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prologicheya all03:02
prologiccan anyone lend a hand with wifi ?03:02
prologicI can't get this linux box associated with my ap (using wpa security)03:02
Romsteri tried last time03:03
prologicit scans and lists the ap just fine03:03
captainHmm, would try.. but I haven't set up wifi on crux..03:03
prologicthrow some ideas at me guys :)03:03
prologicI've been struggling with this for a few days :/03:03
Romsterif i used a wifi card i might have an idea...03:04
captainis there a gui util you're using, or from command line?03:04
captain..bah, why is my nick wrong again?03:05
prologicstraight cli03:05
prologicusing iwconfig03:05
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prologic(no GUI on this box yet)03:05
prologic(I believe it's a problem with the way I've configured WPA with wpa_suplicant)03:05
prologicI think03:05
CaptLloydahh yeah03:05
CaptLloydso you got that far :)03:05
prologicyes of course :)03:05
prologicI'm not entirely stupid! hehe03:06
prologicjust yeah still haven't successfully got it associatged ;/03:06
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mrksand whats the problem?03:07
mrkshow do you run wpa_supplicant?03:07
CaptLloydyou could try to connect to a wired network, ssh with X11 forwarding, run the wpa_supplicant gui util :-)03:08
prologicno :)03:09
prologicas nice as that would be I haven't even got X working yet03:09
prologicwhen I try to run wpa_suplicant, I get "Operation Not Permitted"03:10
prologicwpa_suplicant -B -D wext -i wlan0 -c /etc/wpa.conf03:10
prologicas stated in the README03:10
mrksdo you get a more specific message without -B?03:11
mrksis wext the correct driver for your wifi hardware? dunno if there are other drivers these days.. just remember a madwifi option or so..03:12
prologicyeah these are things I'm not so sure about tbh03:12
mrksso what chip do your card have?03:13
prologicthe hw is a Realtek 8172 onboard wifi card03:13
prologicusing the 8192se driver03:13
prologicwithout -B it's timing out03:14
prologicwuth is timing out03:14
mrksand you have set up an entry for your network with wpa_passphrase essid secretkey >> configfile?03:15
prologicyeah I have03:18
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mrksdon't know then, sorry.. always worked for me like that03:19
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prologicI'm not even sure what driver to use for this chipset03:22
prologicwith wpa_supplicant -D ...03:22
mrksi think wext is the correct option for most cards03:23
mrksdoes your card need a firmware blob and if so is it loaded?03:24
prologicyes it does require a firmware blob03:25
prologicis it loaded ? - no idea03:25
prologichow do I check ?03:25
mrksdmesg should print a line I think03:26
mrksmaybe it gets listed also when you do a `modinfo yourmodule`03:30
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Ovim-ObscurumMorning everyone!04:00
Ovim-ObscurumSomeone of you tried lcd4linux? :)04:00
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: ruby: update to 1.9.2-p29004:10
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: ruby-doc: update to 1.9.2-p29004:10
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: nasm: update to 2.09.1004:12
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juelooks like a serious file-system comparison ->
juenice to see that jfs still plays well in most cases, particularly with ssd drives06:17
entewhy ssd drives?06:39
jueente: did you read the article?06:44
enteit mostly shows impressive graphs, I think06:46
enteit doesn't explain why jfs is faster06:46
enteeither that, or I've overlooked it06:46
juewell, it explains nothing, only shows the results ;)06:47
entemeh ;)06:47
enteI wonder how ext2 compares to the others06:47
enteand also some of the BSD fses06:47
Romsteri've had badluck coruption with JFS in the past when the power has gone out in the middle of a write. when it's not clean it does not force a fsck.06:50
Romsterand it wont mount... at another time it was corrupt and fsck could not repair it. so be warned.06:51
enteI've always been using ext3 and I see no reason to switch06:52
enteespecially not in that chart :P06:52
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Romsteri haven't even moved to ext4 yet/ ext3 is serving me well.06:54
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enteI don't have great I/O on my laptop disks, so it doesn't actually matter06:55
entemaybe on a server06:55
frinnstfucking phoronix.. cant even tell the difference between ext4 and jfs06:57
frinnstnice colourscheme06:57
frinnstits nice to see he doesnt do mp3 encoding in his fs-benchmarks this time atleast06:59
jueRomster: never had any problems with jfs, but right, you've to set the fith/sixth field in fstab to 1 for jfs07:13
Romsterit was 1 in the auto fsck.07:37
Romsteryou probably never had the power go out at some critical point on a JFS system yet. or they fixed it to it wont do what it did to me. both copies of the filesystem allocation tables were shot.07:38
