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pitillogood morning00:55
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frinnstyeah, beautiful rainy morning03:50
Romsterthis afternoon (that's long gone to evening now) we had a massive down pour.03:55
Romsternow it's not raining again.03:56
Romstersome of the clouds did look pitch black and mean looking.03:56
frinnstuh, wtf?05:06
frinnsta ports -u just deleted everything in core05:06
frinnstNot Found05:07
frinnstThe requested URL /ports/crux-2.7/core/acl/Pkgfile was not found on this server.05:07
Romsteryeah i've had that happen do a ports -u again...05:20
Romsterit's the 5 minute resync thing for rsync and git.05:20
Romstertry not to do a ports -u on any 5 minute time.05:21
Romsterlike :05 :10 :1505:21
Romsterjust after it is the best time to avoid that from happening.05:21
Romstershame the git hook for git push wasn't used to do the git to rsync update.05:21
jueRomster: actually a hook is used for the update05:48
juebut dunno what's the problem right now05:49
Romsteri'll see if i can reproduce what i've had happened before thought the removing of ports in a collection that frinnst seen is very rare to hit.05:52
RomsterUpdating collection core05:53
Romster Delete acl/.footprint05:53
Romster Delete acl/.md5sum05:53
Romsterall disappeared ok that is another fault...05:53
juewell, guess I found it05:53
juesomeone has updated git on crux.nu05:54
juebut not our scripts/hooks05:54
Romstercan't see how that would break only core?05:54
Romsterah does it depend on the git version?05:54
juethe problem is that in the past you can call the low level scripts direct, like git-update-server-info05:56
juebut nowadays you must use 'git update-server-info'05:56
juebecause git-update-server-info is no longer installed into /usr/bin but somewhere in /usr/lib/git or so05:57
jueand therefor not in the $PATH05:57
Romsterah damn they needed a big fat warning on that...05:59
juewell, the change was a looong time ago06:00
Romsterbut this bug only hits now?06:00
Romsterbefore it was rarely hit and usually second run of ports -u grabbed the ports again.06:00
jueno, I guess the git update has been done today?06:01
Romsteras i seen it it was some race condition with the way the git to rsync was doe as a cron job.06:01
* Romster checks gitweb06:02
Romster20 hours ago Juergen Daubert iptables: applied man-page fixes from gentoo06:02
Romsteryeah yours but it worked after that commit, just today i tried it after frinnst said it deleted all of core.06:03
juehehe, ok than yesterday06:03
jueyeah, seems to work again :-)06:04
Romsteri've noticed your doing most of the maintaining of core. nice work there. but why arn't the others pitching in more.06:04
Romsterjue, yep that fixed it cool.06:04
Romsterfrinnst, bug in git update hooks ^ sorted now thanks to jue.06:06
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frinnstyeah, saw that during my lunchhour06:53
jaegerfrinnst: newegg tempted me enough to buy 16GB RAM today08:27
jaeger$104 USD08:27
jaegerfrinnst: also, I rebuilt my ISO and the binfmt-464c problem went away08:38
jaegerthough I did figure out a way to reproduce it on a 64-bit capable machine, I can't figure out how it appeared on my pentium 308:39
Romsterbig mystery08:53
jaegeron the 64-bit machine the way to reproduce it made perfect sense but the 32 is indeed a mystery08:54
jaegerbooting the 32-bit USB CRUX with the 64-bit CRUX CD in the drive is how to reproduce it on the 64-bit machine08:55
jaegerthe USB init script finds the 64-bit CD first and tries to use it to boot08:55
jaegerIt wouldn't be hard to add some extra logic to the init script to fix this, though, may do that with the next revision08:56
jaegerhrmm, wonder if would fit properly in an antec p182 case08:58
jaegerMy SSDs aren't mounted right now due to the brackets not fitting perfectly08:58
Romstersticky velcro tape works wonders.09:02
Romstersince they are so light.09:02
jaegeryeah, I've considered that... I really need to go back and rewire the case, fix my cable mess09:03
jaegershould do that first, then decide how to mount09:03
Romsteranti-vibration for SSD09:06
Romsteri got that many cables in mine i can't do much to neaten it up.09:07
jaegeryeah, it will be tough but I'm sure I can do better than I have it now09:07
Romsterends up being one phat bundle of wire cable tied up.09:07
jaeger2 3.5" HDDs, 2 2.5" SSDs, PCIe RAID controller, PCIe graphics card which has 2 power cables, fan cables, case front control cables, MB power cables, blu-ray drive cables09:08
Romsteryeah about the same09:08
Romsterat least sata cables take up less room than the IDE did.09:09
Romsterand digging for them jumpers wasn'09:11
Romstert fun.09:11
Romsterdamn i hate when i hit enter on the ' mark.09:12
jaegerme too09:12
Romsterpast midnight i'll be back later g'night.09:39
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frinnstjaeger: wtf?! $104?10:25
frinnstthats like.. free :)10:25
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jaegerfrinnst: yeah :)10:43
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frinnstscreen -r12:36
frinnstwrong term12:36
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