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jaegerteK_: I missed if you were talking about SSDs or something but it's only the beginning of the partition that matters, not the end00:09
jaeger(for alignment)00:09
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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-server: updated to
frinnstso fucking wierd, all recompiled versions of (firefox 4,5 and 6) segfaults06:38
frinnstand i cant for the life of me figure out what has changed06:38
tilmanmaybe the versions of nss and nspr must be compatible to the version of firefox?07:01
tilmanie maybe you can only update those 3 packages in lockstep?07:01
frinnstnah, ive tried that07:15
teK_jaeger: thank you :)07:36
Romsterfirefox 5.0-1 nspr 4.8.7-1 nss 3.12.9-2 work fine here.07:59
teK_frinnst: *sigh*, thanks08:01
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: dhcp: update md5sum08:03
teK_fixing your ports in 6 easy steps by Thomas Penteker08:03
frinnstProgram received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.08:32
frinnst0x00007ffff686e440 in ?? () from /usr/lib/firefox/libxul.so08:32
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thrice`tried nspr 4.8.8, nss 3.12.10 ?08:34
thrice`did you upgrade glibc or something silly? :-)08:34
frinnstive tried everything08:34
thrice`yeah, figured :(08:34
frinnstcan somebody build valgrind for me? 64bit08:37
frinnstcomplains about my 3.0 kernel08:38
frinnstand im too lazy to fix it08:38
teK_giveme a second08:39
teK_ frinnst08:46
teK_report back if it works08:47
frinnstheh, yeah08:48
teK_time to figure out the correct URL > build time *ahem* :p08:48
deus_exxfce4-mixer does not like gstreamer-0.11.0...08:50
deus_exfrinnst: Did I send you latest patch for nvidia port?08:54
frinnststill dont got access to opt-x86_64?08:56
* frinnst slaps teK_, tilman 08:56
deus_exyou are in a slapping mood today, my friend :)08:56
frinnstonly a versionbump?08:56
frinnstok, no need for a patch then08:57
frinnstheh, always :)08:57
tilmandeus_ex: do you have an account on
deus_exoh, wait, does account on flyspray count ? :)08:57
cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: nvidia: updated to 280.1308:57
tilmandeus_ex: email me your public ssh key along with your preferred user name08:58
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pedjatilman: sent.09:16
frinnstso, i rebuilt firefox *without* -march=native -O2 -pipe09:18
frinnstand its been running stable for 5mins!09:19
tilmanpedja: done09:23
pedjathanks :)09:23
tilmantry cloning the repository using ssh09:24
tilmanshould work09:24
pedjahmm. ssh asks for password.09:29
pedjaand yes, private key is loaded.09:31
tilmanHost crux.nu09:32
tilman  Port 222209:32
tilman  IdentityFile ~/.ssh/which_private_key_to_use09:32
pedjaworks now, tnaks :)09:35
slashbeastfrinnst: which opts march native does add on your box?09:41
slashbeastgcc -Q --help=target -march=native | grep -v disabled09:42
frinnstiirc, i *did* a systemrebuild once i got the i7.. just to test it09:45
frinnstand its only firefox thats segfaulting09:46
pedjafrinnst: I have an updated port for 64bit virtualbox-bin, if you are interested.It is a bit different than yours, and not tested much :) (I use Vmware most of the time).10:02
frinnstoh right, still on 4.010:04
pedjaonly difference, afaict, is that my port forces virtualbox to use system qt libs instead of bundled was a fix for one of the previous versions, iirc.10:09
pedjaI'll  have to figure out how to install extpack, too, now it only downloads it, for convinience sake :)10:11
frinnsttilman: error: unable to create temporary sha1 filename ./objects/32: File exists10:12
frinnstwhen pushing to contrib-x86_6410:12
tilmanthere's no way to fix this shit for good, right?10:14
tilmanfrinnst: fixed for now10:14
