IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2011-08-31

pitillogood morning01:09
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peugiaJust checking the status of next release. thx01:31
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frinnstpeugia: not enough interesting changes upstream to warrant a new release02:02
frinnsta new crux release is pretty much just a new toolchain02:02
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: vte: updated to 0.28.202:03
frinnstglibc 2.14 doesnt really play nice at the moment either02:03
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enteis glibc considered critical?02:09
enteheh, these poor archlinux kids will have glibc 2.14 at about afternoon :p02:10
frinnstthey have ripped out lots of rpc-headers02:16
frinnstso breaks a lot of stuff02:16
frinnst+ theres a resolv-bug that causes crashes in various apps such as browsers02:17
entewhee :-)02:17
entesounds a bit like fun, doesn't it?02:17
ente(thinking of the faen video)02:17
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frinnstworks just as well in swedish03:15
entebut "sounds a bit like fun, doesn't it?" was a quote from the video :p03:16
frinnsti lolled a bit03:16
frinnsti almost forgot how awesome that clip was03:20
ente"Norwegian Blonde" reminds me of this:
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juegood morning03:37
cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: wget: update to 1.13.303:41
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] apache: update to 2.2.2003:41
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: jre: update to 1.7.003:41
frinnstwell, firefox 6.0.1, but no nss :>04:00
frinnstmaybe dump nspr/nss completely? they are NEVER in sync with firefox-releases04:00
frinnstor build from the firefox-tarball, but thats gay04:01
Romsteri'm at the idea of dropping firefox it's getting more retarded everyday04:10
juehmm, 3 other ports are depending on nss04:11
Romstercan't ya just let firefox use it's nss and leave the other nss on the system?04:11
entewas nss even changed?04:14
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frinnstyeah, i wouldnt remove nss.. even i have a port that depends on it! :)04:24
frinnstmozilla is such a fucking mess04:24
teK_firefox' gonna lose quite some market share to chrom(e|ium) I bet04:25
frinnsti cant stand chromium04:25
teK_I like it very much04:26
frinnstits ui is more retarded than all mozilla-issues combined :)04:26
teK_conversion took < 3 days after some 7-8 years of FF usage :)04:26
teK_anyone else getting a hp touchpad?04:27
frinnstnot I04:29
Romsteri'd jump out of firefox but i use some of the plugins and they don't work in other browsers.04:32
Romsterit's a shame they can't be stand alone modules that can work in other browsers though some common API04:33
frinnstmost browsers support netscape plugins?04:35
Romsteronly some.04:35
Romsterbut firefox plugins?04:36
frinnstextensions? ah04:36
teK_I miss AdBlock+ and a better Cookie management04:36
Romsteryes those.04:36
Romsteradblock would go good as some iptables module for blocking ads04:36
frinnstwell they have introduced a api in newer firefox versions apparently, so they wont break with every fucking release they do04:36
teK_it's quite natural that chromium lacks a real abp :P04:36
Romsteror to squid or something.04:36
frinnstteK_: heh, yeah04:37
teK_same goes for cookie management04:37
Romsterthere is a few extensions that haven't been updated since the 4.x series.04:37
frinnstnice, spotifys payment thingy has been broken the entire week04:38
Romsterforcastbar was nice.. noworkie anymore.04:38
Romstertagsifter and then tagsieve was one of my most used now useless.04:40
frinnstgestures and adblock and im good to go04:40
frinnstplaintext links and context search are also pretty nice04:41
Romsterthe only gesture i got for firefox right now is middle finger.04:51
Romsterbut i can't stop using it as my primary browser.04:51
jseBack to gopher it is.04:53
enteback to BBS04:56
jseHahah. Faen vs perkele. That's a classic in the making.04:56
Romsterback to IRC no wait :D05:00
RomsterIRC is 1993 IIRC.05:00
frinnstfirst time i used irc was in -95 i think05:03
frinnston an amiga .>05:03
prologic~97 here :)05:03
ente2008 here05:04
enteor maybe '07 or '0605:04
Romster1998 or so iirc.05:04
Romsteri was late to get on to the internet.05:05
entesame here05:05
ente'06 or '07 :)05:05
Romsteri'm talking pre 200005:05
entebefore that, my parents had ISDN and wouldn't let me05:05
prologicand how about LInux on the desktop ? :)05:05
