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pitillogood morning01:00
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PhunkoHello everyone02:54
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PhunkoI want to install crux, but it's somewhate late, do you know of any way of auto-compiling the kernel?03:00
PhunkoI once tried importing a conf file, but had no luck with it03:01
frinnstmake :)03:01
PhunkoI'm not in the mood for panics03:01
teK_Phunko: copy the config to linux-x.x.x/.config and run make oldconfig03:01
frinnstall you really need is a few options03:01
teK_then make menuconfig to check for your IDE/S-ATA Controller to be included as [*] not [m], then you should be ready to go03:01
Phunkotried that once, hell, I'll do it again03:02
frinnstmake sure the following are compiled in(not modules): filesystem (ext4 etc), ide/sata driver (usually ahci) and scsi disk support03:02
frinnstscsi disk support is selected as a module by default, i usually forget to change that :)03:02
Phunko.config from backtrack should do it03:05
frinnstits not using a initrd?03:05
Phunkothat's what i was thinking03:05
teK_I bet it does.03:05
frinnstyeah, most do03:05
frinnstthe steps i listed are what'03:05
teK_btw frinnst have you tried updating gnutls?03:06
frinnst.. whats required to make the default kernel boot on a virtualbox03:06
frinnstyeah, did you miss the new dep?03:06
teK_i checked twice03:06
teK_% pinfo gnutls | grep Dep03:06
teK_Dependencies: libgcrypt03:06
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frinnstyeah but theres a new dep that sepen forgot to list in the Pkgfile03:07
teK_nettle, yes03:07
teK_have you noticed sepen?03:07
frinnstyeah, mailed him yesterday03:07
teK_mentioning the footprint mismatch for nettle, too?03:08
frinnsthm, didnt notice that03:08
teK_lib vs lib64 again :)03:08
Romsterjsut build shit in a clean chroot like i do.03:08
frinnstill check when i get home during lunch03:08
teK_hi romster03:08
Romsterdamn power outage for the second time today.03:09
teK_frinnst: I can tell him, too03:09
frinnstim sure he'll drop buy irc sometime today03:09
frinnsti'll keep an eye open03:09
Romstercan can i damn transcode when the power keeps going out on me.03:09
teK_this is easily fixed by               --libdir=/usr/lib03:10
Romsterdoesn't that mean also that the 64bit one needs to port it too?03:10
frinnst=======> Building '/home/ports/pkg/nettle#2.2-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.03:11
frinnstprt-get: installing nettle 2.2-103:11
teK_Romster: no, why should it?03:11
frinnstmaybe you already have a /usr/lib64 and that's why it installs there?03:11
Romsterso it's on opt and opt_64 or what have you...03:11
teK_frinnst: arg, again? give me a second..03:11
* Phunko cries - parted not the live fs, GPT table =(03:12
teK_dont panic03:12
Romsterisn't there a gdisk for GPT?03:13
Romsterparted is crap.03:13
Romsterit does stuff to make your life hell to recover what it thought was wright to over write.03:14
Romsteror it wont recognize the lvm luks fs03:14
PhunkoRomster, no, no gdisk03:15
teK_frinnst: you are right, I deleted /usr/lib64.. is this a 'clean' and long-term solution?03:15
frinnstteK_: no :)03:15
frinnstits like the /usr/man - /usr/share/man thing03:15
Romsterwhy isn't it in /usr/share/man anyways?03:15
frinnstbecause we are stubborn, damnit!03:15
Romsterso am i :D03:16
frinnststupid lsb or whatever it is03:16
teK_frinnst: so we should notify sepen anyway.03:16
frinnstyeah, probably a good idea, its not like it will change the way it builds on 32bit03:16
frinnstjue added --libdir in keyutils so we wouldnt need a 64bit port03:17
teK_as we shoukd push 64bit support I guess this is a good idea in general03:18
frinnstill mail sepen03:18
Romsterchanging the libdir doesn't change the fact it's 64bit or 32bit03:22
