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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: firefox: added missing mesa3d dep.00:37
pitillogood morning01:04
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slashbeastRomster FWIW e2fsutils have e4defrag do defrag ext4 filesystem.02:57
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frinnst-thar she blows02:58
Romsterprologic, asked about ext2/3 not 4 afaik.03:00
Romsterand other FS.03:00
* Romster tests firefox03:00
Romsteri thought about a build() and a build64() in the same Pkgfile to make it a little easier to edit both and keep the same dependencies.03:01
frinnst-yeah, easier to maintain03:02
Romsterelse you could use your own Makefile to write out each Pkgfile03:02
Romsterifdef the 64bit parts03:03
Romsteri saw that if you had disabled webgl you still would need to add xorg-libxt for it to compile but mesa3d pulls in xorg-libxt.03:04
frinnst-let me know if you find a way to disable webgl in mozilla03:05
frinnst-i looked around during the weekend, couldnt find anything03:05
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Romsteri tried the obvious --disable-webgl in mozconfig but that didn't work -_-03:05
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Romster=======> Building '/usr/ports/packages/firefox#5.0.1-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.03:15
frinnstccache? :)03:16
Romsteryeah but it finished a few minutes ago even03:16
RomsterPhenon II 965 black edition 3.4GHz 8GB ram03:17
Romsteri haven't over clocked it yet. i may when it's nearing it's end of life.03:17
* frinnst got his i7 2600K + 16gig ram yesterday03:19
frinnsti managed to use 4.5gig at most :D03:19
Romsteryeah i find it hard to use all my ram03:20
frinnstram is really cheap at the moment03:20
Romsterso are harddisks03:20
frinnsti paid ~1700SEK for 16gig.. translates to.. ~180EUR03:21
frinnstyeah, i bought 3*2TB wd-crap drives for less than what i paid for the ram03:22
Romstercan't remember what i paid for my ram but it's heatsinked ocz03:22
Romster5-5-5-15 DDR2 800MHz03:22
Romsteri did have 4Gb of 4-4-412 800MHz ram but that's in my other 2.4GHz phenom03:23
Romsternext machine will have to be DDR3 with even more latency ram :/03:23
Romsteri know the I7 has more balls but the Phenom's are cheaper on the power bill.03:29
frinnsthah, i forgot to edit fstab on my virual install.. still boots - sort of03:34
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frinnst/home/makerpm/rpmbuild/BUILD/apache-tomcat-7.0.19-src/build.xml:2398: Directory /usr/share/java/jaxrpc-1.1-rc4 creation was not successful for an unknown reason04:29
frinnsthow i love rpm04:29
Romsternice error message04:29
frinnstthe buildscript is 598 lines.....04:30
Ovim|afk_nAI need to have this!04:38
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Romsterjue, iptables needs a man page fix
Romsterstolen from gentoo.07:24
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jaegerfrinnst: just tested the hybrid iso usb stick on my workstation here before starting work, it booted fine on this machine... not sure what to think now08:11
jaegermaybe the last one I built was just fubar for some reason08:11
frinnstcurse was lifted?08:11
jaegerperhaps, though it didn't boot on all machines08:12
jaegerthat runaway modprobe loop thing happened on a p3 I tried08:12
jaegerI also managed to run my home machine out of RAM last night with VMs accidentally08:13
jaegeronly 8GB in that box, though08:13
frinnstwtf.. google binfmt-464c08:14
jaegershouldn't be hitting that if the architecture thing is the issue08:15
jaegera pentium 3 is more than new enough to fit into the i686 category08:15
frinnstlots of loops08:15
jaegermy ISO builder VM is also a 32-bit system, it's not even capable of building 64-bit08:20
Romstersome label clashing08:22
jaegernot relevant in my case but I did see that one in my search08:22
Romsterhmm so another issue...08:23
jaegermost other hits seem to indicate it's a 32-bit kernel booting a 64-bit system08:23
jaegerwhich is also not possible here08:23
jaegerIt DOES boot perfectly on my workstation here (which is a dual 8-core xeon e5520)08:23
jaegerThe machine that produced that error is a pentium 3 83308:24
Romster;post=1035254;list=linux is that the same tilma_n  ?08:24
jaegerwrong last name08:25
Romsterah ok guess there is a few of them with the same nickname.08:26
Romsteri guess you could use that kernel version though and see if you can bisect the commit.08:26
Romsterseems like a lot of effort though08:28
jaegerhrmm... I wonder if my machine at home can support 16GB RAM08:30
jaegernice, it can08:30
jaegerMight be time to upgrade again08:31
jaegerGA-P55-USB3 has been a rock solid motherboard08:31
frinnstgigabyte seems to be obsessed with realtek onboard NICs08:36
jaegerThey are, which is slightly unfortunate, though mine has worked well08:37
jaegerIf they'd make this motherboard with e1000 I'd be happy :)08:37
jaegerwell, happier08:38
jaegeron a side note what's the deal with the "intel hd 3000 graphics" listed on the core i7-2600k specs?08:39
frinnstyeah, its got a gpu onboard08:39
frinnstbut i bought a MB without support for it :)08:39
frinnstz68 or whatever is required08:40
jaegerI guess if you bought a motherboard that DID support it the MB would just have the physical connections to the output connector but no video card of its own?08:41
jaegerletting the sandy bridge handle that08:41
jaegerNeat idea, though I wouldn't want my CPU and video card to bomb at the same time when one died, hehe08:46
jueRomster: ah, I see, the whole parts about match/target extensions are missing, thanks for the hint08:52
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: clex: update to 4.6.patch509:11
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: iptables: applied man-page fixes from gentoo09:12
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Rotwanghai guys12:17
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entebon soir13:05
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