IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2011-07-09

Romstermust be like morning time for the majority in this channel now.00:10
prologicwell today I get to put CRUX + MuthTV on my new shiny media box today :)00:57
prologicwith a Hauppauge HVR-2200 tuner00:57
Romsteri still haven't got around to messing with that other tuner card.01:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: xine-ui: remove type.h which does not exist anymore in curl01:05
Romsterhm i don't supose there is a grpinst equivelent for depinst on prt-get?01:16
Romsterprt-get grpinst $(prt-get quickdep $f) probably is good enough01:17
prologicso who's the current maintainer of mythtv anyway ?01:20
RomsterLucas Hazel01:22
Romsterwhich gave up long ago.01:22
Romsteri've picked up pretty much everything i could make use of or just maintain.01:22
prologicyeah looks like rho has 0.2101:23
prologicand Lucas and I have 0.2001:23
Romsteri don't feel comfortable with mithtv without some use for it. plus the last time i tried to compile it with the new version didn't end well, but i didn't give it much effort.01:23
prologic0.24 is stable01:24
prologicso I guess I'll update my ports :)01:24
Romsteri'm maintaining more stuff than i would like too really. but someone has to do it.01:24
prologicwell it's good that you do anyway01:26
prologicwhat's the latest toolchain we use in 2.7 now ?01:27
Romsterwhat happend to more recruting contrib members? all these priavte repos and no one seems to care?01:31
prologicdon't worry :)01:33
prologicI think the real problem is we have little structure01:33
prologicand very little promotion01:33
prologicbut hey we probably like it that way right :)01:33
Romsteri guess01:42
Romsteri've been promoting crux but most of the responses i get is what's linux -_-01:48
prologicpromiting to whom ?02:49
Romsterany one that passes in the computer shop and asks "if i were you what would you run"03:05
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prologicIs HDMI output any different from VGI/DVI output ?04:22
prologicAs far as Xorg config, etc goes ?04:23
prologicNever done it :)04:23
slashbeastmodern xorg can handle it even without config.04:24
slashbeastif you use nvidia binary driver, you may need config hdmi output there, as xrandr will not see it.04:24
prologicahh k04:24
prologicI'm using this M/B04:25
slashbeastso asrock still exist04:25
prologicany hints on hdmi output with this board ?04:26
slashbeastat first, try startx.04:26
prologicIntel HD graphics shipset04:26
prologicwithout a config ?04:26
slashbeastwithout gfx card config, you way want config inputs in xorg.conf.d.04:27
slashbeastif driver support hdmi output there, xrandr will show it.04:27
slashbeastI presume your kernel already support KMS.04:27
prologicno idea :)04:27
RomsterHDMI is pretty much DVI with sound.04:27
prologicbut I'll likely install the latest kernel04:27
prologicRomster, oh ?04:27
slashbeastjust config your kernel proper04:27
prologicin that case I wouldn't want to use HDMI then ?04:28
slashbeastbtw prologic are you french?04:28
prologiccause the board does Digitial Audio out04:28
prologicsome SPDF thing04:28
prologicslashbeast, AU :)04:28
prologicfrom Brisbane :)04:28
slashbeastok, so you shoudn't put space before question mark.04:28
Romstersony philips digital format04:28
slashbeastthe same goes for dot, coma etc.04:28
prologichehe :)04:28
prologicI do sometimes - not sure why!04:29
prologicif this baord does digital out04:29
prologicI should just use DVI no ?04:29
prologicand use the digital out to my speaker system (7.1)04:29
Romsteryou can just use a DVI lead to HDMI adaptor.04:29
slashbeastask yourself what you wnt to use.04:29
prologic- 1 x Optical SPDIF Out Port04:30
Romsterit's the same digital format but you will need to send the audio over another cable if you do that.04:30
prologicbecause we have a separate amp04:30
prologicI think I'll go DVI04:30
Romsterif you have a multichanel amp with spdif or toslink in then for sure use that.04:30
prologicand separate SPDIF audio out04:30
prologicmy mate's coming over with some cables :)04:30
Romsteryou can get s/pdif to toslink adapters too04:31
prologicwe'll see how we go :)04:31
Romsteri haven't done any configs for HDMI so dunno on that side.04:31
Romstersome video cards do have HDMI too.04:32
prologicfew beers later and we'll have ourselves a dual tuner HD media center :)04:32
prologicRomster, this is all onboard :)04:32
prologiceven got a board with builtin WiFI04:32
prologiccause we're in a rental04:32
prologiccan't run Cat5/6 through the house :/04:32
Romster2 x Antenna Ports? tuner on board?04:33
Romstersure you can but it's messy04:33
prologicHaupppauge HDV-2200 PCI-e card04:33
