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frinnstmorning :>05:17
Romstertospy turvy world.05:47
Romstercan someone with web site access edit my portsdb entry to drop the port :8080 off the end, i can use port 80 now. plus files are still missing atm i've rebuilt my machine and am still finishing up the file transfers.06:14
Romsteri'll add a redirect in iptables for 8080 for existing users and anounce to the ML for new httpup files.06:15
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rmascarenhasSo I've got this issue about utf8 encoding. My locale seems to be properly set, but when I type portuguese characters in firefox, libreoffice, etc, all I get is garbage. Strange enough, that doesnt happen in urxvt.10:23
rmascarenhasif anyone have any clue about what could be going on, I'd be glad :-)10:23
tilmanrmascarenhas: try setting the locale in ~/.xinitrc and/or ~/.xsession10:41
tilmanrmascarenhas: i guess currently only your rxvt's have the proper locale set, but not applications that you spawn directly from x but not from an rxvt10:42
tilmanalternatively, try to run firefox from an rxvt10:42
rmascarenhastilman: thanks for the answer. Just tried the easier and launched fx from urxvt. Unfortunately that didnt help.10:45
rmascarenhasThe most strange is that it did work few days ago, and I dont remember changing anything related to locale other than trying to set irssi term_charset (which also didnt work)10:46
tilmanfwiw, i only set LC_CTYPE in my ~/.zshenv but not in ~/.xinitrc -- but i can still enter umlauts in firefox (started straight from openbox)10:48
tilmanrmascarenhas: i don't have another good idea atm :|10:48
rmascarenhasyeah, I set it in my /etc/profile, nothing in xinitrc too :)10:52
tilmanthe font you use in firefox does contain the characters/glyphs you need, right?10:53
rmascarenhassure... if I paste it, its okay10:53
rmascarenhasjust cant type :/10:54
tilmanmaybe someone else will come up with a possible explanation later10:55
tilmanno idea what's going10:55
rmascarenhastilman: thank you for trying to help me :) I'll dig a little bit more and hope I'm just missing something simple :)10:58
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teK_jue: do you see any 'easy' fix for this by chance?15:57
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frinnst--libdir= ?16:14
teK_gimme a second :)16:14
teK_yes sir16:17
teK_jue: please add --libdir=/usr/lib to make the footprint mismatch on 64bit for cups go away16:17
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frinnsthmm, installed in lib/ for me16:19
teK_ok O_o16:20
frinnstdo you have lib64 symlinks?16:20
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teK_% file /usr/lib6416:21
teK_/usr/lib64: directory16:21
teK_ /lib64 is a symlink to /lib16:21
frinnsthm, i wonder what created that dir16:21
frinnst /lib64 is a symlink to lib16:21
frinnstbut /usr/lib64 was probably created by a port or something16:22
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: arpon: 2.6 -> 2.716:51
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: ncmpc: 0.18 -> 0.1916:51
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: dhcp: fix bug #74617:28
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