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tgp1994Has anyone managed to get pure-ftpd working with built in unix authentication? I've added the -lunix argument to it, although every time I try to log in with my client, I get a 530 access denied/incorrect login error. I can verify that the information is correct though, by logging into the user in a terminal on the server.00:26
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pitillogood morning01:09
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pitillotgp1994_: do you have anonymous_enable= in your config file for vsftpd?01:48
tgp1994_pitillo: I'm using pure-ftpd now, it seemed to be that vsftpd couldn't do what I wanted it to do, in that it didn't seem to support spawning its child process as a different user.01:49
pitillotgp1994_: yes, all subprocesses are thrown by father process with same uid01:54
tgp1994_pitillo: Right. I was hoping of adapting it to use a different uid since it was going to be primarily operating in a different user's home directory. For some reason, even being root, it was getting its access denied for writing to fully writable files :\01:55
pitillomy setup is for a lan, then for me doesn't matter if it's ran by root. In a public server, it should be done in a chroot enviroment and with a specific user, or at least (if you need local user access, with that user directly)01:55
tgp1994_pitillo: Same here, I only plan on accessing it through my lan.01:55
pitillotgp1994_: that should be because you missed some config setup imho. Here I disabled anon access and let access only for my local users01:56
tgp1994_pitillo: Darn, I wish I wasn't compiling the kernel at the moment so I could work on the ftp server while you're here :\ Will you be here ~10 hours from now?01:57
pitillohere I setup it with a tail to vsftpd.log and checking problems bit by bit. Finally I got it setup in that way (local machine users)01:57
pitillotgp1994_: I live here :). But don't think I'm an expert on FTP servers or something similar. I only went over problems looking and reading about them01:58
tgp1994_pitillo: Heh :P Well, I hope I can have the opportunity of working with you on this issue at a later time.01:59
teK_for local users vsftpd should spawn the child process as that user02:00
tgp1994_Alright, I'll look into vsftpd at a greater depth tomorrow, thank you guys :) I'm off to get some sleep.02:01
pitillolet's see if I can confirm that02:01
pitilloI thought it spawm them as the father02:01
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pitilloteK_: you are right02:02
pitilloconfirmed here too :)02:02
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teK_and you can specify the anonymous' local user, too02:04
teK_ftp in this case02:04
teK_hi jue02:04
teK_xpdf won't compile02:05
pitilloI have it disabled here, only local users without anon access, this is really good to know teK_02:05
teK_and I won't have time to fix this until tuesday02:05
pitillomorning jue02:05
teK_pitillo: yeah, no problem. vsftpd rocks :-)02:05
pitillotrue :)02:05
jueindeed, I second that02:07
jueI read the log about tgp1994's problems with vsftpd02:07
teK_although it's a bit picky with permissions and stuff (being a feature :))02:08
juewell, not really02:08
teK_it won't serve ftp-owned-readable files for anonymous02:08
jueit spawns always 2 procs for each login02:08
jueone with an unpriv user (default nobody) which handles the login stuff and one with the id of the user02:09
jueand for anonymous the system user ftp is used as the default02:10
teK_yeah but it won't serve files to anonymous users if they have permissions less than 44402:11
juethe only tricky thing is that the home directory of this user, which is /var/ftp for CRUX, must be readonly for ftp ;)02:11
teK_one has to know that ;)02:11
teK_that's what I mean02:11
jueif you want anonymous uploads you have to create a directory below /var/ftp, say /var/ftp/uploads02:12
jueand chown that dir to the user ftp02:12
teK_yeah of course, I talked about downloading regular files02:13
teK_440 ftp:root won't suffice :-)02:13
teK_% ls -l hello02:15
teK_-r--r----- 1 ftp root 17 [2011/09/02] hello02:15
teK_ncftp / > get hello02:15
teK_get hello: server said: Failed to open file.02:15
juewhy should thge user ftp own any file?02:16
teK_for illustration./02:16
teK_% sudo chmod 444 hello02:16
teK_ncftp / > get hello02:16
teK_hello:                                                  17.00 B   87.38 kB/s02:16
teK_as I said it will only serve world-readable files. One has to know about this02:16
juewell, that's what I would expect ;)02:17
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juethe other special thing which comes to my mind is that the anonymous user is always chrooted to anon_root02:22
juewhile regular users are not02:22