Romsteror even lan over power adaptors.04:33
prologicyeah I can't find those Ethernet over Power adapters04:34
prologicdunno where to get them from04:34
prologicDSE don't sell them :/04:34
slashbeastebay them04:38
Romsternetcomm make them i can get them from the suppliers i thin there about $99 a pair.04:43
RomsterDSE don't carry anything decent anymore they gone all crap...04:43
prologicgot a link to their product page on them ?04:43
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Romsterrock on05:31
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teK_ente: you're not from Rendsburg by chance?11:13
Rotwangmy new job is sucking life out of me11:51
Rotwangtoday I dreamt about writing makefiles11:51
thrice`yeah, sounds like you've hit bottom :p11:57
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: beautifulsoup: -> 3.2.013:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: nvdock: fix broken compile13:04
enteteK_: rendsburg? where's that?13:21
enteRotwang: everything is a makefile of a makefile of a makefile13:34
enteteK_: I'm from saarland, actually13:34
RotwangI'm makefile man13:43
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Rotwangwtf? :O15:38
enteit's awesome <315:39
enteI'm trying to understand the code15:40
Rotwangme too15:41
RotwangI wonder how it works without #including anything15:42
entethat's easy15:44
enteI meant the algorithm15:44
entehe's declaring sin and cos15:44
enteas double function with an unspecified number of parameters15:45
entestuff defaults to int in archaic C15:45
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prologicI have a few problems compiling the rtl8192se driver on this new machine20:25
Ovim|afk_nAWhich machine?20:27
prologicthis new media box I've built20:29
prologicit's running CRUX 2.7 (obviously) :)20:30
prologichaven't updated all the ports yet20:30
Ovim|afk_nAOkay :)20:30
Ovim|afk_nAYeah, got some problems with gcc atm20:30
prologicIf you can help, please do :)20:31
prologicI haven't a clue20:31
Ovim|afk_nAUh oO20:32
Ovim|afk_nAI never compiled the latest CRUX kernel20:32
prologicumm no20:32
prologicthat's just a kernel driver20:32
prologicfor Realtek 8172 wireless card (mini PCI) / onboard20:32
Ovim|afk_nAI alway used the latest kernel20:33
prologicyes well ok I'll do that20:33
prologicso you're running ?20:33
Ovim|afk_nANope, 3.0rc520:34
Ovim|afk_nAeh rc4 ;)20:39
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prologichmm ok20:46
prologicI'm compiling
Ovim|afk_nAOkay :)20:46
prologicfree like doing some reading for a blind guy ? :)20:47
prologicI've found later versions of this driver on the arch linux aur20:47
prologicbut they don't compile either20:47
Ovim|afk_nAAh okay20:48
Ovim|afk_nAI'm not very knowledged in this, sorry20:48
Ovim|afk_nAVery special chipset, I think.20:49
prologicit's just an Intel ICH67 chipset20:52
Ovim|afk_nAGot no such machine here, sorry. ;)20:52
Ovim|afk_nANeed to get to bed now, already 4am right now :)20:57
Ovim|afk_nAGood night :)20:57
Romsterthis makes me mad.21:43
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Romsteri wouldn't rely on any ubuntu forum.21:51
prologicdon't spose you can help can you ? :)21:51
prologicstupid driver :/21:51
Romsterstaging drivers what fun...21:56
prologicnone of the current staging drivers work for me21:59
prologicI fixed it :)22:05
Romsterugly but this might work better
Romstergo figure so what did you do?22:07
prologichow do you do a diff of two dirs again ?22:07
prologicfor patching in ports22:07
Romster#include <linux/semaphore.h> probably would fix that too.22:07
prologicyeah it does :)22:08
Romsterdiff -pruN old new22:08
prologicta :)22:08
Romsteryou've been out of ports far too long.22:08
prologictell me about it :)22:10
prologicleast the wifi driver compiles now22:10
prologicyay :)22:10
Romsterand to think you got me started22:10
Romsterlooks like this has been fixed upstream22:11
Romster[PATCH -next] staging/rtl8187se: needs semaphore.h22:11
prologicreleased in which version though ?22:11
prologicand afaik it's not in the mainstream kernel yet22:12
Romsternot yet it's in git tree.22:12
prologicahh kk22:12
Romsternext is for the next erelease probably be pulled in for or 2.6.4022:12
Romsterusually they'll backport such brokenness to both and 2.6.4022:13
Romsterjust a shame you hit that bug before the next kernel release.22:13
prologictell me about it22:14
prologicI had to go buy a board that had a largly unsuppored driver22:15
prologicit was the only board I could find with an onboard wifi card22:15
Romsteri've been hitting bugs for ages with crap but most time i can find a patch for it, but sometimes it takes forever to find it.22:15
prologicnow here's something new I've not done on linux22:16