frinnstme + crux repos = fail10:53
tilmansome users don't have 'users' as their primary group10:55
tilmanthat's the problem10:55
tilmanbut i don't know if this is on purpose or not10:55
Rotwanghi all11:16
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thrice`hi Rotwang11:44
frinnstteK_: what cflags do you use with your shiny new i7?12:04
slashbeastpropably --omg-optimized ;p12:09
frinnstricerflags ftw12:10
Rotwangfrinnst: -march=native12:13
Rotwang-Os -pipe12:13
Rotwangno, but whats the difference?12:14
frinnstwell, -march=native might be different :)12:14
Rotwangwell, no12:15
frinnstwhat cpu do you have?12:16
Rotwang-march=native is -march=native regardless12:16
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frinnstnative is dynamic, depends on your cpu12:16
tilmanfrinnst: as long as your gcc build recognizes i7, march=native should be ok12:17
frinnstyeah.. but firefox compiled with native on my core2quad runs, firefox compiled with the same settings on my i7 segfaults12:17
frinnstfeel free to explain that :)12:18
Rotwangfrinnst: because native is dynamic, depends on your cpu12:18
RotwangI think it might be some gcc bug12:19
frinnstexactly, thats why i wanted to get a guinea pig with the same cpu as me :)12:19
frinnstand same flags12:19
Rotwangfrinnst: I had similar issues with thunderbird after switching to 2.712:19
frinnstwhat caused it? gcc?12:23
Rotwangcan't reproduce it anymore12:24
teK_export CFLAGS="-O3 -march=x86-64 -mtune=core2 "12:36
teK_have to change that12:36
teK_gentoo wiki sais CFLAGS="-march=core2 -mtune=generic -O2 -pipe"12:42
teK_btw frinnst is there a reason for not bumping gcc to 4.6.1?12:43
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teK_frinnst: will compile ff with native..12:44
teK_=======> Building '/usr/ports/packages/firefox#5.0.1-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.12:58
teK_[tek@basra][~]% firefox12:58
teK_zsh: segmentation fault  firefox12:58
* teK_ tunes in his michael jackson voice... cause you are not alone12:58
Rotwangwhat about not using -O's13:01
teK_but those precious microseconds of performance gain!13:01
Rotwangyeah, but I meant for debugging purposes13:01
Rotwangbut when I've done that with tb, it miraclously started to work13:05
frinnstteK_: cool13:30
frinnstso, "known" cflags issue with firefox and some "sane", none-ricer settings13:32
frinnstsuggestions for the port wrt firefox 6.0?13:32
teK_as I switched to chromium...13:34
teK_any  chromium users present?13:34
teK_btw tilman  01:02 < teK_> btw have you seen my pkginfo patch for <pattern> support with its -o option?13:38
teK_01:04 < teK_>
tilmanfrinnst: what's asdrygt mean?13:39
tilmanalso, what is ljud?13:40
frinnstwhen someone is "dryg", that usually means he's a prick13:40
frinnstcant think of a good enligsh word for it13:42
frinnstgot more of a context?13:42
tilmanexplain later13:42
tilmanfrinnst: in a game of hon, an annoying sound clip/song was played. then some guy said "jag hor ditt ljud", "den ar asdrygt"13:50
tilmanfrinnst: dont have swedish umlauts, sorry :p13:51
frinnst"i can hear your sound/audio" and "its fucking annoying/lame"13:52
tilmanhehe, that sounds like a match :D13:54
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sharq@slashbeast: are you there?14:33
sharqanyone here using crux with full encrypted disc?14:37
teK_only /home, sry.14:37
sharqdid you use dm-crypt with luks?14:46
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teK_sharq: yes15:24
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slashbeastsharq: I do not use crux but feel free to ask whatever you need16:31
slashbeastI am initramfs ninja atm. :316:31
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ThePubI don't use Crux either, instead it uses me.  :(18:09
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