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pitillogood morning00:57
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Romster Nomius seems not try to bump it yourself?03:25
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cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] php: update to 5.3.804:40
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: php-fcgi: update to 5.3.804:40
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: php-mysql: update to 5.3.804:40
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: mod_php: update to 5.3.804:40
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nezcazhey frinnst o/04:59
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* Romster hands frinnst a new keyboard.06:20
frinnstcame from the right person :D06:40
frinnstprobably not suited for work if you have coworkers within hearingdistance06:41
Romsteryeah i know my typing is just as bad.06:43
Romsterhi you sexy techie O_O06:44
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Nomius|wrkDid anyone tried to build conky?07:13
Nomius|wrkI'm getting ccurl_thread.c:36:24: fatal error: curl/types.h: No such file or directory07:13
Nomius|wrkroot@testing:/usr/ports/opt/conky# pkginfo -i | grep curl07:14
Nomius|wrkcurl 7.21.7-207:14
Romstersed that line out of ccurl_thread.c07:14
aubicthat header got renamed to typecheck-gcc.h07:14
Romsterrecent curl don't have that header file anymore.07:14
Romsterah that's where it went too.07:15
aubicRomster: you were right, it's just removed after all07:20
Romsteri thought that was the case.07:22
Romsteryou had me wondering there.07:22
aubichad the same problem before, made this out of it… somehow07:26
Romsterprobably in the past that got renamed.07:26
Romsterin any case Nomius|wrk contact the maintainer or add to bug tracker about that Pkgfile so it gets fixed.07:27
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frinnstNomius|wrk: i have a patched port for conky08:31
frinnstsearch the portdb08:31
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jueNomius|wrk: thanks for the report, fix for the conky port is on the way11:23
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: conky: fix build with newer curl versions11:25
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Nomius|wrkThanks to you jue11:53
Nomius|wrkGoing home!!!!11:53
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jaegerman, sometimes neuroscience is still in the dark ages13:13
jaegerhad to buy a parallel port switch today, no shit13:13
tilmana what port switch? ;)13:26
jaeger20 years ago called, they want their shit back13:27
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jseReally? You'd think parallel ports are completely obsolete by now.13:36
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jaegerjse: they really should be14:22
jseMaybe its fine fastening qualities are still admired :D :D14:28
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veenow im building the kernel17:28
veewish me luck <317:29
enteI wonder if I should switch to qmail..17:35
enteor postfix, on some other machine right now, but I didn't set it up, and it seems boring :P17:40
teK_ladies and gentelmen, start your patch(1)es :>17:41
enteso yeah, I won't do postfix unless someone forces me to17:41
enteyeah, but you patch it once, and then run anywhere :P17:41
enteand you never have to upgrade!17:41
entebecause, no security holes!17:41
enteor maybe it looked too obscure so no one even bothered17:42
enteboth sendmail and qmail seem to be getting rare, with exim almost as rare and postfix leading the "market"17:42
teK_I dont think that it looked obscure17:42
teK_haveyou had a look at xmail?17:42
enteonce or twice, but that one really looked obscure :P17:43
teK_a friend of mine (doing security) swears to it17:43
enteI've also had a look at mailx, and I actually like that one :P17:43
teK_ ?17:43
entefunny, debian has a package17:44
teK_and there's always this microsoft thingy whose name I forgot :>17:44
teK_the IIS counterpart for e-mail17:44
teK_ah yeah17:44
teK_MS Ausguck + Exchange17:45
teK_so why u no xmail?17:45
enteproprietary crap, but good at what it does, it seems17:45
teK_oh well17:45
enteI've looked at xmail, and it looked even weirder than exim :P17:45
entenot that exim is weird or anything17:45
entethe macro language is a bit strange, but whatever17:46
entefunny how debian also has a source-deb for qmail17:46
entenobody bothered patching qmail to include DKIM support yet, though17:46
entealso, the openwall guys run qmail simply for the mailing lists17:46
teK_there's no line class in (Java) Swing? woo17:46
teK_I like djb.17:47
entethere's probably at least one mailserver in java17:47
teK_a mailserver class17:47
enteit scales really well, just like tomcat17:47
enteyou capitalist swine!17:47
teK_ /o\17:47