* prologic since 2001 here :)05:05
entepretty much since 2001 as well05:06
Romster2005 officially.. before that i just dabbled with it.05:06
enteyou could buy suse in boxes05:06
prologicand CRUX on the desktop (for me) since 2.005:06
enteno internets required05:06
entecrux since 2.605:06
prologicwhen Per Lidon was still around :)05:06
Romsterbut id id have a linux server behind my windows box before 200505:06
enteI have a 2.5 CD flying around, but I never installed it05:07
Romster2.1 or 2.2. cd sitting here somewhere.05:07
entelike 4.4BSD :P05:07
prologichey I meant be offering really really cheap colo if anyone wants an RU or 205:07
Romsterman i still got a copy of mandrake05:07
prologicbuilding a small/mini DC05:07
prologicin the works05:07
Romsteri need a datacenter still putting off the SAS card and enclosures. but i'm really wanting some google like replication system.05:08
Romsteri don't want to end up with 10 or so raid6's05:08
prologicwell I'll be selling rack space in a few months05:09
prologicI should have about 28RU of space after all my stuff goes in05:10
Romsterwhat replication backup are you gonna use?05:11
Romsteralso reminds me wheres that DVD of my site <<05:11
prologicyou can have whatever you want :)05:12
Romsteri wouldn't mind getting some of my data back up again.05:12
prologicI'm only gonna sell RU space05:12
prologicmight offer NAS/iSCSI access to the NAS I plan to build too05:12
Romsterwhat and go offline not to be seen for months like the last time you shutdown shortcircuit. and not say a thing about it. perfer to host my own data these days. i got my own host now.05:14
Romsterall i do want is my old php stuff i spent hours on and i don't think i kept a copy of it... or i did in windows and that disk died ages ago.05:16
frinnstprologic: Per Lindén :)05:20
frinnstive used crux since 2.1 or 2.205:20
frinnstwhatever was the last version with devfs05:21
jue.oO since 0.9 ;)05:38
Romsteri'm sure Per Lindén is starting some other cult to later leave it to frantic people to keep it alive.05:44
teK_archlinux :>05:45
Romsternow that's a good one teK_05:46
entesame principle, actually05:56
entejudd vinet doesn't use arch anymore :P05:56
entebill joy doesn't use vi anymore05:56
frinnststallman still use emacs05:56
entesee, that's the evil side of the force :>05:56
enteor something like that05:56
frinnstVI VI VI is the editor of the beast05:57
enteI still haven't figured out what GNU really is ;P05:57
frinnstst. iGNUcious will save your sould05:57
* teK_ resists the urge to post a certain youtube video05:57
frinnstmake -j1: *** No rule to make target ../coreconf/  Stop05:57
frinnststupid stupid stupid05:58
ente :>05:58
ente there is a wikipedia article06:01
frinnsthe's awesome06:02
RomsterWe'll kick out those dirty licenses, as if they ever could do that.06:10
frinnstwell they have come a LONG way06:35
frinnstwhat would the world be like without gnu today?06:35
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cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: [notify] firefox: updated to 6.0.1. Removed support for external nss and nspr libs.09:12
cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: jre: updated to 1.709:12
cruxbot[opt-x86_64.git/2.7]: firefox: removed obsolete dependency.09:12
frinnstdie die die09:13
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] firefox: updated to 6.0.1. Removed support for external nss and nspr libs.09:13
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: firefox: removed obsolete dependency.09:13
frinnstwhy do they bother with 6.0.1? why not just call it 6.1?09:17
Romsteror 709:18
frinnstnow now, this is just a trivial security update09:18
Romsterthey could just go to the numbers like udev does...09:19
Romsterit'll be a while before they get over nine thousand though.09:19
frinnstwell, they are on their way09:19
jaegerI think they should start using the md5sum of the tarball as its version number09:19
Romsternice nice09:20
jaegerAh, shit, I renamed the source dir and now its md5sum is different!09:20
frinnst"fuck, it happened again"09:20
* jaeger opens a bug09:21
slashbeastwhy there are two firefox ports, in opt and opt-x86_64 when both looks the same?09:21
frinnsta tiiiiiiiiny little .footprint missmatch09:21
slashbeastlib64 vs lib?09:21
frinnstusr/include/firefox/Nativei386.h and usr/include/firefox/NativeX64.h09:22
Romsteryou could just rm that one file and let pkgmk say it's a new file and use the ignore new files option in prt-get.conf09:23
Romsterout of the .footprint09:23
