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pitillogood morning01:01
frinnstnothing fucking good about it!01:48
frinnstsooooooo fucking tired01:48
pitillothere is something good... more or less tired, it's one more01:53
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Romsteryeah iw as tired in the morning myself too03:43
Romsteri was*03:43
Romsterwht a long day and it's quite worm03:43
Romstererr warm03:43
frinnstyou can tell its pretty much autumn here now03:50
frinnstany tips on how to process email from a specific address? id like to to stuff with the attached html files03:52
frinnstprocmail perhaps :>03:56
frinnstVmallocTotal:   34359738367 kB04:14
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deep42thoughtI built a new kernel ( -> 3.0.3) with same configs as old one, but it won't boot (says something like "can't mount root, give a proper argument root="). (I've tried all possible harddisks) Does the new kernel condition a initramfs or a newer bootloader (I use GRUB 0.9.4)?08:48
frinnstdo you have all the drivers needed to boot the system compiled in (not as modules)?08:50
deep42thoughtyes, I did this with the old one the same way08:50
deep42thoughtor might the new kernel need additional drivers?08:50
frinnstwell, things might have changed08:50
frinnstdid you just cp .config ../newkernel && cd newkernel && make ?08:51
deep42thoughtI've added some features I wanted with the new one, but that's not relevant08:51
frinnstmake oldconfig is pretty useful when using the old config with a new version08:51
deep42thoughtk, let's try08:52
frinnstwell, in any case.. you must be missing some driver :)08:52
frinnstalso "scsi disk support" must be builtin08:53
deep42thoughtthat's inside08:54
slashbeast2.6.27.8 is so damn old09:13
slashbeastI bet you miss something under Device Drivers.09:14
slashbeastof you still have enabled old ATA driver which conflict with libata.09:14
deep42thoughtIt looks like I miss alot ...09:14
slashbeastgrab default kernel config from kernelseeds and add what you need09:14
deep42thoughtnow "make all" won't do anything, complains about missing ngcc ... *waaaah*09:17
slashbeastjust 'make'09:20
deep42thoughtbrings up the same complaint09:20
slashbeastwhen last time you updatet that box?09:20
deep42thoughthmmm ... long time09:21
deep42thought(but this morning compilation of the kernel worked09:21
slashbeastyears ago?09:21
deep42thoughtnot that long09:21
deep42thoughtsomething around 1 year09:21
deep42thoughtyou suggest to start again from a nice, clean box?09:22
slashbeastre kernel - start on a failry clean config09:22
deep42thoughtare there any important differences in the kernelseeds ? (e.g. between different distros?)09:24
slashbeastI dont understand your question09:38
slashbeastthis is just basic config with disabled some shit selected by default like Amatour Radio support etc09:38
deep42thoughtso why is it divided into different distributions?09:39
slashbeastits specified by kernel sources from gentoo so you do not find anything new when you use config.09:42
slashbeastuse vanilla one.09:43
deep42thoughtk, but still "ngcc: command not found"09:44
deep42thoughtI've tried to update my packages, but some is missing O.o09:45
slashbeastI also do not have anythign like ngcc.09:46
deep42thoughtok, start at the beginning: I got the sources from (that shouldn't be a mistake?)09:57
deep42thoughthmm, "make oldconfig" must have messed up the makefile or something10:08
deep42thoughtnow he's compiling (with new kernel sources and the old .config) ...10:08
Romsterdeep42thought, is probably using the depreciated ata support than the newer sata.10:14
Romsterlibata i should say.10:15
deep42thoughtthe / is an ata ... shall I use sata-drivers ether?10:16
Romsterthere is the depreciated interface and then there is the libata newer interface in the kernel config use the newer libata.10:16
Romstermakes all disks that were hda become sda10:16
Romsterhdb -> sdb , hdc -> sdc10:17
Romsterupdate fstab and boot loader config with the newer sd* names.10:17
deep42thoughtyeah, that I#m sure about :-)10:17
deep42thoughtthanks for your help, but I have to leave ... (we'll see later ^^)10:18
jaegerhrmm... I should build another updated iso10:18
Romsterbe sure you do not have the old depreciated interface selected it's been so long i forget what it was called now.10:18
deep42thoughtthanks alot!10:19
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frinnst 2.6.27 should be new enough for libata11:02
slashbeastlibata wanst added in 2.6.29?11:16
slashbeastpata *over* libata that is11:16
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frinnstreally? was it that long ago?13:07
slashbeastyeah, pretty sure.13:20
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jaegerdamn, this i7 is fast15:24
jaegerbootstrapped an entire ISO in a few hours15:24
enteI have problems with a port15:31
enteit does python which hangs15:31
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frinnsti need to give it a spin too15:55
ente finally a bookmarks-system that works for me15:56
ente (yes, it's ugly)15:56
jaegercreative :)15:58
frinnstawesome, fedora 16 alpha16:02
frinnstconsidering how stable fedora 15 is/was, this one should be awesome!16:02
frinnstseriously, i tried f15 a month? back, it was fucking unusable16:03
jaegerwhat was wrong with it?16:03
frinnstheheh, yeah16:03
frinnstloads of bugs, plus gnome 3 :)16:03
entedid they downgrade to gnome 2 for f16? :P16:04
frinnstsomeone forked gnome2, right?16:04
frinnsti wonder how long that project will last16:04
entesomeone also forked kde316:05
jseWhy? Not enough shiny chrome?16:05
enteI thought gnome 3 has to be considered awesome by all users?16:05
enteyou don't like it? stay with your slackware 1.016:06
deep42thoughtwhy use a desktop at all?16:08
enteyou don't? freak...16:08
jseTime to point and laugh? heh16:09
frinnst <- sweet, something to do tomorrow if it gets quiet at work16:10
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