IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2011-08-27

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prologicjaeger, I am00:53
prologicbut I'm running 2.6 here still :/00:53
tilmanlol that's so 90s00:53
prologicI know I'm pathetic :/00:54
prologicI wanna buy a new desktop soon00:54
prologicand put CRUX 2.8 on it :)00:54
prologicwe are shipping 2.8 soon right ? :)00:54
tilmannice tyr00:54
prologicc'mon :)00:55
prologicArch have pushed Linux 3.0 nito their latest release00:55
prologicwe should follow suit :)00:55
jaegerI have some missing icons in xfce, not sure why00:55
prologicbesdies, they stole all our dieas in the first place00:55
jaegerI have hicolor-icon-theme installed and have run gtk-update-icon-cache, not sure what icons it's looking for00:56
prologicgot that installed ?00:56
jaegerhrmm, no. it doesn't seem to be in the current repo00:57
jaegerthat might explain some things00:57
prologic$ prt-get path xfce4-icon-theme00:58
prologicprt-get: using cache00:58
prologicPackage 'xfce4-icon-theme' not found00:58
prologicseems my install is a bit old :)00:58
jaegerI wonder why that package is left out of the current ports00:58
prologicnot sure00:59
prologicbut I do know that there are major changes in the latest xfce00:59
prologicwhich I'm not running yet00:59
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jaegerlooks like the icon theme tarball doesn't exist in the 4.6 or 4.8 src dirs but it does in the 4.4 ones, so I'll try it from there tomorrow01:14
jaegerfor now, going to sleep01:14
prologichey you can start 2 X instnaces on a single host right ?01:16
prologicand assign a 2nd set of kdb/mouse/monitor to the 2nd server ?01:16
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veeboth chromiuma and firefox fail when attempting to install...whats up with that?01:36
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prologicfail how ?01:54
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veegives me a message saying "install failed" :/02:26
veeminus the sad face02:26
veeim trying to reinstall it again, but its taking roughly 30+ mins and counting02:26
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prologicdude seriously03:31
prologichow long you been using crux for ?03:31
prologicget the log03:31
prologicit'll be compiling something :)03:31
prologicwork out what it's failing on03:31
prologicmaybe a linking error03:31
prologica compilation error03:31
prologicInstallation Failed is just the human readable status message that pkgmk is displaying ont he console03:31
prologicpaste the output somewhere so we can take a look perhaps :)03:32
frinnst[ANNOUNCE] xorg-server 1.11.003:33
prologiccool :)\03:33
frinnstvsphere 5, too03:36
frinnsti wonder how the license worked out03:36
prologicyeah I know :)03:36
teK_frinnst: anything interesting in it (xorg-server)?03:48
tilmanteK_: no03:48
teK_BLEEDING EDGE, BASICS, that kind of stuff03:50
Romsterwith more bugs.03:53
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cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: mercurial: 1.9.1 -> 1.9.208:52
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frinnstnot very healthy looking :(09:20
teK_my mom's best friend died of pancreatic cancer09:20
teK_it's no fun09:20
frinnstyeah, fucking disease09:21
frinnstyeah, saw a few days ago09:25
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tilmanis there a decent free flash replacement yet?11:18
tilmanflash is fucked up for me lately11:18
tilmanvideo stops playing, but sound keeps going11:18
tilmanthat kind of crap11:19
slashbeast32bit plugin, tilman?11:33
tilmanslashbeast: yeah11:41
slashbeastI had such issue when I was running 32bit flash via nspluginwrapper on 64bit firefox.11:57
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veedid crux take out support for leafpad?12:01
Rotwangyou mean contrib/leafpad?12:12
Rotwangvee: ^12:12
veelol i figured it out xD12:12
veei had the contrib commented out and it wouldn't find it lol12:13
veeoh...also, hi everyone12:14
veehow are ya?12:21
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veechromium failed again :/15:54
teK_don't tell us why/how15:59
frinnstlol, no.. please dont16:01
frinnstits best to keep it a secret16:01
veetis, tis16:04
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RotwangI think he meant tits18:02
entetits, tits18:05
enteI think I meant tis18:05
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RomsterteK_, all the related mpd ports need version bumps.22:03
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