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Romstertilman, unable to create temporary sha1 filename ./objects/xx: File exists. Try run "git fsck" for any errors, and use "git prune", "git repack" to fix it.03:02
frinnstwhat repo?03:02
frinnsti had that yesterday with contrib-x86_6403:02
Romsteri looked up on my backlog when you reported the error.03:03
Romsterand tilman says that some don't have users as there primary group.03:03
frinnstyum, cold coffe03:41
Romsterdon't ya just love that.03:45
Romsteri thought about getting a usb mug warmer.03:46
frinnsti have one03:46
Romsterany use?03:46
frinnstused it to reheat the coffee03:46
frinnstyeah, actually get really hot03:46
frinnstyou can burn yourself on it03:46
Romstermetal cup or the standard poetry mugs.03:46
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Romsterdamn it stupid me using the wrong word :D03:48
frinnstand stupid me for not being able to spell03:49
* Rotwang is looking for rescue usb image03:49
Rotwangwhich distro has the best one?03:49
frinnstcrux? :D03:50
frinnstwhat are you looking for?03:50
frinnst ?03:50
Rotwangfrinnst: I'm looking for an image that I download, dd on usb and boot up from it03:51
frinnstcrux can do that03:52
Rotwangcan I dd crux image on a usb stick?03:52
frinnstjust run isohybrid on the isoimage and then dd it03:54
frinnstisohybrid from syslinux03:54
Rotwangisn't there any linux image around prepard straightforward for usb?03:55
frinnstmost distros require that you run some tool to create a usb-stick from a image03:56
frinnstall images that are "dd'able" ive seen are created with isohybrid03:56
RotwangBeginning from release 2010.05, all iso files can be directly written to usb media <-- from arch linux wiki03:59
Rotwangfrinnst: when you need to quickly boot from a liveusb It's much easier to find prepared image than make your own04:03
frinnstyeah, they run isohybrid on it! :)04:06
Rotwangdon't care04:06
Rotwangit is already prepared04:06
frinnstsorry but i assumed you had a crux-iso laying around somewhere04:07
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slashbeastsystemrescd have cryptsetup, crux's iso doesn't.05:15
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Romster what the heck..06:56
Romster spaghetti monster06:58
Rotwangclang static analyzer is crazy!07:05
Rotwangtilman: what about including scan-build and scan-view in llvm port?07:06
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prologicWhat's a good tool to help manage configuration changes and manage those changes across multiple instances of some software ?07:36
slashbeastprologic: some people says puppet07:47
slashbeastI end up with a git + some scripts via post-recive etc.07:48
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Rotwangfrinnst: hahaha08:39
Rotwangjapanese people rock08:48
jaegerthere are some pretty odd things in the related videos, too08:49
frinnsti want japanese tv!08:49
jaegercrazy internet08:49
tilmanRotwang: send patch for port :p09:40
tilmanRotwang: i don't remember _why_ i didn't include these two. but i had a reason09:41
Rotwangtilman: maybe because they are not installed by make install?09:51
tilmanmaybe! :D09:51
tilmani really dont remember09:52
cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: libmng: fixed sourceforge url09:53
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: p5-glib: updated to 22410:12
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: p5-pango: updated to 1.22210:12
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: p5-gtk2: updated to 1.22410:12
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] flash-player-plugin: updated to
frinnstteK_: add -mno-avx to your cflags if you want firefox to build with native10:49
Rotwangwhy is that so?11:31
frinnsti7 + -march=native is buggy with our gcc apparentlu11:34
jaegerI ordered an i7-2600k this morning, looking forward to that11:39
frinnstyup.. new mb too?11:39
jaegeryeah, I didn't have a P67 one before11:40
jaegermy current RAM will work fine, though, and my cooler11:40
frinnstwhat mb did you order?11:40
jaeger Asus P8P67 Pro11:40
frinnstah, almost the same as mine11:41
frinnsti got the deluxe variant11:41
jaegerIt's more expensive than most MBs I've bought but has nice features11:41
frinnste1000e onboard ftw11:41
jaegerthat is nice :)11:41
Rotwangnice mb11:42
jaegerthose two are mostly similar from what I can tell though yours has a beefier VRM11:43
jaegerand an extra NIC11:43
RotwangI'm going to upgrade my pc in two years or so11:44
jaegerI wish I could figure out how to get a multilib crux build going again, would love to run it on the new machine11:49
jaegerI keep running into compilation issues every time I try, though, and I'm no expert on toolchains and multilib troubleshooting11:49
frinnstwhat would you use it for? wine?11:50
jaegeryeah, that's really all that requires it for me11:50
jaegerIt's definitely not a make-or-break thing but would be nice11:52
jaegerrunning a 32-bit crux on it seems a waste with the i7 and 16GB RAM11:52
frinnstheh, yeah11:52
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frinnstthey are completely retarded13:41
jaegerit can't possibly go wrong!13:41
Rotwang"We're moving to a more Web-like convention where it's simply not  important what version you're using as long as it's the latest version"13:46
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teK_jaeger: why not run a separate / stripped down 32 Bit CRUX within chroot?15:43
teK_frinnst: thanks.15:43
jaegerteK_: I've done that within other distributions, it works fine... I just like the idea of a multilib crux project again, good learning experience15:48
jaegerthough I've not had much luck15:48
teK_I don't really see the point in it (except for wine)15:49
teK_binary stuff may be an issue though (I you're forced to use that kind of software)15:49
teK_I bought MSI (vs. ASUS) Board + GPU btw :->15:50
jaegerwine or emulators would be about it for me15:53
jaegerpcsx2 is one I use15:53
jaegerwhich is usable in a chroot15:53
jaegerI've never really liked having an entire system installed in a chroot for things like that, though, feels hackish when the system could run them natively15:53
teK_yes, I have had only few occasions missing 32bit support :)15:54
teK_it is hackish15:54
teK_but it's a linux' world :>15:54
slashbeastdoes anyone here use tuxonice with 3.0 kernel?16:30
jaegerI've not used it at all, looks neat16:32
slashbeastusefull as it will save and restore buffers and cache as well.16:43
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rmullSo I'm installing crux for the first time18:06
rmullHope it goes well.18:07
rmullRandom segfaults during setup script. Not promising, maybe my hardware is bad.18:27
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* ThePub needs to figure out how to make the hl2270dw driver work on crux22:16
ThePubvery strange, printer is just sitting there mum.  cups says the test page prints fine, printer doesn't think anything was sent to it.22:52
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