Romstershouldn't adding -m32 be enough03:22
teK_but that doenst matter wrt .footprint03:22
Romsteror is it too dumb to default to /usr/lib for 32bit?03:22
teK_no but it causes a footprint mismatch03:22
frinnstits too dumb to default to /usr/lib for 64bit03:23
teK_'dumb' I bet there's a  LSB rule or something ;)03:23
Romsterdoes the 64bit version have a /usr/lib to /usr/lib64 symlink?03:23
frinnstno, there03:23
Romsterah ok that'll work then.03:23
frinnstA S D F03:23
frinnstfucking enter key03:23
Romsteryou pressed it.03:24
teK_stupid keyboard TYPING wrongly03:24
frinnsttheres a /lib64 -> /lib symlink for stupid closed source apps03:24
frinnstbut that symlink will probably be removed in the next iso03:24
frinnstatleast thats what im hoping03:24
teK_which does not matter wrt built ports as almost all of them use --prefix=/usr I guess03:24
frinnstyeah, its only closed source builds that looks for glibc in /lib6403:25
Romsterisn't there some rpath environment var that can be used to point it at should it need the lib6403:25
teK_btw.. anyone using lilo + UUID as root present?03:25
Romsterbut that means wrapping those binary blobs with a shell script.03:25
teK_rpath as ENV var?03:26
Romsteri tried lilo with UUID it borked on me. i haven't looked into why.03:26
teK_I only knew the ld -rpath option03:26
teK_Romster: fun fact: it works for my old s-ata disk but won't for my ssd03:26
frinnstits because your ssd is too fast03:27
Romsterah no that's at link time....03:27
teK_LD_LIBRARY_PATH is at runtime03:27
Romsteri'm sure there is some prefix var you can use.03:27
teK_maybe LD_PRELOAD 'd work03:28
Romsteri'm doing too much windowz work and when i get to rest i don't do much linux anymore.... it's starting to fade. nooooo.....03:28
teK_frinnst: have you tried this nifty switch to the in cpu-feature with your 2600k (forgot who it's called)03:28
teK_booooh! :|03:29
frinnstteK_: i dont know :)03:30
teK_Lucid's Virtu Enables Simultaneous Integrated/Discrete GPU on Sandy Bridge Platforms03:31
teK_you can switch from your PCIe monster to the in-CPU GPU03:31
frinnstah, switcharoo or whatever its called in the kernel? no03:32
teK_it won't shut down your graphic card.. but this woould be really sweeeet03:32
Romsterwont that only work on the mobo DVI/VGA socket doing that?03:32
teK_switcharoo :P03:32
frinnsti thought it would require z68? ive got a p68 chipset03:33
Romstersupose you can do 3 head setup 2 on graphics card 3rd from in-CPU GPU03:33
teK_bumblebee does that (that's the project calling rm -rf /usr some/random/part  for make uninstall if you remember that :D)03:33
slashbeastteK_: almost all intel atoms also have bulitin gfx in cpu.03:34
slashbeastd525, and pre-sandybridge i5/i7.03:34
teK_Romster: you'd probably have to plug the monitor to the board, yes.03:34
teK_slashbeast: yeah03:34
slashbeastthanks god that I have laptop without nvidia optimus03:34
slashbeastso I can use nvidia binary drivers.03:35
teK_they won't work?03:35
slashbeastoptimus is the 'switch'03:35
teK_frinnst: I guess I have the Z68 chipset03:35
slashbeastbetween intel and nvidia card03:35
slashbeastit does not support linux however there are some code to support it as 'vgaswitcheroo'03:35
slashbeastubuntu develop it iirc03:35
slashbeastat this moment, if you cant select nvidia in bios or boot by default with it, you cant use the better card03:36
teK_the only thing I can say right now is that it's supported on windows (thoguh I couldn't see any difference ...)03:36
slashbeastthat is why my netbook with nvidia ion2 use only intel card, I cant even use vdpau to accelerate HD video03:36
slashbeastyeah, windows support it, it was designed for it.03:36
slashbeastbut again, dell > everything so my vostro 3500 have i5 with bulitin intel card but by default you have nvidia.03:37
teK_as long as the pcie card won't shut down ist not worth the effort, I guess03:37
