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pitillogood morning01:07
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: iproute2: update to 2.6.3902:43
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: iptables: update to
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frinnstfirmware should only be needed if you do fancy stuff like kms/3d04:14
frinnstopt/radeon-ucode provides all needed fw04:14
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: dialog: updated to 1.1-2011070706:15
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: cmake: updated to 2.8.506:15
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: chromium: initial import08:38
teK_who did that? :)08:39
sepenbut I'm not the original packager, only the maintainer08:39
sepenwell, in addition I added a README file08:40
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tilmando we store ssl certificate private keys in /etc/ssl/private these days?09:36
tilmaninstead of /etc/ssl/keys?09:36
tilman(these days == crux 2.7 :D)09:36
tilmanseems that way09:37
tilmanmails empfaengt er schonmal09:41
tilmanmmhmh mmhh10:04
tilmanjue: /etc/rc.d/dovecot still uses /etc/ssl/keys/ as the directory for the private key. it looks like the current openssl default is to use /etc/ssl/private10:05
tilmanjue: what are your thoughts about this?10:05
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tilmananyone have a copy of romster's protobuf port? his server is offline it seems10:49
Romstergo figure i got that in my repo.... oh well..10:50
tilmanah, you're here10:50
tilmanRomster: can you start that machine? :p10:50
Romsterit's not offline... probably slow...10:50
tilmanoh, i actually got http 503 error10:50
Romster shold be all there.. i see it.10:52
tilmanmaybe it's my firewall/proxy/something10:52
tilmanit was my http proxy10:53
Romsterand i've got chromium and i was /thinking/ of adding it to contrib. no point now.10:53
tilmanprobably not configured to listen on port 808010:54
Romsteryeah stupid isp blocks 80 -_-10:54
Romsterprobably needs a version bump i haven't gone though all my stuff yet.10:54
Romsternearly 2am and i'm nearly passing out i was just looking over irc before i went to sleep, no update todat yet seems odd... i've been tracking deltas to save downloading 192MB every release.
frinnstwtf, chromium needs cups?11:23
frinnsti dont have a printer, stupid google11:23
jaegerIs it used to print to PDF, perhaps?11:25
thrice`looks like it should work without11:27
thrice`gentoo's 14.x doesn't use any patching at all for cups11:27
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frinnstmake: *** [out/Release/] Error 111:39
frinnstwhen i removed cups during the build :)11:39
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frinnsti wonder if all the deps listed in the pkgfile are actually needed, since the chromium source ships with every library ever made11:41
frinnstand when i see stuff like -Duse_system_ffmpeg=0 in the pkgfile11:42
thrice`did you disable cups?11:43
thrice`or just leave it out11:43
tilmanjaeger: i don't think cups can _render_ to pdf11:45
jaegerAh. It was just a guess11:45
tilmannot really sure anymore myself :D11:46
teK_there should be a chromim pdf port supplying libpdf.so12:11
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frinnst[] Creating shared memory in /dev/shm/.org.chromium.Chromium.M6Flig failed: Permission denied12:22
frinnstwhats a new one12:22
Rotwanghow are you guys doing?12:23
teK_good. How are you doing dear sir?12:24
Rotwangnot bad, my job could suck less, but aside that everything is average12:25
teK_I dream of dreaming of Makefiles12:27
teK_(yo dawg..)12:27
teK_Infor (the owner of Baan ERP) missed appointment today12:31
teK_result: our CEO decided that we'll switch to SAP without even getting offers for other ERP systems12:31
frinnst/usr/lib/chromium/chromium: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory12:32
teK_the second appointment, btw.12:32
tilmanfwiw, baan and sap are the only erps i've ever heard of ;)12:32
teK_we're talking about a nice 6 figure number, btw12:32
teK_yeah we're currently using Baan 412:32
teK_which is not that bad imho12:33
teK_but they WANT to throw out the bag of money (they dont have)12:33
Rotwangnever heard about baan12:33
tilmanthe name baan seems a bit retarded12:33
Rotwangalmost like autobahn12:33
teK_it's the founders' last name12:33
teK_Baan Brothers from Netherlands12:33
entesomeone baan him12:34
entetilman: erps sounds like burps12:34
tilmansorry, that's the carbonated water12:35
frinnstsweet, new firefox and still nothing in their mailinglist12:46
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cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: firefox: updated to 5.0.113:27
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entenot 8?13:49
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frinnstgive it a week or two14:07
entea day14:08
ente5 is a minor security fix for 4?14:09
frinnstnah, fixes some osx crash or something14:28
frinnstyou can give it a miss14:28
frinnstoh, yeah pretty much14:28
frinnst5.0.1 fixes some mac-crap i just noticed14:28
* Rotwang prt-get locks failfox14:33
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sepenlol, that's too official
sepenand you could get it more official too :D14:35
sepenI'm building now 14.0.816.0 but you can get a package for 14.0.810.0 here
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thrice`wow, 64-bit too :-)14:59
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: firefox: updated to 5.0.115:37
frinnstsepen: regarding chromium.. -Duse_cups=0 for us without printers? :)15:38
frinnstalso, are you sure you need all those deps? ffmpeg for example, chromium is built with -Duse_system_ffmpeg=015:38
teK_what about 'us' with printers?15:40
frinnstyou can still print? i can print to a pdf without cups support builtin15:40
teK_I want to print via chromium to cups15:41
frinnstwell screw you then! :)15:41
thrice`if only these Pkgfiles were editable :(15:50
teK_It would be cool if one could override build() but not version etc15:51
teK_poor man's use flags =)15:51
prologicoh christ teK_16:09
prologicjust edit the damn thing :)16:09
teK_and lose my changes after ports -u?16:09
teK_and miss a new version?16:10
prologicthen create your own damn port :)16:10
prologicor version your local ports tree16:10
prologicso you can do "hg diff" after a "ports -u"16:10
prologicc'mon man :)16:10
teK_the other approach is more elegant16:11
prologicinstall mercurial16:11
prologiccreate a repo in /usr/ports/opt or whatever16:12
prologicand maintain a patch queue on top of upstream changes16:12
teK_I don't even understand what you wnat me to do. so: no :P16:12
teK_+ I'm happy with 100% of the ports16:12
teK_still it'd be nice to be able to override build().16:13
teK_22:38 < frinnst> sepen: regarding chromium.. -Duse_cups=0 for us without printers? :)16:13
Rotwangand so we are coming closer to introducing use flags into crux ;f16:14
teK_the maintainer doe not have to change a single thing16:15
prologicthis is a bad idea16:17
prologicjust maintain your own version of certain ports you want customized16:17
teK_why should this be bad16:19
teK_there's zero overhead for maintainers16:19
teK_and < 20 LOC changes16:19
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sepenfrinnst: yeah, but some -D flags cause compilation errors to me, as for example ssl17:51
sepenimho it would be fine if we can't disable some options (like cups) to have a minimal port, so I'll different options too17:53
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thrice`teK_, I think this was possible back when I used gentoo.  you just passed an 'EXTRA_CONFIGURE_OPTIONS' or something18:42
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