IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2011-08-02

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Romsterhehe, i used ot wear my hat backwards but i at least wore it the right way if i needed the shade03:06
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laenWow, nice.08:47
Romsteris that what i think it is R2D2 and C3PO09:10
frinnstor, luke and r2d209:10
jaegerbased on how the arms are held out I'd say C3PO09:12
Romsterhmm probably more Luke in a robe. i've seen Harry fords movies and i never picked up on this.09:12
jaegerC3PO walks around with his arms kinda stuck out like that09:12
Romstercan't be jajabinks :P funny one that.09:13
Romsterso case of sneak in some other movie cryptically and see who notices.09:14
frinnsteaster eggs rule09:21
frinnstoh how i hate the windows registry09:23
laenIs that related?09:23
teK_have you heard of gconf, sir? :>09:23
frinnstan uninstallation of sql2005 express failed09:24
frinnstcant uninstall, cant install09:24
Romstersounds like windows.09:30
frinnsttook a sledgehammer to the registry.. works now :p09:33
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Romsterccleaner helps remove cruft too though i think it still leaves lots of junk behind.09:48
teK_ever had the joy ofrunning three SQL versions on one machine? :)09:49
frinnstno, because im still alive :)09:50
jaegerI had a server with 2 versions at my old job, didn't mess with it because it worked09:51
Romstertoo scared to even go near that i bet. it works i'm so not touching it.09:51
teK_I didnt work with it because it messed.09:52
frinnstsweet, knocking off time09:53
Romsterit's 1am here :D10:00
Romsterit's been quiet the past few days, dunno why.10:01
Romsterwhere usually flat out with customers but not lately...10:01
frinnstits been dead here too, but ppl are starting to return this week10:06
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Romsterdoub tit, perhaps the up coming carbon tax is scaring everyone.10:14
Romsterdoubt it*10:14
Romsterif it gets in the election.10:14
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hoshi411so how is crux on ppc? anywhere i can get some reviews or screenshots?11:51
hoshi411ive got debian and opensuse dual booting on my powerbook g411:52
hoshi411and debian is screamin11:52
hoshi411so i was curious if im misding out on some other great distros for ppc11:53
frinnstcruxppc is sort of a separate project11:53
hoshi411frinnst, but theres no seperate chanel for it right11:54
frinnstyou might be right :)11:55
frinnsti think acrux is pretty involved with it11:55
hoshi411how is crux on the newbie ease of use side?11:56
teK_CRUX is a lightweight, i686-optimized Linux distribution targeted at experienced Linux users.11:57
frinnsthard to say.. if you never used any gnu/linux distributions before you will be over your head11:57
frinnstbut if you really want to learn, its a pretty optimal choice11:57
teK_but I guess if you can read nad use a search engine you will get along with CRUX, too ;)11:57
hoshi411hmm welp im dual booting opensuse and debian on a ppc machine so im not a newbie to linux but if i have to compile kernels to install it i might have problems11:59
frinnstyou do need to compile your own kernel, unless you want to run the kernel from the install medium11:59
frinnstbut honestly, compiling a kernel is not hard at all11:59
hoshi411frinnst, what DE / WM do you use with crux12:01
frinnsti use fluxbox12:01
hoshi411but gnome runs fine on it right?12:01
frinnsti guess12:01
hoshi411and firefox and gparted etc?12:02
frinnstbut if i wanted to run a DE i dont think i would use crux for it12:02
frinnstfirefox seems to work, havent gotten that many complaints regarding it :)12:02
frinnstparted/gparted is not included on the iso, only fdisk/cfdisk et. al12:03
hoshi411i see12:04
frinnstif youre hesitant, why not try it in a virtual machine first?12:04
hoshi411thats a good idea12:04
hoshi411ill do that12:05
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