frinnstyeah, but not everyone uses that feature09:23
frinnstits a bit annoying09:24
frinnstand there are other ports with similar issues that i've not bothered with09:24
frinnstlike mesa3d09:24
Romsterso is maintaining another pkgfile and it's only got 1 file difference.09:24
Romsteredit pkgmk to use .footprint64 ?09:25
Romsteron a 64bit system?09:25
frinnstyeah, patching pkgutils is one option09:25
Romstereh may not work still need to clone all the ports in the 64bit git tree.09:26
Romsteri thought of a build64() in the same Pkgfile for 64bit but i never implemented it in my forked pkguitils.09:27
Romstermight prove to be a pain when there is different sources for 32 and 64bit.09:27
frinnstyep, like java and other bin ports09:27
Romsterso many things but then so many gotchas09:28
Romsterthe only simple way is to clone and edit :/09:28
Romsterbut effort.09:28
frinnsti think slackware just uses something like a 64bit()09:28
frinnstin their buildscripts09:28
Romsterbut then a source64 and source.... *shrugs*09:29
frinnstyeah, its a pain no matter what you do09:29
frinnstonly upstream can solve it09:29
Romsterno one would accept that and then there is the dependencies and when you want the 32 and 64bit or just 32bit or just 64bit.09:30
frinnstlets hope ia32 dies out completely before the year is over then :)09:31
jaegerif only09:34
Romsteri got some x86 boxes but the 3 main ones i got running now are 64bit shame i haven't installed 64bit linux on them yet though09:47
frinnstyeah, go sit in the corner!09:48
* Romster walks over to the corner and sits.09:48
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jkramerDoes anyone have a working nethack port?11:45
jkramerI used tilmans and updated it to use the latest source tarball, but it doesn't seem to get the file permissions right11:46
tilmantelnet nethack.alt.org11:47
tilmanprbolem solved ;)11:47
jkramerNah, I need my local nethack so I can cheat :)11:48
jkramerThat is, make backups of my savegames :D11:48
tilmanthat's so wrong11:49
tilmani only do that in dwarf fortress ;)11:49
jkramerI cheat so I can keep playing. If I had to start over every time I die I'd be to frustrated to try again after a few times. :)11:52
tilmanone game (back then...) i got a /oW, got my wishes for decent armor granted, only to meet medusa relaly soon and got melted. omfg, so angry :D11:53
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jkramerThe worst thing that keeps happening to me all the time is that I shot a force bolt at some monster and hit a watchman waaaaay behind it.11:55
jkramerDoes guys get really angry11:56
jkramerI also regularly shoot a force bolt to destroy a boulder and kill my cat behind it :(11:57
jkramerOr I destroy things in a shop while fighting a mimic, shopkeepers are tough guys11:57
Rotwangwhich class is good to start with during first play?11:58
Rotwanga Caveman sounds interesting11:59
jkramerI usually play rogue or wizard12:00
jkramerWizard is pretty easy I guess, just you only need to remember Z -> zap spell :)12:01
jkramerI'm not entirely sure about this, but I believe orcs are a good choice as race for beginners.12:03
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jkramerI think they don't get sick as fast as humans and elves when eating corpses, so you don't have so much trouble finding good food.12:03
* thrice` has never played nethack12:05
jkramerRotwang: When you choose wizard, you'll start with two rings in your inventory which are almost always pretty useful but not worn automatically. Don't forget to put them on :)12:07
Rotwangkthx [;12:07
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jaegerdwarf fortress is awesome and crazy :)13:03
tilmanUrist McUrist needs alcohol to get through the working day13:16
jaegertilman: ever read any succession fort LPs?13:17
tilmanjaeger: i read (parts of) Boatmurdered13:17
jaegerthat one was great :)13:17
jaegerheadshoots was as well13:17
tilmanDF2010 rocks13:18
tilmanmuch better than old version13:18
jaegeraye, though I still haven't taken the time to learn how to properly work the military and burrows yet13:18
jaegerI haven't played it recently13:18
jaegerunrelated to DF, gcc target triplets are friggin' voodoo13:21
jaegerbuilding a cross-compile toolchain with the target set to x86_64-cross-linux works, while x86_64-cross-linux-gnu runs into an "out of memory" bug in ar, every time13:21
tilmanaye, voodoo13:22