teK_serves them right :>02:24
jueteK_: looks like I missunderstood the primary problem, I though tgp1994 has been talking about uploading files02:39
jueteK_: btw, a new tig version is out ;)02:46
teK_yeah yeah, next week :)02:46
jueteK_: I still don't get it why someone should assume that vsftp will serve other than world-readable files to anonymous, which measn everyone02:59
teK_because the process has euid=ftp and the ftp user can open 400 ftp:root03:24
teK_it's ok that vsftpd will only serve world-readable files to anonymous03:24
teK_so no criticism there but one has to know this03:25
teK_this kind of "circumvents" the usual file permission/access semantics03:25
jueyeah, that's right03:42
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frinnsttranslating technical/sales docs is fun04:17
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cruxbot[core.git/2.7]: iptables: update to
frinnstanything important?04:46
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: [notify] samba: update to 3.6.005:01
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: cifs-utils: initial release05:01
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: fakeroot: update to 1.1805:01
juejust bug-fixes,
cruxbot[opt.git/2.7]: samba: enable samba-config.patch again05:20
Romsterif you ask me the developer that maintains iptables needs bug fixes.05:33
Romsterletting obvious bugs though..05:34
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teK_anyone using chromium + libpdf from chrome?12:28
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tgp1994Hi everyone (again); I'm trying to get /var/log/kernel populated with everything from the moment the kernel starts logging to right when the screen clears and I get a login prompt. It seems like it used to work; an old kernel log file has a klog message at the very top saying that it was monitoring /proc/kmsg, although now, I can't seem to get that same effect in my kernel file. Can ayone walk me through what I need to check to make sure I didn't mes13:05
entesrsly, BSD 313:13
entejust my random thought of today13:20
tgp1994Oh, ok :P13:20
tgp1994Actually, if anyone knows where I can find a kernel 3.0.3 build config for crux, that would be awesomely helpful... I can only find on for 2.6.x, I'm not certain how much has changed since then, although I would assume a lot...13:29
slashbeastyou build kernel for hardware etc not for distro in that case.13:32
slashbeastthats one, and about kernel log, just drop dmesg into a file in rc.local or whatever have crux13:32
teK_% grep dmesg /etc/rc                                                                                                                                                                                                       :(13:33
teK_/bin/dmesg > /var/log/boot13:33
slashbeastlike 'dmesg --kernel --ctime > '/var/log/dmesg'13:33
slashbeastthe --ctime is a switch from recent coreutils I think.13:33
thrice`I don't even run a syslog anymore :(13:33
teK_logging is one of the most underestimated things13:34
teK_I try shipping a decent config/setup with syslog-ng13:34
thrice`nah, kernel buffer is big enough these days :)  for my laptop, anyway13:34
slashbeastI like the concept of metalog.13:34
slashbeasteverything is a dir, and yes you can config syslog to do the same13:34
slashbeastbut metalog have nice konfig syntax13:35
slashbeast mine config.13:35
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tgp1994Well, my reason for asking for the config was because I was building 3.0.4, and it seems that the config isn't loaded into /proc/config.gz or w/e it's saved. Also, currently, whatever is being saved into boot seems to get cutoff to early; lots of critical errors are occuring after the end of the buffer that's saved to the /boot file, but before the login prompt.15:01
slashbeastenable proc config support15:11
slashbeastand incresee buffer size15:11
tgp1994slashbeast: Is it even possible to enable config support for an already enabled kernel?15:13
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slashbeastedit config and do make, it will re-link kernel image with new options and recompile whatever needs to be compiled15:15
tgp1994Sorry, I kind of stated my other response rather poorly... What I meant to say was, the included kernel with crux, 3.0.3, does not put its config in /proc/config.gz. So, unless there's a boot argument I can supply to have it generate the config, I don't really know what to do :15:17
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tgp1994Unless crux's kernel is built with the defaults? I don't really think that would be possible though.15:17
slashbeastI thought crux does not ship kernel and you have to build it during instalation process.15:19
