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pitillogood morning01:07
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: mkvtoolnix: 4.8.0 -> 4.9.003:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: bftpd: 3.2 -> 3.503:47
Romstermorning / evening off to darts later.03:47
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Romster safe for work07:40
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: libfm, pcmanfm: bumped release version10:30
Rotwangit would be nice to have url to a comitdiff from cruxbot10:31
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Rotwangwesnoth anyone?13:11
frinnstFirefox 8 20% Faster Than Firefox 514:26
frinnstanybody mind if i drop firefox from opt? :D14:26
frinnstawesome development model they have these days..14:27
Ovim-ObscurumLike someone posted:14:28
Ovim-Obscurum"<cruxbot> Firefox 12.342 published to opt"14:29
Rotwangc'me on they are just numbers14:30
Ovim-ObscurumBut it's a very stupid releasing model anyway14:31
jaegerRotwang: that's the most odd use of an apostrophe for contraction that I've seen, I think :)14:31
entefirefox 98 will be shut down14:31
enteyou can turn the computer off now14:32
Ovim-ObscurumLOL ente14:32
entewell, after windows 98 came windows 200014:32
entesame development model.. add some digits and then switch to alphabetic release names14:32
enteI'm sure firefox vista will be ready next week14:33
Ovim-ObscurumI will wait until Firefox 8 with Support for ARM14:39
Ovim-ObscurumUh.. you know, Windows 8? Support for ARM?14:41
enteI don't know :p14:42
entewindows has supported ARM for quite some time14:42
entealthough they always made special releases14:42
Ovim-ObscurumThat was long, long time ago14:43
entelet me guess, in a galaxy far, far away?14:44
enteand no, that wasn't so long ago14:45
entewhat about windows CE and windows phone 7?14:45
entewhat do you think these mobile phones run on?14:45
entehot air? steam?14:45
Ovim-ObscurumWinCE != Windows15:03
Ovim-ObscurumDesktop OS != Embedded OS15:03
Ovim-ObscurumWin8 is the first OS after the old Embedded which runs on ARM again IIRC15:03
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entesame shit, different name15:30
teK_... different architecture15:31
entethat's hardly important15:31
enteeven windows isn't written in assembly to a large extent15:31
teK_I'm not really into discussing windows-related topics15:32
entethis is mostly a portability-related topic, but fine, neither do I15:32
Ovim-Obscurum< ente> same shit, different name15:32
Ovim-Obscurumn8 everyone15:36
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Rotwangis there something comparable to svn externals in git?16:38
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entehigh-speed dnstunnel...17:45
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afz902kHi everyone, I recently installed Crux and have been running it for a few days now. Pretty nice so far, though something is bugging me: fsck.jfs is performed for both of my jfs partitions on every system start, regardless of errors. Is there a way to prevent this or at least hide the output?19:34
jaegerDo you see any errors on shutdown about the filesystems being busy and unable to unmount?19:39
jaegerIs the clock set properly?19:40
afz902kthe clock does display the right date, I don't remember seeing any errors on shutdown, but perhaps I should look at the logs19:40
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thrice` fstab entries?19:41
afz902kboth of my partitions have the defaults and noatime options on fstab.19:44
jaegerI don't have a lot of JFS experience here, sorry... tried without noatime? It's probably harmless but couldn't hurt to try19:45
afz902kI'll give it a try!19:49
jaegerI don't think it'll fix it but I'm not sure, don't really have any other ideas19:51
jaegerWhen ext3 does that it's always because I have the clock wrong after changing it to UTC or something19:51
jaeger(for me, at least)19:51
afz902kI just added a fsck.jfs line at rc.shutdown to see if this fixes things for one of the partitions, just testing19:51
afz902kNo luck :P19:56
afz902kfound something at /etc/rc20:01
afz902kcommented the file system check lines at /etc/rc fixed it, although it's probably not optimal by any means.20:05
Romsteryeah that's not the best solution...21:24
afz902kcurrently I'm experiencing a worse issue, excessive bright in Xorg (I have an ATI card and am using the radeon driver)21:27
afz902kexcessive brightness/gamma, that is21:27
afz902kseems to be the same as this:
RomsterUsing xgamma, to lower gamma makes it worse. that arn't god21:28
afz902kyep, it does make it workse. It increases the contrast. Seems to only darken what's already very dark, having very little effect on what is overly bright21:30
afz902kwonder where I can get this "radeontool"21:30
Romsteron kernel
afz902kATI stuff is built-in, too21:32
afz902knot sure if I should try to upgrade xorg-xf86-video-ati, I have version 6.14.2-1 which according to prt-get is the latest port version; furthermore, would that have any effects since ATI drivers are built into the kernel anyway?21:35
Romsterinstalling the firmware-linux-nonfree package seems to completely resolve the Radeon gamma issue.21:35
afz902kyeah but... That's flgrx, right?21:36
Romsterdunno what firmware if any is used.21:36
Romsteryour using the open driver does that use firmware too?21:36
afz902kI guess I'll end up doing that. yes I use the open driver, it appears to use firmware but I never had to specify any21:37
Romsteryeah i see no upstream updates from 6.14.2 so it's current.21:38
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RomsterIf you use a kernel version of >=2.6.33 and have a R6XX card or newer, you'll also need the microcode provided by:
Romsteri don't have a raedon card but this seems resonable... someone may have packaged that in crux already.21:42
afz902khey, I didn't do that. I'll try it. Actually I did include firmware for my wireless interface but didn't try doing it for the graphics card.21:43
Romsteri'm only guessing here21:44
afz902kFine by me :D21:46
afz902kOh wait21:46
afz902kI just read you only need to provide firmware if your card is an R6XX or above21:47
afz902kMine isn't. it's an RV53521:47
Romsteris RV below R?21:48
afz902kApparently the RV is used for specific models whereas RXXX is used for model families21:51
afz902kSo yeah21:51
afz902kThat's my card, which is older than the R6XX series (those are Radeon HD cards, mine isn't)21:52
Romsterlibdrm is at 2.4.26 could bump that rebuild xorg-xf86-video-ati21:54
Romsterother than that and maybe trying older versions of xorg-xf86-video-ati21:56
Romsteri'm out of ideas.21:56
Romsteri'm using nvidia here.21:56
afz902kHmm, yeah I have 2.4.25-1, maybe I should've gone with nvidia haha. I'll try to build radeontool and try those regfixes they suggest at Launchpad21:57
Romsterprt-get edit libdrm bump the verison prt-get update -um libdrm...21:58
Romsterwhen did this start to happen or you jsut got this video card?21:58
Romstersometimes i have to revert stuff.21:59
Romsterbbl work21:59
afz902kxrandr --output DVI-0 --brightness 0.8, then set gamma with xgamma or xrandr22:00
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