IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2011-08-28

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enterabid release03:11
RomsterMozilla could release an LTS version as a major release, say Firefox 7, and then release the versions between the LTS versions as 7.x versions.03:11
Romster7.x eh i very much doubt it.03:12
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: nethogs: initial import03:34
entenot today, pinkie04:00
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Romsterhmm i can't get to load :/06:00
Romsterah never mind it finally loaded.06:03
cruxbot[contrib.git/2.7]: glib-networking: update for newer gnutls06:10
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jaegerhrmm... I have no idea how to set up nfs these days, without portmap11:30
jaegerwhat replaces portmap now?11:43
jaegerah, have to start rpcbind manually11:46
jaegercool, my cross-compile toolchain seems to work11:55
teK_yeah, which versions11:55
jaegerbuilt an x86_64 multilib toolchain on an i686 crux install, able to run 64-bit executables on my crux pure64 machine built on the 32-bit machine :)11:57
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veemornin' peeps12:20
teK_hey buddy12:20
teK_ready to whisper your compilation secrets?12:21
veenope. i figured it out, but im not sharing upon some peoples requests xD12:21
teK_(for me) chromium compilation worked right away :)12:21
veehaha some of the lib files were missing12:21
veeeven with a depinst, some wouldn't be installed12:22
veeupdated glib, but that didn't help12:22
veeso i downloaded a few files and built em' and walla12:22
veevlc was doing the same thing12:22
veebut haven't had time to check out exactly what was missing12:22
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veejesus its so hot here12:23
teK_i maintain vlc. maybe you care to share the compilation log.12:24
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veeblahr, im hitting all the wrong spots today haha12:29
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veewell, are the logs stored anywhere when a build fails?12:30
teK_depends on your prt-get configuration12:30
teK_i.e. grep -E '(logfile|writelog)' /etc/prt-get.conf12:30
teK_writelog enabled         # (enabled|disabled)12:31
teK_logfile  /var/log/pkgbuild/%n.log12:31
teK_for me12:31
veelog writing wasn't enabled xD12:34
veetell you what though, let me enable it12:34
veeand rebuild it12:34
teK_k thx12:34
veethough it was sorta weird, because vlc failed12:34
veebut mplayer installed without a hitch12:34
teK_mplayer can be a bitch, too :)12:34
jaegeryou could also create a one-time log with something like "prt-get depinst vlc 2>&1 | tee build.log"12:34
veeit takes a long while on this pentium 412:36
veeso...bare with me lol12:36
vee10:30 am and almost 90 degrees...dear god12:38
tilman90 degrees? soon your blood will boil :(12:39
teK_you may consider compilation in RAM12:39
veeand how would one do that?12:39
teK_it's Celcius. Always. :>12:39
tilmanteK_: it sure as hell isn't kelvin12:40
teK_and the month's number may appear in the middle of the date exactly if and only if the format is YYYY/MM/DD, dammit!12:40
jaegerit's 94F here, vee, and that's the coolest it's been in like 2 weeks12:40
teK_mm/dd/yy is just too damn ridiculous12:40
veecalifornia hasn't dropped below 95 for the past two weeks as well12:41
veeat least, the humidity makes it feel like 9512:42
luxhin the northen parts as well?12:42
veei believe the south12:42
veemore twoards la region i guess12:42
veewho cares about the north12:42
veesome congressmen wanted to split california up12:43
veedid you guys hear about that?12:43
veenorth and south california12:43
luxhlike north and south carolina :/12:43
veeyep ;/12:43
teK_for the sake of fault tolerance (so someone like Arnie could only ruin half of the old state)?12:43
jaegercalifornia raid112:44
teK_we (germans) have had something like that, worked out poorly12:44
tilmanteK_: baden separated from wurttemberg?12:44
teK_BRD and DDR :P12:44
* tilman rolleyes12:45
veepoor germany man...they have to constantly bail people out12:45
tilmanridiculous analogy12:45
teK_I guess "we" bail them out to get (cheap) hold of their infrastructure (telecom etc)12:45
teK_tilman: that's me.12:45
veeyea, but you can only bail a country out soo many times until you yourself rum out12:45
teK_we'll see12:46
veegermany's economy was doing really well12:46
tilman"i'll give you x EUR now if you will buy $sevice for x**y EUR in z years"12:46
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teK_you can say anything about our politicians but they are no fools12:46
tilmantrolololo ;)12:47
teK_ok. most of them aren't.12:47
teK_I KNEW it12:47
tilmanknew what?12:47
teK_I bet Dirk Niebel was simply quoted falsely before he took the ministry of development(?) :>12:48
tilmanwhat did he say?12:48
teK_it's unnecessary.12:48
tilmanoh, *before*12:48
tilmanis misread12:48
tilmanhe taking up that office is so epic12:48
tilmanhomerian even!12:49
teK_yes :D12:49
teK_they try to make our cabaret artists unemployed really hard :>12:49
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veeokay back12:58
veei need to get my caliper replaced :/12:59
tilmanflash alternatives/re-implementations?12:59
veeof a break caliper?13:00
veehey tek, should i upload the build log to pastebin?13:00
tilmanwhat's a caliper?13:01
tilmancar part?13:01
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veeits a grand for just one caliper13:02
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veefml i wrote break caliper...i meant brake13:03
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teK_vee: yeah sure13:15
veesorry, that was for tek13:19
Rotwangvee: have you ever heard of pastebins?13:19
teK_or dpaste.com13:20
teK_it wants  to set cookies, omg13:20
frinnst or paste.se13:20
frinnstor a lot more stuff13:20
veelol i feel so ashamed, everyones raging now :/13:21
jaegerthey'll get over it :P13:21
veewhy cant we all just get along?13:21
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veeteK_: did you get a hold of it?15:04
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teK_it won't download.15:23
RotwangteK_: look at what I pasted15:36
Rotwangsince I've changed my job I gained 10kg's15:37
Rotwangnow I'm ~90kg15:37
RotwangI'm starting to look as computer person15:37
luxhyou should get an mtb and start riding15:41
luxhno, bicycle, mounting bike15:42
Rotwangah, much less fun :{15:42
Rotwangyou meant mountain?15:42
Rotwangmountain bike?15:42
Rotwangbut I have no mountains around :C15:43
luxhyeah mountain :p15:45
luxhbut it's fun to ride in the forest15:45
frinnstheh, cool Rotwang16:20
frinnstim the exact oposite16:20
frinnstless movement = less apetite16:20
Rotwangfrinnst: drink more beer16:20
Rotwangyou don't need apetite for that16:20
frinnsti am, but not gaining weight :)16:21
* Rotwang drinks beer and /me grows16:21
frinnstreally doesnt matter what i do, i cant gain weight16:21
luxhwait 'til you get older :)16:21
frinnsthow much older? im 3116:21
Rotwangfrinnst: are you in your twentieths or thirties?16:21
teK_do NOT get fat16:22
Rotwangoh the momentum16:23
Rotwangphysics hurts man16:23
teK_google as a proxy16:27
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NomiusHola vee20:19
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Romstervee, i bet you saw my flyspray bug ticket.21:39
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