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pitillogood morning00:58
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Romsterevening guys and gals03:26
Romsterhmm i often wonder if anything even uses the file anymore?03:26
mrksimho it is used for debugging03:30
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Romsterhmm might be used for debugging of kernel module symbols.03:48
Romsterdepmod uses it and i know if it's not refreshed when you update some ko module it'll not resolve to it.03:49
Romstermakes me think it's the same cache for kernel as ldconfig is to .so libraries.03:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: inotify-tools: initial import form Till Biedermann's repository04:06
Romstersame typo i always do s/form/from/04:08
teK_damn :p04:08
teK_&& hello party people04:09
Romsterfriday evening sweet as.04:09
Romsterand i'm messing with linux instead of getting dinner.04:09
teK_that's the way it's supposed to be04:10
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cruxbot[xorg.git/2.7]: xorg-server: updated to
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: zabbix_utils: update to 1.8.608:01
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: zabbix_agentd: update to 1.8.608:01
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: [notify] zabbix_server: update to 1.8.608:01
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teK_will look into this, thanks09:21
enteteK_: the problem is getline(3)09:28
enteapparently, there are not many people using thttpd :-)09:28
teK_fefe stated in the readme of gatling(?) that thttpd is (at least to him) the fastet httpd out there09:31
enteit is fast indeed09:35
entebut when was that?09:35
entebefore or after nginx came up?09:35
enteI was actually preparing a rewrite patch for thttpd09:36
entebut I failed09:36
enteso far09:36
enteit does not yet do what it's supposed to do09:36
entein case you're interested09:37
enteI didn't say you should use it, I said take a look :P09:40
enteand debug it, while you're at it :P09:40
enteI had it almost working for a second09:40
enteI think I actually fixed regreplace at some point, but it still doesn't actually rewrite the real URL09:42
entewhich is because thttpd has 15 variables or so containing parts of the URL09:42
enteand I'm not sure which ones to rewrite :P09:42
enteand then I lost motivation09:42
teK_first I need to fix my sed fu09:43
entewhat do you mean by that?09:45
teK_I will show you shortly09:45
enteI wish I could stop sweating09:46
teK_I love my flat..09:46
enteI live under the roof, both at my parents' place as well as my flat09:47
teK_usually (bricks/) walls but extra insulation on the outer side09:47
teK_I used to, too. It's hell :D09:47
teK_burning hell :>09:47
entethe insulation is ok, actually09:47
entemaybe if I seal everything shut09:47
enteI hate summer anyway :P09:48
teK_we have insulation everywhere not just under the roof09:48
enteaccording to this is only 23.5°C09:48
teK_[tek@basra][~]% weather09:48
teK_Zum Teil bewölkt bei 27°C09:48
enteRelative Feuchte09:48
ente 59 %09:48
enteare you coming to froscon?09:49
teK_I went to the farmers' market today (at 7:30 am)09:49
teK_no, not really :}09:49
entemeh :}09:49
teK_I went to the congress once09:49
teK_it was.. well09:49
teK_only day-badges were handed out09:49
entewhen was that? 27c3?09:50
teK_then suddenly 3 day badges were available again but we were not payed back for the old ones09:50
enteand yes, congress is expensive09:50
entefroscon luckily only costs 5€09:50
teK_we went to an exhibition at the Charite09:50
ente27c3 was awfully crowded09:50
entethe camp was pretty nice though09:51
teK_topic was (among other things) dead bodies, bowels, alcoholic's children etc09:51
entesounds like fun :P09:51
teK_I figured I am not: a convention / festival guy09:51
teK_it was really interesting09:51
enteneither am I, and I usually do the lectures at home09:51
teK_Darm nach Exitus durch Darmverschluss ist.. GROSS09:51
entebut it's interesting to meet other nerds09:51
entefäkal-oral-infektion? :P09:52
teK_I met a guy (by accident) from another channel in a crypto talk (he sat right next to me :D)09:52
teK_no other nerds09:52
teK_oh and yes09:52
teK_fefe went past me09:52
teK_*groupy* ....09:52
teK_groupie? dunno.09:52
enteyes, groupie09:52
teK_Nein keine Infektion. :O09:53
enteand besides, how is that possible? ;)09:53
entefefe fills the entire room ;P09:53
teK_he just came out of the bathroom while I waited for my friends09:53
entethere was a saying at the camp "Nachts sind alle dicken Menschen Fefe"09:53
teK_I will never wash my left arm again :D09:53
enteand also, "Das Hackcenter ist voll, Fefe ist da" :P09:53
teK_wait a second09:53
teK_16:53 < teK> fefe09:54
teK_16:53 < HeidivonderAlm> ?09:54
teK_16:53 < teK> fefe09:54
teK_16:53 < HeidivonderAlm> ?09:54
teK_damn the 2nd URL is b0rked09:54
entefefe memes are always fun09:54
entebut the poettering ones are even better09:54
teK_poettering.. this unholy systemd guy?09:54
teK_I love fefe's Drepper-bashing09:55
enteI think it was this image of his
entewith these bachelor-frog-whatever circular stripes around09:56
