
enteputs might be a bit smaller03:02
enteglibc does fancy formatstring interpolation in printf03:03
entefancier than necessary03:03
slashbeastreadelf sadly does not end with a exitcode I would like to see03:03
slashbeastI have scripted ldd to see if binary is static or not.03:03
slashbeastand I do not want to export LANG=C and parse output of it.03:04
enteyou could join #musl and ask nasty questions ;)03:11
enteI first met the musl author on #uclibc03:12
slashbeastloginrec.c:1361: error: storage size of ‘last’ isn’t known03:28
slashbeastsadly, dropbear does not handle musl.03:29
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entetry building with -D_GNU_SOURCE04:06
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seanwAnyone know where to get standard fonts like Bookman from?  Which package it might be?  I have the Microsoft core fonts but there are still fonts missing on web pages.04:38
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: wesnoth: 1.8.5 -> 1.8.605:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: wesnoth-server: 1.8.5 -> 1.8.605:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: webkit: 1.4.1 -> 1.4.205:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: gcc34: fix compile by not using system CFLAGS, allow ccache to be used to speed up compiles05:30
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teK_% pkginfo -o Bookman05:47
teK_Package     File05:47
teK_openoffice  usr/lib/openoffice/basis3.2/share/psprint/fontmetric/ITCBookman-Demi.afm05:47
teK_@ seanw05:47
Romstereh much prefer a ttf font.05:49
Romsteri didn't know bookman was used that much on the net?05:50
seanwI chose it for my own website because as I understand it it’s considered to be a “safe” font.06:10
seanwteK_, thanks :)06:10
seanwInteresting that libreoffice doesn’t seem to include this font.06:12
seanwOh, no it does, but it isn’t picked up by my browser *sigh*06:12
seanwAh, it seems that the fonts aren’t named in the standard way on CRUX.  I hacked my CSS and they suddenly started working.  I shall fix the CRUX port.06:17
enteseanw: "safe"?06:19
enteseanw: "sans-serif" is a safe font06:19
seanwente, my source was
Romsterwhy not use a edt embedded on the site?06:31
seanwMaybe I should, but I’m more concerned with my CRUX system not displaying things the way every other system does.  I think I’ve resolved the problem by renaming the URW fonts and getting rid of the adobe fonts.06:32
Romstergrab the ttf font install it.06:37
seanwIt’s installed, it’s just got a non-standard name.  I am writing an addendum to fonts.conf to fix and I will include it in the package.06:38
Romsteryeah an alias name06:39
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Romstergood afternoon23:32
Romsterit's actually not raining today. the entire week it's been gale force winds and rain like you wouldn't believe.23:58
Romsterand i'm still inside -_-23:59
Romsterupdated chromium and wine in my romster repo if anyone wants to use them.23:59

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