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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mysql: update to 5.5.1510:21
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: libevent: update to 2.0.1310:21
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: poppler: adopted, update to 0.16.7, split out glib/qt bindings10:33
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: poppler-data: adopted, update to 0.4.410:33
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: poppler-glib: initial release10:33
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: poppler-qt4: initial release10:33
jueRotwang: WRT FS#746 -> dhcp is a contrib port, dhcpcd is in core10:36
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: cups: explicit specify pdftops, new dependency poppler10:40
Rotwangjue: thanks for correction10:43
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cinoltHey all, I'm relatively new to DIY distros like CRUX. Somehow I got a working kernel configuration that boots fine, however I want to test enabling/disabling kernel configuration options. I want to configure LILO to be able to boot two kernel images, one that is known to boot and another for testing, however LILO doesn't seem to give me an option when booting.12:46
cinoltHere is my lilo.conf.... can anybody help?
* Rotwang recommends installing grub12:50
cinoltI could give it a try. It just doesn't make sense to me that I've followed lilo's manual precisely and it isn't doing what it says it should.12:51
juecinolt: you've read lilo.conf?12:51
juetimeout is in 1/10 seconds, so setting it to 40 looks more sane12:52
cinoltOh. Whoops. I overlooked that bit..12:53
cinoltThanks, I'll try it out now12:53
jueyou have to specify a label for each image, without that you cannot select it12:53
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cinoltThanks, that fixed it12:56
juecinolt: that's my lilo.conf ->
cinoltOkay, I'll use it as a reference12:57
cinoltOne other question though, there seemed to be a problem when I tried to update all of the core packages, as the core packages that come with the CRUX Installation Media seemed to be a bit out of date. However when I did so, pkgmk seemed to break with some error message like Lzma library invalid option. Is this a known issue, or did I do something wrong?12:59
juehmm, looks like a problem with libarchive13:01
juedo you have a more precise error message?13:02
Rotwangcinolt: you probably tried to unpack tar.xz without having xz package13:02
Rotwangit's my guess13:02
cinoltI had the xz package at the time, I'm sure, as I triple-checked that all of the core packages were up to date.13:03
cinoltHowever I'll try to make some backups and try to replicate the problem for a precise error message.13:03
juecinolt: do you see any 'not found' errors for a 'ldd /usr/bin/bsdtar'?13:08
cinoltOkay, sorry to bother you all, but I just now updated all of my core packages and pkgmk seems to work fine ><13:09
jueok, good to hear :)13:09
cinoltI remember the problem occurred when bsdtar tried to decompress a .tar.xz13:09
cinoltAnyway, I guess all's well that ends well.13:10
cinoltAside from Arch Linux, CRUX is becoming another one of my favorite distros. Keep up the good work, and I may come back in the future for more help :)13:11
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frinnstsweet. 5TB ~/ fs13:40
* frinnst looks forward to the day one disk dies13:40
Rotwangin which raid?13:55
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cinoltHey all. I made a few local ports, and I want them to be listed in `ports -l`. What's the best way to accomplish this?16:38
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aarchvilecinolt: add your own repo to /etc/ports/17:47
cinoltCould you be more specific? What file should I add with what contents?17:51
cinoltSince it's local I don't think it should use rsync17:51
cinoltaarchvile: Forgot to add the aarchvile:17:59
aarchvileyou need webserver still tho18:02
cinoltThat's silly, I shouldn't need a webserver just to have it displayed in ports -l. I'd rather just not have it at all in that case.18:04
aarchvilecinolt: it does display in ports -l if you simply add the package to /usr/ports/<yourrepo>18:15
cinoltAh, silly me. I see what I did wrong. Okay now it's fixed, thanks.18:18
cinoltaarchvile: What about packages that are only available through Git? Is there a way to add a custom download function in a Pkgfile?18:20
aarchvilecinolt: yes, f.e i use this to build mesa
cinoltOkay now I see. What exactly does release mean?18:24
cinoltaarchvile: asdf18:24
aarchvilecinolt: i have no idea :-)18:25
cinoltHm, okay. I guess I'll just put 1 for them in all of my ports.18:26
cinoltOh god the dreaded pkgmk Lzma problem is back18:37
cinoltAny ideas anyone? It seems to work fine on some packages but not others..18:42
cinoltfor instance bsdtar can decompress opt/rar fine18:42
cinoltCan someone here at least try to install opt/pygobject and see if it works?18:48
frinnst=======> Building '/home/ports/pkg/pygobject#2.28.6-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.18:50
frinnstcinolt: rebuild xz libarchive pkgtools18:51
frinnstshould solve it18:51
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frinnstrelease= is just a "version" of the Pkgfile. if a build option changes, "forcing" a rebuild etc18:53
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cinoltfrinnst: Okay, rebuilding those packages solved it perfectly. Thanks :)18:56
cinoltWhat is the most elegant/efficient way to sync the local clock at startup, preferably using opt/msntp? Would it be best to create a /etc/rc.d/ entry and include it in /etc/rc.conf? I'm just afraid that msntp prompts stdin for a confirmation when the deviation is too large, and possibly cause problems, or would it not?19:06
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frinnstrdate -nv <host>19:22 or something19:22
cinoltHow can I make it so that command is run on startup automatically?19:24
frinnstjust add it to /etc/rc.local19:24
cinoltOkay, thanks. :)19:25
cinoltrc.local is run after rc.conf, right? Because obviously the network would have to be initialized19:26
jaegeryou could run it in /etc/rc.d/net after bringing up the network connection, too19:34
cinoltHm, according to Wikipedia it seems that rc.local is run near the end, so I think it should be fine.19:39
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Romsteri boot different kernels all the time in lilo20:05
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