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pitillogood morning01:11
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frinnsthahaha, from my kernel: All bugs added by David S. Miller <>03:16
frinnstconfident.. :D03:17
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jaegerfrinnst: I've got a new updated ISO ready... did you want to try an unmodified one or one that's already had isohybrid run on it?07:51
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frinnstif you got the bandwidth, both09:23
frinnstbut the already prepared image is most interesting09:23
jaegerok, will upload one09:23
frinnstbtw, who manages the crux linkedin group? :)09:23
jaegerno idea, first I've heard of it09:23
frinnststupid realnames, im clueless09:23
frinnst    * Owner: Wawrzyniec Niewodniczanski09:24
frinnst    * Managers: Tal Cohen09:24
thrice`sounds scary :>09:26
jaegerI think that Wawrzyniec Niewodniczanski has been in here in the past as LarryN09:27
frinnstwee, my hardware has shipped09:28
frinnst8 threads and 16gb of epicness09:28
jaegerfrinnst: do you use isohybrid or
jaegerI'm not sure they're any different, just noticed that exists09:31
jaegerboth versions are uploaded to
jaegerI didn't bring my laptop to work today so haven't tested the usb boot yet. If I get to a point where I can reboot this machine I'll test it again09:37
RomsterProvided me with laughs for 3 minutes.09:56
RomsterAlso, perfectly reflects (squares with?) how I view dubstep. I wouldn't even call those people DJs if not for the fact that I mildly enjoy music which sounds close to monkey torture.09:56
Romsterweird people...09:56
frinnstthat link scared the fucking life out of me and almost gave my boss a heartattack10:20
frinnstfucking volume was maxed10:20
jaegerhaha, sorry10:20
frinnstdont worry, i blame pulseaudio10:21
jaegersounds good10:22
frinnstbtw, your hybrid iso booted just fine for me10:24
frinnstatleast up to the shell prompt10:24
jaegerhrmm, ok. I wonder if my USB sticks are somehow problematic10:25
frinnstso wierd10:25
thrice`if it's a thinkpad, I don't think those like booting from such things10:26
jaegerI think I tested it on a thinkpad t500 but also an HP EliteBook 8540p and my shuttle xpc sn95g510:28
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jaegerfrinnst: I think I asked you once before but I don't remember the response: what dd options do you use?11:20
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frinnstjust dd if=image.iso of=/dev/sdx bs=1M usually12:28
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jaegerfrinnst: ok, will try that bs12:34
jaegerIf it fails for me again12:34
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