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tgp1994Hi everyone. I just installed vsftpd, and I have it configured how I want it, although for some reason, it doesn't want to start listening. At all. strace hasn't really been any help, the last thing before exit_group(0) is a clone() command, and before that, what looks like vsftpd trying to parse the config file. Nothing in its log file, and nothing helpful in mesg/the messages log. When I run it in CLI, it just returns to the prompt right away. Can14:43
jaegerI don't use vsftpd and that doesn't sound crux-specific, but does it have a debug command line option? that might help14:51
thrice`does it need access in /etc/hosts.allow ?  not used it myself, either14:54
teK_it does use hosts.allow14:56
teK_at least if vsftpd contains tcp_wrappers=YES14:57
teK_which is default for CRUX14:57
teK_I can paste my (working) vsftpd.conf if you like, tgp199414:58
slashbeastftp is evil.15:00
slashbeastif you have to use it, then something went wrong.15:00
teK_vsftp is awesome15:01
slashbeaststill it is ftp15:01
frinnstftp is a great idea15:01
frinnstthe protocol is pretty aweful though15:01
slashbeastunless you do use virtual ftp users, ftp is useless15:03
slashbeastscp/sftp ftw15:03
frinnstwell, yeah15:03
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frinnstoh joy15:18
slashbeastthats why I enjoy my RBAC-enabled boxes.15:20
frinnstjaeger: could you post that link to your multiarch binaries when you have the chance?15:29
jaegerit's not all that well tested, just so you know15:34
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frinnststupid util-linux, removed ddate from default build :(16:14
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tgp1994Sorry about that teK_, I had some chores to attend to. I would greatly appreciate it if you pasted your conf file :)16:49
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tgp1994teK_: Thank you. The only significant difference I can see in our conf. files is that you have the users chrooted to their home directories. I have mine (theoretically) set so that the one user that can access ftp (me, over my LAN) will just have access to the root drive. I had that set with local_root=/, although even after commenting that out now, vsftpd still doesn't seem to be listening on port 21. (I've been killall-ing, then starting it up with16:56
teK_that's odd16:56
tgp1994I did recently update quite a few of the packages on this system, a few of which I believe were related to firewalls/networking, can you think of any configs that I may need to change since then? I just checked in with hosts.allow, and I added vsftpd: ALL, although that didn't do it.16:58
teK_VSFTPD: ALL16:59
teK_is ive got16:59
tgp1994I'll try caps-ing it to see if that may help.17:00
teK_dont think so17:01
tgp1994You're right, it didn't :\17:02
teK_switching pc17:04
teK_I'm back ;)17:38
teK_will you get a vsftpd process running by calling the start script?17:43
tgp1994teK_: Sorry about that, I don't get any notifications if my name isn't mentioned :( Start script?17:47
tgp1994Oh, right, in rc.d17:47
tgp1994I'll try it.17:47
tgp1994teK_: Well, I did get some sort of feedback using the start script. It said an SSL certificate was created, then it returned me back to the prompt. I'm still unable to connect.17:48
teK_ps aux | grep ftp17:49
tgp1994root    487   0.0   0.0   4104   448    ?    Ss   22:47   0:00   /usr/sbin/vsftpd17:50
tgp1994Yeah :\17:50
teK_better than the other round ;)17:50
teK_i.e. if it would not start up at all17:51
teK_nestat -lt17:51
tgp1994teK_: Oh :P17:51
tgp1994For ftp:   tcp   0   0   *:ftp    *:*    LISTEN17:51
teK_iptables -L17:51
tgp1994I'd pastebin it for you, although I don't have an easy way of getting it there, crux has been having trouble recognizing my usb sticks. Just glancing at it though, I see nothing for ftp.17:53
teK_is this machine publicly available?17:54
tgp1994Like not firewalled? No, it's behind an Openwrt router, which is firewalled.17:55
teK_is there a /var/log/vsftpd.log fle?17:56
tgp1994Yes, although it's empty.17:56
tgp1994Hah, I'll be darned. I just added a rule for it in the iptables INPUT chain, and it's all good now :P17:59
teK_oh well :P17:59
tgp1994Thanks for helping, teK_ :)18:00
teK_no problem18:00
teK_I really like vsftpd. :-)18:00
tgp1994It does seem nice, depending on if the user knows what they're doing :P18:04
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veepizza anyone?18:53
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Nomiusxorg-xf86-video-vga fails as xf4bpp.h can't be found in src/generic.c (line 53)23:30

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