teK_smells like meme-time :>09:56
enteand the famous quote "Do you hate disabled people?"09:56
entebut it disappeared :P09:56
teK_do you know the high expectating asian father memes? :>09:56
enteyes :>09:57
teK_I love it..09:57
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: thttpd: make htpasswd work with newer glibcs. thanks ente10:00
teK_he has a i7 CPU with aes-ni support, I need him.10:03
teK_I tried enabling aesni support for openssl10:03
teK_openssl speed -evp aes-256-cbc was the 'benchmark'10:03
teK_stock openssl vs. openssl-cvs10:04
teK_no difference..10:04
teK_while I can utilize kernel-level aes-ni support with cryptsetup/luks I'd like to have it in userspace, too10:05
frinnstteK_: im at work10:05
frinnstalso, havent played around with it10:06
teK_so you have time, great :>10:06
teK_openssl is strange10:15
teK_at least it's usage10:15
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enteI prefer certtool for generating certificates and the like10:33
enteand other than that, I don't do anything with ssl10:33
enteteK_: crypto software is written by mathematicians, of course it's strange ;P10:34
teK_I'd never touch that ;)10:35
teK_you know.. I ain't a Debian  Maintainer :->10:37
entewhy that?10:37
entejust because it's /^gnu/? :P10:37
enteit is more convenient than openssl10:37
teK_besides common debian/gnu naziism.. they screwed crypto for ssh once, you remember? ;)10:38
enteteK_: was that gnutls's fault?10:39
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teK_ see 'Technical Summary'10:40
entethis is clearly openssl, not gnutls?10:41
teK_the point is that the distro guys screwed things up10:41
enteoh fuck me, my boss wants to see me10:41
teK_bye bye10:41
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entewell, he wrote me a mail yesterday that he wants to see me today :P10:42
entethis can mean 2 things10:42
ente1) I will be fired or 2) I will be kicked out of uni :P10:42
enteor both, of course!!110:42
teK_or a pay raise10:42
enteI get the maximum wage for an undergrad student10:43
teK_7,50 Euro/Stunde?10:43
teK_and: who's your boss? A professor?10:44
enteder dekan der informatik, und ein professor :P10:44
teK_Dekan.. das wechselt doch eh alle Nase lang oder nicht>10:44
entefalls ich gerade rausfliege wird der dekan es mir sagen, nehme ich an :P10:44
teK_our current dean is Harry Potter!10:44
Rotwangand I'm going to get a raise \:D/10:47
RotwangI'm getting full term now10:47
enteyeah, congrats :)10:51
enteif they kick me out, it can only get better10:51
teK_yu play amy whinehouse, shuffle???10:53
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entethere we go, http works too11:00
enteand it's running thttpd :P11:00
teK_weren'tyou supposed to get fired11:00
teK_errr meet your boss11:00
entethat's on monday11:00
enteit's nice of him to host crux-bin though :P11:05
teK_say thank you11:05
teK_from the CRUX user community11:05
entenobody uses it :P11:06
RotwangI think bin packages for crux is grand idea11:08
Rotwangbut the world is not ready11:09
teK_why not :-)11:09
teK_I think I just hit
teK_i.e. cryptsetup luksFormat won't work11:11
teK_closed chromium -> works11:12
teK_WTF :D11:12
jseSoftware in the present <311:16
jseChromium, of course, is much more important compared to opening encrypted partitions.11:17
teK_that happens during invocation of /etc/rc.local for me, so that's not really an issue11:17
teK_but I'd say that this is a certain type of (limited) local DoS condition11:17
entethe site is mostly finished now11:52
enteshould I add rotating gif animations to make it look more deprecated? :P11:52
enteat least that would fit to thttpd, iso-8859-1 and HTML 3.211:53
Romsteroh yeah and tons of <blink> tags :D11:58
Romsterthat's so the 90's12:00
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teK_so gotta 'direct download' w7 from msdnaa (via some stupid exe file)12:01
joacimdownloading from msdnaa is fun!12:02
joacimrequires windows to download windows12:03
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rmulllol joacim12:47
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rmullAny of you get this when trying to update pkg-config: pkg-config and glib-2.0 not found, please set GLIB_CFLAGS and GLIB_LIBS to the correct values14:39
rmullI guess I don't have glib installed14:42
frinnstyeah, its a "new" dependency14:42
entekoff koff14:50
enteyes, that's pretty funny actually14:50
entethey introduced a circular dep :)14:50
entepkg-config had an in-tree glib1 but they removed it14:50
enteso pkg-config depends on glib, and glib depends on pkg-config14:51
entebut you can bootstrap glib by hand and then compile pkg-config14:51
* ente puts on a dunce cap14:51
teK_tilman: cryptsetup won't build, whining it cannot find a static gcrypt. My fault?16:17
teK_joacim: yeah and after upload with 56KB/s the DL is broken und you can restart ( but you have to use a different temp folder this time )16:19
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Romster "packages hosed on this server" -_-23:31
enteRomster: pun intentional, you got me :P23:32
entehm. MAILHOST is wrong though23:35

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