jueprobably, one the other hand I'm using jfs on my old laptop which is used to test new things. I had lot of crashes there, but didn't noticed something serious like you.07:43
Romsterprobably just a freak thing.07:45
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seanwHey all.  I have a few patched versions of packages, so I have renamed them: cairo-cleartype instead of cairo, for example.  But of course this breaks prt-get’s dependency resolution.  What’s the cleanest way of doing it?  Just call my packages the same names?10:24
entemake a local ports collection in /usr/ports/locla10:27
enteand make it take precedence in prt-get.conf10:28
enteat least this has always worked for me10:29
seanwThat’s what I did, but it doesn’t seem right to have the same package name when it’s a heavily patched package.10:29
entewhy not, it's still the same application, right?10:29
entebroken deps are not worth it, and imo it works well enough in practice10:30
enteof course you could do the deps by hand ;/10:30
seanwheh alright10:32
Romsteredit /var/lib/pkg/prt-get.aliases and add your port as an alias10:50
Romsterbe sure to add that file to /etc/pkgadd.conf else changes will be gone should you ever reinstall/update prt-get.10:51
Romsterseanw, ^10:51
entethat's even more cumbersome, but maybe cleaner10:53
seanwRomster, great, thanks.  The reason I desire cleanness is cos I want to publish this repo.10:55
Romsternice to see more contributors, i hope they all arn't patched ports of existing ones :)11:04
enteI might contribute a bit less ;(11:05
enteI'm getting involved with NetBSD11:05
* Romster gives ente a stern look11:05
enteI realised that linux is FUBAR11:06
Romsterfunny i seem to get that impression but i keep persisting thinking it'll get better it's all community driven if someone hates something fork it.11:07
enteBSD rocks in terms of developing software for it11:08
ente this is all I need to compile a program11:08
tilman"fuck, sigtimedwait() isn't supported!? *rage*"11:08
tilmanyeah, it's so much fun developing for ancient unixes11:09
enteI'm not on 4.3BSD11:09
tilmanthat makefile is cute, but i don't think build systems are the most important point ;)11:10
entethe rest is similar :p11:10
seanwRomster, no, most are fresh ports :-)11:10
enteapparently, it is supported11:11
tilmani was referring to osx11:11
tilmanwhich is argueably a bsd flavor11:11
enteah, OS X counts as ancient UNIX indeed11:12
enteMach/FreeBSD 4.011:12
Romsterseanw, nice to know.11:13
enteaccording to schmorp, poll(2) is broken on OS X, kqueue isn't even implemented and select(2) has arbitrary limits11:13
Romsteri sense a flame war and i'm off to sleep, work later :/11:14
Romsterbut the mac fans love OS X11:14
Romsterthey don't care about that they still throw monies at it.11:14
Romsteri wont touch anything mac other than that old mac classic || and the apple 2e i have here.11:15
entesee ya11:15
enteoh shit11:15
enteit's 18:1511:15
enteit feels like 12:0011:15
entetime for lunch :P11:16
Ovim-ObscurumI know that ente11:17
entenom nom11:47
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* frinnst just ordered a i7 with 16gig ram \o/12:47
teK_does it have AES-NI?12:49
frinnstIntel® Core(TM) i7 2600K12:49
teK_ says Yes12:50
teK_Intel® HD Graphics 3000  Processor Graphics.. hm12:51
frinnstyeah, redundant crap12:52
frinnstthe mb i bought doesnt support it :)12:52
teK_Nice. That + 12MB Cache as my current Core2 Quad and I'd buy it :->12:52
teK_which vendor?12:52
frinnstmb? asus12:52
frinnsttime to prepare a kernel for the beast :>12:53
teK_I have always had problems with ASUS mbs so no asus for me again. evaaar12:54
frinnstoh? ive never had any problems12:54
teK_they had three chances12:55
teK_starting with the ASUS K7V for AMD Thunderbirds (iirc)12:55
teK_asrock is ok though :>12:56
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frinnstasrock is owned by asus iirc :)13:23
treachtaiwanese businesses.. It's a spin-off from Asus.13:24
treachit's like buying asus, afaic, but QA is a bit... spotty. :>13:26
frinnstahh, via-chip13:27
frinnstthats where you went wrong :)13:27
treachI don't think there's a lot of manufacturers left for socket A chipset, if any. Presumeably they got hold of a huge pile of unsold via stuff...13:29
teK_frinnst: yes that's the funny twist in it ;)13:30
frinnst--rw-r--r--     root/root       usr/include/curl/types.h13:32
frinnsthmm, latest curl broke firefox?13:32
frinnstandybody with curl 7.21.7 installed who wants to attempt a firefox rebuild?13:39
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teK_not on this laptop.13:53
frinnstah, nevermind13:59
frinnstits an issue with the bugreporter thingy, which we dont use anyways13:59
frinnstforgot to disable it in my experimental build14:00
teK_bugreporting utility causing bugs, heh.14:22
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