slashbeastwell, for my eeepc I may use 'acpi_call' module to disable the nvidia gfx card03:37
slashbeast3h 50m vs over 4h 20m on battery03:37
slashbeastand fwiw, ION1 is supported.03:38
slashbeastex: asus 1201N have ion103:38
teK_so I'd need to be able to switch and use acpi_call03:38
slashbeastsome people get working the switch.03:39
teK_I want to get this UUID-thingy working first.03:39
teK_AND ice cream03:39
slashbeasthave fun03:40
slashbeastalso, I believe that for uuid support you *need* initramfs.03:41
Romsteruh... that better not be true.03:42
Romsterdon't tell me it's the responsibility of udev to populate /dev/disk/03:43
Romsterseems there is no escaping either use a initramfs or just go get a SSD for root.03:43
slashbeastinitramfs with busybox will do the trick03:46
slashbeastall what you need is populate /dev (mdev or devtmpfs), and use busybox's findfs to get device path from uuid03:47
teK_it works for my other hdd with uuid03:47
slashbeastcheck better-initramfs on github if you need solution or code snippet03:47
slashbeastteK_: oh, thats something new.03:47
teK_+ without initrd03:47
Romsteri haven't had much luck with initramfs plus i'm being lazy to get past the building of one phase. looking at better-initramfs now.03:48
teK_I've never used initrd03:50
slashbeastRomster: for regular gentoo box you just do 'make' and initramfs is ready.03:51
slashbeastand readme does not fit current code too much, let me know if you have any questions.03:51
frinnstRomster: you can use the early /dev fs whatever its called in the kernel03:52
Romsteryeah i saw that in the readme...03:52
Romsterof course devfs should provide the UUID03:52
slashbeastdevtmpfs propably03:53
teK_why should the kernel need a fs to resolve uuids03:53
frinnstoh no, ive got a speedingticket from New York. the ticket is enclosed in a zip-file03:54
frinnsti better open it..03:54
teK_@mattmight: Oh great. ([](){})() is now legal C++.03:54
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sepenteK_, frinnst, thanks guys04:22
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: nettle: fixed libdir04:24
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: gnutls: fixed dependencies04:24
sepensorry, my bad, no idea about what I was thinking when doing these commits yesterday04:25
teK_you are welcome :-)04:26
sepenteK_: I noticed the libdir thing after trying a sysup on my x86_64 box, thanks04:27
teK_yeah, It's no big deal. I just got confused (did I issue prt-get cache or not etc. ;))04:29
Romsterfrinnst, heh04:30
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Romster beatboxing flute super mario brothers theme06:34
rmullI'm ketting reproducible kernel panic whenever I try to ports -u the contrib collection on x86-64, vanilla kernel 3.0.106:43
frinnstwow, how is that even possible?06:46
frinnst*only* contrib?06:46
rmullSo far. Like 3+ times no06:47
rmullI'll have to debug a little more later06:50
rmullGotta run to work06:50
prologichey any of you guys have a openvz template for crux at all ?06:54
prologicor have the know-how to build one ?06:54
slashbeastlike any else template07:00
prologicI could just rip that off :)07:05
slashbeastanyway openvz is a bitch07:05
slashbeastbetter start with lxc.07:05
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: feh: 1.14.2 -> 1.15.113:21
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: lighttpd: 1.4.28 -> 1.4.2913:21
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: freeciv: 2.2.7 -> 2.3.013:21
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: vala: 0.13.1 -> 0.13.213:21
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entelxc is pretty half baked15:45
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Phunkowhere's the device mapper driver inside the kernel?22:58
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