tgp1994slashbeast: Uh oh... I've just realized that I've been barking up the wrong tree :\ I nearly, completely forgot that I've been using a fork of CRUX... wow...15:21
tgp1994Sorry about the trouble :\15:23
jaegerAnyone have any experience with Intel AF DA 10Gbe NICs?15:38
jaeger <-- this15:38
frinnstnope, we still run 1gbit :(17:11
frinnstproblems with it?17:11
jaegerso far they suck ass =( can't get more than 10mbit speed out of them, don't know yet if it's the cable, the nic, the driver, the router, or what17:13
frinnstwow, thats poor17:14
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jaegerThey only support passive twinax cables, which I think is a good part of the problem17:15
jaegerMany reports online of shitty passive cables17:15
Romstertgp1994, what fork of crux?17:50
Romsterjaeger, i've been wondering how many copper pairs does 10gig use?17:53
Romster1gig uses 4 pairs the 100meg or lower only uses 2 pairs at 350Mhz is 10gig still 4 pairs at a higher frequency?17:54
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jaegerRomster: no idea, honestly, we're not using twisted pair18:01
jaegerthere is TP 10 gig but this isn't it18:01
jaegerto answer the question, though, I googled a bit18:05
jaeger4 pairs for cat 6a, cat 7 (not standardized yet), and cat 7a (same)18:06
Romsterah twinax cable that's shielded.18:06
jaegercat 6a is 500mhz vs. cat 5e's 100mhz18:06
Romsterhmm well i guess they either have faster transmission rate or using a better codec to transfer more data in fewer clock cycles.18:07
jaegerI didn't read all the details but seems reasonable18:07
Romstermakes me wonder how they manage when earlier days in 10 base t needed RG58 coax.18:08
jaegergood thing 1Gbe is good enough for my house :) I wired cat 6, heh18:08
Romsterreading the description on that card, there really could be a number of causes for slow speeds. does it have heaps of random latency? mtr/ping18:09
Romsteri was on 100mib but most links are now 1gib in this house too.18:09
Romster10gig would be great to a switch for a NAS18:10
Romsterserving multiple 1gig paths.18:10
Romsteror between servers doing distcc or other network transferred data like VM's18:11
jaegerMy use for it at work is vmware network storage18:14
jaegerI've got a couple Brocade 1020 CNAs as well and some active brocade FCoE twinax cables but I have a lot more of the intel NICs and the passive cables, so it'd be nice if I could use both18:15
jaegerboth are supported by ESXi but so far I've had no success with the intel NICs18:15
jaegerThey're recognized by ESXi but I either can't get layer 2 link or I can't get any decent speeds when they do have link18:15
jaegerthese are also very short cable runs, less than 5 meters, so either active or passive should work18:17
Romsteri have no experience with those. but it is frustrating to get something so intermittent to work reliably.18:17
jaegerIt is very frustrating, yes18:18
jaegerI figured out a big problem this week with our cross-city 100mbit link but this internal 10Gbe thing is still annoying me18:18
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Romstergtk 2.24.6 is out18:49
laenAnyone of you using the PC speaker?19:51
jaegeronly for post beeps19:51
laenWell, weird thing is, i disabled PC speaker via soundcard input layer, enabled PC speaker in Input devices/Misc (weird place, whatever).. and it works..19:52 long as i have alsasound started.19:52
laenAnd the Master volume apparently controls the volume of the beep.19:52
laenI can tell that it's not going the soundcard input layer way because that one was giving a crappy sound, and now it doesn't anymore.19:53
laenBut the fact that it's controlled by alsa, worries me.19:53
laenEven though there are not controls for it.19:53
laenOn top of that.. POST beeps? Never heard 'em.19:54
laenjaeger: how did you enable POST beeps?20:04
joacimThere might be a setting in your BIOS configuration utility20:04
joacimit is that loud beep you hear when turn on your ibm-compatible20:05
jaegerlaen: the bios does that automagically when the speaker is plugged in20:13
jaegerI've not messed with it at all past PSOT20:14
jaegerer, POST20:14
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Romsterdoes no one use rsyslog besides sepen? is there alternatives that allow iptables prefixes on -J LOG that's in contrib or opt already? sysklogd hasn't ahd any changes since 2007, with rsyslog i could do:20:23
Romster:msg, startswith, "iptables: " -/var/log/iptables.log20:23
Romster& ~20:23
Romsterbut i don't see where in sysklogd that i can do that.20:23
Romsteri typed it in the wrong channel before -_-20:23
Romsteri think there is a way to redirect sounds to alsa from pc speaker but i forget how, but that wont affect BIOS codes on pc speaker before the OS is even loaded.20:25
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