prologichow do you setup wlan0 with wpa-psk security ?22:16
Romsterdidn't you look at the linux hardware supported stuff web site?22:16
Romsterum i dunno but i know someone that may know.22:16
prologicgood :)22:17
prologicask em for me :)22:17
Romsteralso stop putting spaces before your question mark, that's bad grammar.22:17
prologicI hardly ever use wireless22:17
prologicbetter? :)22:17
Romsteralready did but he is idle atm i'll report back when replies... oh wait he replied lol...22:18
Romsterhaha great reply22:18
Romsterspecify it with wicd, I couldn't get it to go manually22:18
prologicwicd ?22:19
Romsteralready packaged, perhaps you can gleam the CLI arguments after getting it to work.22:19
Romstersee url ^22:19
prologiccurses tool?22:19
RomsterA wired and wireless network manager uses pygtk22:19
prologicoh shit22:19
prologicI don't have X running yet22:19
Romsterah nuts...22:19
Romsteroh you'll want to hack that Pkgfile to make the daemon run in /etc/rc.d/wicd22:20
Romsteri asked if he can dump the command line arguments.22:21
prologicthanks :)22:21
prologicI just realied I need the rtl8192 firmware22:21
prologicso building a port for that too22:22
Romsteryeah perhaps add a readme for that patch until it's included too.22:22
Romsterprologic, oh sweet there is a wicd-cli22:24
Romsterin that port i posted.22:24
Romsterpygtk is probably not a hard dependency22:24
Romsteryou'll need to port that or i could port it to crux compatible init format.22:25
Romsteri am getting instructions on how wicd-cli works22:26
prologicplease could you ?22:26
prologicit would help me efforts greatly22:26
prologicI can't do two things at once ;)22:26
prologicty :)22:26
Romstercommitted to contrib.22:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: wicd: new port22:34
Romsteri have instructions s a pastebin ok?22:35
prologicI tell you what though22:37
prologicthis system boots fast22:37
prologicpastebin is fine :)22:37
Romsterapparently you can save a profile and have the wicd daemon load it for you.22:40
prologicoh nice22:40
prologic404 in source url22:41
prologicyay for sf.net22:41
Romsterah nuts....22:42
Romsterdownloaded when i got it but i had mirror:// thought i got it right from memory...22:42
prologicyou forgot to commit wircd.rc :)22:43
prologicfixy fixy please :)22:44
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: wicd: fix stupid sourceforge url22:46
Romsterah nuts22:46
prologicalso you forgot wircd.rc :)22:46
Romsterit isn't my day is it.22:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: wicd: add misisng wicd.rc file22:47
Romsternor is my typing...22:47
prologicno no it isn't :)22:47
* prologic eats22:47
Romsteri really hate sourceforge urls...22:48
prologicdoesn't everyone?22:48
Romsteri'd say so.22:48
prologicstill haven't gottten Xorg to work yet22:49
Romsterbah i pruned too much off... prt-get depinst pygobject22:52
Romster# Depends on: pygtk pycairo dbus-python pygobject notification-daemon22:53
Romsteri tried to prune it and i fail...22:53
Romsterit complies without all that...22:53
Romsterdbus-python pygobject might be enough22:53
Romsterthough why the hell would it need dbus for CLI22:54
Romsterif it works with just dbus-python pygobject i'll commit the fix.22:55
Romsterelse i'll jsut add the whole line like i had it.22:55
prologicI'm testing22:56
prologicneed to update a few ports first22:56
Romsterwhich ones yours?22:56
prologiclibpcre and glib22:56
prologicno system ones22:56
prologicI haven't done a prt-get sysup yet22:56
prologicAre you sure wicd can run CLI ?23:02
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: wicd: don't prune dependencies it's asking for trouble23:04
Romsterdepinst wicd23:04
Romsterit should23:04
prologicyeah no23:05
prologicI don't think it will23:05
prologicwithout running it in X23:05
Romsterwhat the hell.23:05
RomsterPlease use --wireless or --wired to specify the type of connection to operate on.23:06
Romsterthough i got that in a term..23:06
Romsteri thought anything with C-LI in it is emant to work in console..23:07
Romsteryour the python expert.23:08
prologicnot necessarily23:10
prologicit wants to connect to a dbus socket23:10
prologicwhich doesn't exist23:10
prologiccause I'm not running Xorg nor dbus daemons23:10
Romstermight need to be disabled at compile time i don't know... i have not dug that deep into it.23:13
prologicI've worked it all out (sort of)23:29
prologiccan't get the wlan0 to link up with my AP though23:29
Romsteri guess wicd is worthless...23:42
prologicit is here yeah23:47
prologicstill trying to get wpa working though23:47
prologicI believe wireless iw roking now23:47

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