entespeaking of classes like that!17:47
teK_I'm forced by my university class to code java17:47
teK_"forced" ..17:47
entesame here17:47
teK_I read a sign saying something about "drinking class" @ my local Irish Pub =)17:48
teK_and they were out of Bulmer's (Apple) !!!17:48
enteBallmer is Microsoft, not apple ;)17:48
teK_public class Dringking extends CiveCancer17:49
teK_Cive? Liver..17:49
enteI'm deeply hurt inside my cive to read that17:50
teK_so what's a cive.17:50
entean inner organ17:53
ente like this one, but inside your stomach17:53 does not no anything about it.17:53
teK_eine Orgel. O_o17:53
tilman"Drinking is the curse of the working class."17:53
tilman"Work is the curse of the drinking class."17:53
teK_ah, an adept :>17:54
entedamn work17:54
enteI like what I've seen from qmail so far17:55
enteexcept for the tarball17:56
entestarf:~/netqmail-1.06# ls | wc -l17:56
entepicking out the documentation bits is great fun :P17:56
teK_there's no qmail port!17:56
enteit doesn't need one17:57
enteit installs cleanly into /var/qmail and stays there17:58
entealso, it requires some users and groups to present before even building17:58
teK_it won't patch itself to be useable in a real-world installatin17:58
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teK_SMTP Auth, anyone?17:59
teK_well if you are using netqmail you should be fine17:59
teK_I'm speaking about stock qmail17:59
enteI don't get it18:00
teK_stock qmail cannot do smtp auth18:00
teK_for example18:00
teK_uh there *IS* a port for qmail :-)18:01
enteand it's from you :P18:05
teK_you are absolutely right, dear sir!18:05
entehm.. wrt SMTP auth...18:05
enteI'd like to forbid it over unencrypted, non-local connections18:05
teK_ :->18:05
entedon't need that... I get one mail every hour :P18:07
enteblargh, too lazy to configure qmail :P18:10
entemight look at it again in a few years :P18:10
entewhen I'm getting really sick of exim because of whatever18:10
enteor when I actually have a high-load mailserver18:10
jaegerI used qmail for years, now I use postfix18:12
entehow comes?18:12
jaegerthey both work really well for me, qmail was far more work18:12
jaegerthe patching was annoying, though not something you have to do all the time, fortunately18:13
jaegerI prefer postfix for its ease of use, mostly. it's been easier to set up and configure18:14
entethe qmail code looks weird18:16
jaegerI also don't care for djb18:16
enteone-character function-names etc.18:16
jaegerhis software performs well but he's a bit of a dick18:16
teK_ente: you will like fefe's code, too :>18:17
entewhy would I want to read that? :P18:17
enteteK_: seen musl, btw?18:17
teK_oh yes the comparision chart looks familiar18:18
teK_musl-0.7.12.tar.gz - July 3, 201118:20
teK_nice nice18:20
enteyeah, I was thinking about poettering too when I saw it again, but it does make more sense18:21
entehe doesn't judge things like SCM :P18:21
entedalias is no idiot18:21
enteand musl does have some big red "no"s18:22
enteso I think at least he's trying to be fair18:22
teK_and I have not enough time to fiddle with libcs compilers and other toolchain stuff18:22
teK_I have yet to build a working cross-compiler18:23
entethere's at least one distro based on it though18:23
entethat has been automated18:23
teK_I built a "distro" built ontop of fefe's stuff (kernel to login prompt + shell worked) ;)18:23
teK_it was messy18:24
teK_won't click18:24
teK_I have things to do!18:24
enteok :)18:24
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teK_but thanks18:24
entethen do things, don't waste your time on IRC18:24
enteI'm going to bed18:24
enteI won't run a musl based system for at least another year18:24
teK_me neither18:25
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entejust wanted to bring it to your attention. it's a nice project and I like reading about it :P18:25
teK_i shall update my ports from proh_h18:25
enteI don't do any of it in practice, because I think I don't have the time for it either18:25
enteand I don't want to deal with gcc etc.18:25
teK_GNU hell?18:25
entegood night18:27
jaeger@seen kmandla18:33
clbjaeger: kmandla was last seen in #crux 23 weeks, 1 day, 16 hours, 25 minutes, and 29 seconds ago: <kmandla> Good morning.18:33
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jaeger@seen sepen19:40
clbjaeger: sepen was last seen in #crux 1 week, 2 days, 15 hours, 12 minutes, and 51 seconds ago: <sepen> teK_: I noticed the libdir thing after trying a sysup on my x86_64 box, thanks19:40
jaegerAnyone running xfce from the official repo?19:40
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jaegerhrm... slim doesn't want to change themes for me22:41
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veei dont think your config has my video card supported xD22:58

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