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pitillogood morning01:19
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cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: flash-player-plugin: updated to, Beta1.05:34
enteBeta ♥05:36
teK_I tried it myself earlier this day exactly modifiyng the Pkgfile frinnst did05:37
teK_and hey.. beta is always better than old (i.e. insecurity) wrt flash..05:37
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sepennot listed here
enteI just made a patch-patch06:48
entewith double and quadrupel pluses and minuses06:48
ente---- sesman/libscp/Makefile.orig        2007-05-28 01:30:34.000000000 +020006:48
ente-+++ sesman/libscp/Makefile     2011-07-14 13:33:17.000000000 +020006:48
ente+--- sesman/libscp/Makefile.orig        2011-02-07 16:23:40.000000000 +010006:48
ente++++ sesman/libscp/Makefile     2011-02-07 16:32:21.000000000 +010006:48
frinnstffs, the old 64bit plugin wasnt even alpha :)06:53
frinnstit was a "preview"06:54
thrice`does this one work any better?  I almost have no interest in even trying :(06:54
frinnstno idea, just bumped it during my lunchhour06:54
frinnstit cant suck more06:55
thrice`such faith :p06:55
frinnstwell, doesnt seem to work on my SL box at work..07:17
thrice`and you said it couldn't suck more ;)07:24
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jaegerflash can ALWAYS suck more08:25
teK_PDF can suck more08:31
teK_that's because you can embed flash into pdf08:31
teK_so you can suck while you suck, dawg08:31
thrice`mind = blown08:32
teK_once upon a time there was a software engineering lecture + slides containing this beautiful statement: "reusable toolkit class is not reusable" .. take THIS logic!  *mind blown*08:34
joacimabout flash08:54
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: dash: -> 0.5.709:03
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: postfix: 2.5.13 -> 2.5.1409:08
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: scummvm: 1.3.0 -> 1.3.109:08
Romsterthought that bug was only affecting me xD09:22
jaegerI've never seen it09:23
jaegerRomster: your texinfo port uses the .lzma source archive but the .md5sum file contains the .tar.gz md509:34
sepenteK_: pong09:36
Romsterdidn't i update that... probably forgot to commit it09:37
Romsterjaeger, fixed it, thanks.09:40
Romsterchromium: 14.0.816.0 -> 14.0.821.010:26
Romsterseems they must of had an issue as 14.0.817.0 isn't there and it took a while for more tarballs to appear.10:27
Romsterfrinnst, firefox 5.0.0 -> 5.0.1 breaks in prt-get depinst due to webgl needing mesa3d10:36
Romsterheading to bed g'night10:36
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sepenRomster: issue on .817? so what's the problem with .816?10:57
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sepengoing back to home, see ya'11:22
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frinnstRomster: but if you run firefox, chances are you have xorg installed12:47
frinnstand mesa3d is a dep of xorg12:48
frinnsterr, xorg-server12:48
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tilmanwebgl sucks anyway? ;)13:58
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frinnstnah, its awesome if you want to crash your browser15:58
teK_computer games inside the browser are teeeh future!1115:58
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Romster14.0.817.0 isn't there meaning the tarball is missing it counts from 816 then 81917:50
Romsterfrinnst, yeah but it breaks the prt-get depinst with only core installed. so why not disable webgl? or add mesa3d as a dependency? it's meant to list all build/run time dependencies and it's currently not.17:51
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